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Calcium cheese powder promises mouth feel benefits

A calcium-fortified cheese powder is targeting beverage and food manufacturers with a claim that it has resolved the chalky mouthfeel typically associated with calcium fortification.

Desire for satiating breakfasts opens doors for soy

Consumers increasingly seek filling breakfasts that release energy slowly, expanding opportunities for manufacturers of soy products, according to US-based Solae.

Curcumin may offer diabetes benefits: study

Curcumin, the natural pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow colour, could have benefits for diabetics, suggests a joint Korean-American study.

Novel barley boosts bowel health in humans: study

A resistant starch-rich barley may offer functional food potential for formulators to double the fibre content of products, and boost gut health in consumers, suggests new research.

Ramazanov foundation extends deadline for award nominations

The deadline for nominations for this year's Ramazanov Award has been extended to September 30, as the foundation seeks more 'stellar innovators' to be proposed.

Study supports lycopene protecting skin from within

Consuming lycopene-rich tomato paste may protect against sunburn and sun-induced skin ageing, British researchers have reported.

Symrise completes its drive into US flavors with Chr Hansen purchase

Symrise has finalized its acquisition of Chr Hansen's flavorings business in a move that will bring the company broader market coverage in the US as well as a more diverse...

Soluble fibre boosts satiety, aids weight loss: study

Supplements of soluble dietary fibre may increase weight loss by boosting satiety, and has beneficial effects for cardiovascular health, suggests a study.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

Probiotic regulations in the Asia Pacific

The final installment of a regional series exploring probiotics regulations looks at the Asia Pacific.

Rosehip reduces osteoarthritis pain, says meta-analysis

Extracts from rosehip may reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis by 37 per cent, according to a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Weekly comment

No quick fix to the food price crisis

The food crisis is neither new nor sudden. The several underlying causes have been independently, steadily gathering speed and have collided in a perfect storm not seen for generations. It...

SSE kicks off with rich educational program

Representatives from the nutrition industry are gathering today in Secaucus, NJ, as Supply Side East opens its doors for a three-day education line up together with an exhibit of new...

Micronutrients show potential against TB recurrence

Daily supplements of micronutrients vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and selenium may reduce the recurrence of tuberculosis during standard treatment, suggests a new study.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

Negotiating Europe's probiotic claim laws

The third article in this series on probiotics looks at the regulatory situation in the world's biggest and most developed probiotic market - Europe.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

How Canada regulates probiotics

A second article in a series on probiotic regulations and health claims in different markets around the world examines the situation in the Canadian market.

Green tea's Alzheimer protection gets more support

Green tea catechins may inhibit the loss of reference and working memory linked to plaque formation in the brain, say research from Japan, adding to claims that the beverage may...

Vitamin D, calcium combo may cut exercise-related stress fractures

Daily supplements of calcium and vitamin D, long linked to improving bone health, may also reduce the risk of stress fractures during exercise, scientists have reported.

Science stacks up for Kyowa's citicoline supplement

Supplements of CDP-choline may boost biological energy in brain cells, and be neuroprotective, suggests new research from Harvard and Kyowa Hakko.

Q1 profits more than double at Bunge

Bunge reported a 70 percent increase in sales revenue for Q1 2008 over Q1 2007, as it reaps the benefits of rising commodity prices coupled with global demand that is...

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

IPA event examines probiotic health claims in the US

A recent conference on probiotics provided an overview of the global regulatory status of the bacteria, as well as the health claims that can be associated with these on different...

Chinese flax gains international patent, targets foods

Biogin Biochemicals has received a patent for its standardized flax seed extract, AlaLife Flax Lignan, as the Chinese botanicals supplier bids to develop its international presence in the foods, beverages...

Omega-3 and bipolar disorders: Jurys still out

More well-designed studies are required before any conclusions can be drawn on the benefits of omega-3 for people with bipolar disorders, University of Oxford researchers have reported after reviewing the...

Lifelong prebiotic supplements may enhance survival: rat study

Lifelong supplementation with the prebiotics inulin and oligofructose may extend lifespan by over 30 per cent, according to a new animal study from France.

Mexican food supplement rules up for discussion

Anipron, the Mexican dietary supplements trade group will host European Union regulators, Mexican government decision makers and key industry figures to discuss supplements regulations and their impact on consumers in...

Beneo explores carbohydrates for weight management

Carbohydrates could be set to play an important role in weight management and the fight against obesity, said experts at the 1st European Beneo Scientific Symposium in Brussels.

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