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Epicor achieves self-determined GRAS status

Embria Health Sciences targets burgeoning immune health market, clearing self-determined GRAS status for its new immunogen ingredient for use in functional foods.

Low-carb diet could improve cholesterol levels, say scientists

A new clinical trial from the US has reported that a low-carb diet improves cholesterol levels, as a second study in a week reports health benefits for this once bright...

Appetising advertising linked to obesity - study

Cambridge scientists have shown that the reward centres of some peoples' brains are more sensitive to appetising food cues, and may help explain compulsive eating disorders.

More support for pistachios' heart health benefits

Adding pistachio nuts to your daily diet could be an easy way to improve cholesterol levels, say researchers from Turkey, the world's fourth biggest pistachio nut producer.

Herb-drug reaction studies contribute to debate

Two new studies have added weight to arguments in the debate over whether or not interaction between herbal remedies and prescription drugs poses a significant threat to the public.

Xalar salmon oil plans to conquer US market with freshness

Fish farming multinational Marine Harvest aims to push recently launched Xalar salmon oil into the US market as a functional food ingredient over the next year.

Probiotics could target causes of liver cancer

A daily supplement of probiotics could reduce the risk of liver cancer caused by fungal toxins in foods, a leading cause of the disease in some of the world's most...

Rapeseed proteins seen as potential functional ingredient

Using rapeseed proteins as ingredients in 'functional' sausages boosted taste and aroma of the finished product, as scientists continue the search for novel functional ingredients.

Could micronutrients be the future of diet design?

Planning diets around key micronutrients like amino acids could be the future of diet design and a way to help the fight against obesity, says research published in Science.

Studies draw attention to nutraceuticals at Canadian medical conference

Studies presented at the North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine point to the medical establishment's growing interest in alternative therapies - counterbalancing recent denouncements against the field.

ZeaVision to source zeaxanthin from Kalsec

ZeaVision is planning to support the latest licensee of its zeaxanthin patent, fulfilling some of its requirements for its EyePromise supplement line from Kalsec.

Elderly men may benefit from vitamin D, calcium too

Elderly men, a population that is often overlooked in bone health studies, could also benefit from daily supplements of fortified milk, says new research from Australia.

National Starch pinpoints projects for health innovation

Cleaner labels, health claims and satiety are amongst the projects in the pipeline at ingredients giant National Starch Food Innovation, which will be looking for food firms to partner with...

Blueberries could stop liver cancer growth

US scientists report that blueberry extracts inhibited the growth of liver cancer cells in the lab, potentially adding to the growing list of health benefits for the 'superfood'.

Cyanotech hoping to ride BioAstin wave

Annual sales at Cyanotech dropped by three percent, as a 27 percent hike in fourth quarter sales was not enough to offset issues that beset the Hawaiian microalgae producer in...

Glanbia turns whey into functional, nutritional emulsifier

Modification of whey protein concentrates with high phospholipid proportions could turn standard emulsifiers into functional health promoting ingredients, results that could have important implications for the food industry.

Report examines untapped potential in soy

Around a quarter of US consumers feel they do not get enough soy in their diets, while almost half are still not aware of the health benefits linked to the...

Flaxseed could boost lung health, animal study

A dietary supplement of flaxseed, a rich source of lignans and omega-3 fatty acids, could prove useful to reduce lung inflammation and oxidative stress, if results from a mice study...

Canadian regulations breed consumer and industry confusion

Confusion over the exact jurisdiction of Canada's Natural Health Products Directorate does not bode well for nutraceutical food and drinks seeking the federal stamp of approval that can lead to...

Nutraceuticals in China: adopt strategy for growth

China is usually regarded as the stiff competition for Western ingredient firms, but a new report from Frost and Sullivan indicates that the Chinese are increasingly avid consumers of nutraceutical...

Omega-3 enriched milk could protect against metabolic syndrome

Dietary supplementation with an omega-3 enriched milk could be a simple and tolerable way to ease cardiovascular risk factors linked to metabolic syndrome, say Spanish researchers.

FDA confirms barley/heart health claim

The FDA has confirmed the qualified health claim linking whole grain barley to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, which could help raise awareness of the grain amongst heart...

Cognis and WILD team up to innovate

Cognis and WILD are joining forces to form a powerhouse of food and beverage product innovation, combining Cognis' store of ingredients with Wild's formulation expertise.

More evidence for natto/ vitamin K bone health benefits

Natto, the traditional Japanese fermented soybean and a rich source of vitamin K2, could reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women by as much as 80 per cent, says research from Japan.

Natrol has NADH exclusive in US market

A new stabilized NADH, a form of B vitamin niacin also known as coenzyme 1, is set to enter the US market under an exclusive patent licensing agreement between Natrol...

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