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Don't sell ephedra until FDA position clear, says AHPA

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is actively discouraging the dietary supplements industry from resuming sales of ephedra products following the court ruling that the FDA failed to prove that...

Probiotic reduces gastric infection

A combination of lactic acid bacteria and a probiotic can help prevent gastric infection, according to research by the Institut Rosell.

Ginkgo biloba may improve memory in MS sufferers

Scientists in Oregon, US have presented a study that seems to suggest that ginkgo biloba may help improve attention in MS patients with cognitive impairment.

Black cohosh could interfere with anticancer drugs

Black cohosh, a plant commonly used by breast cancer patients to alleviate the menopause-like side effects of therapy, may alter the effects anticancer drugs, suggests a study carried out at...

Nutraceutical attributes record sales to acquisitions

Nutraceutical Corporation racked up $38.8 million in sales of its branded dietary supplements during the second quarter of fiscal 2005 - a three percent increase over the same three months of 2004.

Vitamin E and low carb impact NBTY 2Q results

Global supplement maker and marketer NBTY has failed to maintain the momentum with which it started fiscal 2005, reporting a net income of $20.87 million in the second quarter -...

GNC bags Provasca distribution rights

GNC Corporation has signed an agreement with Endomatrix for the distribution of the latter's patented ProVasca with Actothil in the United States and international markets.

Cyanotech and Earthrise request spirulina toxin test

Microalgae producers Cyanotech and Earthrise Nutritionals have signaled their surprise that spirulina was excluded from a recent study suggesting that a potential toxin known as BMAA is present in diverse...

Heart disease patients live longer on Med diet

A Mediterranean style diet should be recommended to those already suffering from heart disease, says new research, which concludes its ingredients can help them live longer.

Unigen adds antioxidants to patent store

Unigen Pharmaceuticals has been granted a composition of matter and usage patent for aloesin and aloeresin A, antioxidant aloe chromones that are contained in its Pervarin and Aloewhite commercial raw...

Synbiotic ingredient plus probiotics reduces cancer risk

An EU-funded project has found that a synbiotic ingredient in conjunction with probiotics can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

ONC enters omega-3 branding fray

Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) has signed its first co-branding license agreements that will see its MEG-3 brand fish oil ingredients appear on supplement and food product labeling, and may crystallize...

OatVantage delivers greatest intestinal viscosity

Nurture's OatVantage ingredient can lower the risk of coronary heart disease more than any other commercial oat product, according to a company-funded study carried out at the University of Minnesota.

AOAC adopts NOW glucosamine method

NOW Foods' glucosamine HPLC method has passed the AOAC's 2-year validation process to become the first action official method for testing the standards of the joint health ingredient.

Heart problems at forefront of natural symposium

Heart problems, weight control and diabetes are the three research areas that will be headlining at this year's Natural Health Research Institute's annual symposium.

Chrysantis gains access to ZeaVision's patents

Ball Horticultural-subsidiary Chrysantis has signed a licensing agreement with ZeaVision for the marketing and selling of zeaxanthin, a deal which gives it limited, non-exclusive license store of the supplement maker's...

Folic acid fortification shows promise in Chile

Increased consumption of folic acid may have helped to reduce the number of children born with neural tube defects in Chile, according to a new study.

Consumer is king, says CRN

Jess Halliday speaks to Steve Mister, the new president and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), about the trade association's three main areas of focus: safety, membership and,...

FDA publishes supplements labeling guide

The FDA has issued new guidelines to help dietary supplement manufacturers label products in an appropriate, consumer-friendly way and conform to requirements. scoops industry award's sister site has won website of the year in the 2005 Business Food and Drink Journalism awards.

Active hoodia ingredient not just from gordonii, says UK company

UK company Pure Herbal Extracts has found a way to culture the appetite-suppressing molecule from a strain of hoodia and plans to launch supplements containing a guaranteed dose of the...

Moderate drinking may not deliver health benefits, says CDC

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the lower incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) amongst moderate drinkers, compared with heavy- or non-drinkers, may be attributable...

2004 was 'challenging' for PacificHealth

PacificHealth Laboratories has reported a net operating loss of $2.2 million for the year ended 31 December 2004 - a million more than in 2003 - despite achieving a 25 increase in revenue to $6.8 million.

Vitamin D may help lung cancer surgery

Vitamin D is a key factor in helping patients benefit from surgery to treat early stage lung cancer, says new research.

Green tea reduces prostate risk

Green tea is back in the news again after a new study showed that men at a high risk of contracting prostate cancer had their risk slashed after taking green...

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