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Attorney: This case could end up in the Supreme Court

What does the ruling in Vermont mean for GMO labeling?

While opponents of Vermont’s GMO labeling Act 120 suffered a major setback this week after a federal judge rejected many of their arguments, some attorneys predict the case could ultimately...

News in brief

Industry responds to Nepal earthquake with nutritional aid

Vitamin Angels is expediting and increasing the number of vitamins being sent to Nepal following the earthquake is response to recent requests from partner NGOs in the country.

Guest article

To Herb is Human

We all make mistakes, but how we deal with them and learn from adversity, that’s the measure of a better person. At least, that’s what my grandfather used to say....

Cranberry juice may slash cardiometabolic risk factors: RCT study

Daily consumption of a low-calorie cranberry juice may improve certain risk factors of heart disease, including blood pressure and triglycerides, says a new study from the Agricultural Research Service at...

Vitafoods investment hunt: 14 start-ups on menu

14 nutrition start-ups are formally seeking investment and partners the day before Vitafoods Europe officially opens next week in Geneva.

NBTY director of nutrition research: Probiotic stakeholders need to come together to fill the gaps

There are significant gaps in the science supporting probiotics, and industry and academia must come together to contribute to the understanding of probiotics, says Dr Susan Mitmesser, Director of Nutrition...

‘A bold, aggressive move’: FDA sends warning letters to 14 companies over DMBA

Fourteen companies have received warning letters from the FDA regarding products containing DMBA (1,3-Dimethylbutylamine), which the Agency states is not a legal dietary ingredient and products containing it are considered...

Science short

Herbal blend shows body fat reduction potential: Study

A botanical blend has been shown to reduce body fat by 5% compared to placebo in a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

Inergetics puts CBD product line into dispensaries first as it negotiates turbulent regulatory waters

Dietary supplement development firm Inergetics has put its first CBD supplement on the shelf in a medical marijuana dispensary in Northern California. One of the company’s goals was to offer...

Specialty positioning helps insulate suppliers from soft spot in sales of calcium supplements

Dr Oz giveth and he taketh away. That seems to be the recent message in the calcium space, where sales of the mineral have staggered under negative mentions by the...

Probiotic ice cream may boost oral health for kids

Consuming a functional ice cream formulated with Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus La-5 may cut levels of caries-causing bacteria in the mouth, says a new study from India....

News in brief

Ex-IPA chief takes business development role at US firm

Ex-International Probiotics Association (IPA) director general Ioannis Misopoulos has taken a business development role at Michigan-based probiotics manufacturer, Daily Body Restore.

Study: L-arginine/L-citrulline combo outperforms either amino acid in isolation for NO activity

An animal study conducted by Kyowa Hakko has shown that the company’s patented L-citrulline/L-arginine ingredient is effective in boosting plasma L-arginine levels enhancing nitric oxide bioavailability post supplementation.

New analytical method could help clean up yohimbe adulteration, developer says

A new analytical method for products featuring yohimbe bark extracts developed and tested by Flora Research Labs promises to speed the detection of adulteration in this ingredient, according to lab...

Dispatches from the International Yakult Symposium

No health claims but probiotics remain on medical agenda

Probiotics are yet to win a health claim in the European Union but they continue to receive backing by various bodies for gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea.

Fish-liver oil when younger may reduce heart disease risk when older

Consuming fish-liver oil three times weekly in adolescence or midlife may reduce a woman’s chances of coronary heart disease later in life, say Icelandic researchers.

KonaRed ends first year as public company with revenues, costs and losses all on rise

KonaRed, the Hawaii-based manufacturer of supplements and functional beverages, reported a 39% net sales rise for 2014.  Sales rose to $1.3 million.

Omega-3-supplemented formula leads to bigger children: Study

Feeding infants an omega-3-supplemented formula led to longer and heavier children, compared to a control formula, says a study funded by Mead Johnson Nutrition and the National Institutes of Health....

What do 36 countries say about folate and folic acid pre-conception?

Five countries recommend folate and folic acid consumption around conception above and beyond World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, while five others dismiss supplementation as unnecessary, report finds. 

Special Edition: View from the aisles: The retailers' perspective

NYAG affair may ultimately serve to reinforce smaller retailers' quality message, execs say

The actions of the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have yet to filter down in a big way to the kind of questions retailers are getting from their customers...

AARP study on brain health attitudes points to opportunity for cognitive support ingredients, experts say

A recent study released by the AARP showed that brain health is becoming an increasing concern, and that more Americans are aware of the potential benefit that playing brain games...

FDA says BMPEA not a legal ingredient, sends warning letters to 5 companies listing stimulant on labels

The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it has banned the use of the stimulant BMPEA in dietary supplements and foods. The agency also sent five warning letters to...

Health experts debate the role of exercise, food and marketing in the obesity epidemic

An editorial in an academic journal has reignited the debate over the extent to which a poor diet – and the marketing tactics employed by the food industry – is...

Guest article

The Retail Landscape: Challenges in 2015

The digital marketplace, participating in advocacy efforts, and why membership of a trade association is important: In this guest article, Daniel Fabricant, PhD, Executive Director and CEO, Natural Products Association gives...

Guest article

Stopping unfair competition from unlawful ingredients and products at the border

Complying with FDA regulations can be a long and expensive process. Small wonder then that some companies choose not to, and instead deal in unapproved ingredients or products that contain...

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