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Black cohosh substitution problems brought to light

A new study reports that one-third of black cohosh products tested were not genuine but contained substituted products, results that should drive manufacturers to comply with American Herbal Products Association's...

Pine bark extract may prevent inflammation

A daily supplement of the French maritime pine bark, Pycnogenol, could reduce the markers of inflammation by 15 per cent, says a joint German-Slovak study.

EuroPharma to enhance product efficacy with enteric coating

EuroPharma is bringing a new enteric tablet coating technology to the US that will enable the delivery of ingredients in quantities and better utilization by the body. Its first market...

Martek-OmegaTech nutrition claim case closed

A Maryland court has ruled in favor of Martek Biosciences in a motion of summary judgment of an outstanding dispute with the former interest holders of OmegaTech, the DHA producer...

Omega-3, -6 and vitamin E could cut MND risk

Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and vitamin E in the diet could slash the risk of motor neurone disease (MND) by 60 per cent, say new research from the Netherlands.

Natural tomato color booms as firms avoid synthetic

Just a few months after its approval in the US, a natural tomato food colorant claims to have attracted strong interest as food and beverage manufacturers look to clean up...

Pharmachem launches carb blocker for food use

Pharmachem Laboratories is introducing a new ingredient derived from white bean that lowers the calorie-count and glycemic index of starchy foods - an innovation that will allow manufacturers to make...

'No evidence' that coffee drinking harms heart

Long-term heavy coffee drinking does not increase the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) say Harvard researchers, results that also have positive implications for the stimulant drink industry.

Scientists to discuss benefits of vitamin E

Leading US-based scientists are set to meet next week to discuss the benefits of vitamin E, so often overlooked in the mainstream press.

Med diet could protect elderly from vein problems

A Mediterranean-style diet, rich in olive oil, fresh vegetables and vitamin E, could reduce the risk of obstructions in blood vessels in the elderly, says Italian research.

Probiotics could help stress-induced gut problems

Probiotics may reduce the intestinal health problems linked to stress, says researchers.

PLT introduces natural vitamin K2 in the US

PL Thomas (PLT) is introducing NattoPharma's soy-derived natural vitamin K2 in the US, with which it hopes to generate awareness of the vitamin amongst industry and consumers.

SharpPS gold finds first US supplement use

SharpPS gold, a PS-DHA conjugate from Israeli company Enzymotec, is being used in a US supplement for the first time with the reformulation of Cognitex from Life Extension.

Women must take calcium supplements for bone benefit

Elderly women, the group at most risk of osteoporosis, are less likely to develop fractures if they actually take the calcium supplements they've been given, says a new study.

Milk, vitamin D linked to heavier birth weight

Women who have higher milk and vitamin D intakes during pregnancy give birth to heavier babies, says Canadian research.

Weekly comment

Strategic philanthropy: exploitation or key to emerging markets?

When a company 'gives back' to the world through charitable donations, should we wholeheartedly commend it for being a good egg or sniff cynically at the profit potential that underlies...

Caffeine could protect against diabetes

People who drink lots of green tea or coffee every day could lower their risk of diabetes by 33 percent, a result linked to caffeine content, says new research from Japan.

Peanut waste to rival grape seed extracts?

Peanut skin, a waste product from peanut butter manufacturers, is a rich source of extractable procyanidins and could create a cheaper source of these antioxidant compounds to rival the grape...

Major advance for Arcadia over omega-6 safflowers

Arcadia Biosciences has announced the development of 65 percent gamma linolenic acid (GLA) safflower seed oil - a development that will make available a new, economical source of the omega-6...

CoQ10 may protect against Alzheimer's

Increasing intake of coenzyme Q10 may ward off the threat of Alzheimer's disease, if the results of an animal study can be applied to humans.

Omega-3 focus

Omega 3 clinical trials

While omega 3 supplements or enriched foods are on the rise, so too are the clinical trials that are boosting the scientific foundation and exploring new applications.

Obesity confirmed as major cause of rising diabetes epidemic

US researchers examining the dramatic rise in people suffering form diabetes have confirmed that obesity is a major factor in the disease. They warn that measures must be taken to...

Weak support for lignan-heart health link in smokers

A diet rich in lignans may not offer smokers strong protection from heart disease, says a new Finnish study.

Low-carb diet may help women with ovary problems

Adopting a low-carb diet may improve fertility problems and hormone profiles of women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), says US research.

Who's going where…

A round up of the latest new appointments in the supplements and functional foods industries.

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