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Awareness of probiotics growing worldwide, expert says

Probiotics and their benefits have wide recognition in Europe and Asia, and awareness is growing.  This situation bodes well for growth in the US, while it will serve to buoy...

Chewing gum fails to suppress hunger and puts people off fruit: Study

Chewing gum has long been considered a potential appetite suppressant, but new research says there is no evidence it can control hunger and mint-flavored varieties may even deter people from...

Fish oil supplements show heart rate benefits: Meta-analysis

The heart health benefits of omega-3-rich fish oil may be linked to its ability to favorably influence the variability in heart rates, says a meta-analysis of 15 studies.

Kyowa’s citicoline shows benefits for people with mild vascular cognitive impairment

Daily supplements of citicoline may help prevent further declines in mental function in elderly people with mild vascular cognitive impairment, says a new study from Italy.

‘Far-reaching benefits’: DHA omega-3 may boost memory for healthy young people

Supplements of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) may improve memory and reaction times for healthy young people, says a new study that could ‘translate into far-reaching benefits’.

New supplement claims to cut fat calorie absorption without nasty side effects

SOHO Flordis International, an Indonesian/Australian supplement and pharamceutical company, is bringing a fat-binding dietary supplement to market in North America under the Calorease brand name.  It promises to do what...

Edison Pharma signs licensing agreement with Japanese pharma giant for alpha-tocotrienol quinone development

Mountain View, California based Edison Pharmaceuticals has announced a licensing agreement with Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd to develop and commercialize EPI-743 for mitochondrial function and aging. EPI-743 is the...

‘There’s a huge protein gap, and we’re going to help fill it’: RiceBran Technologies blazes trail with new rice bran protein range

A firm that has made a name for itself by extracting value-added ingredients from rice bran - which always used to be regarded as a waste by-product of rice-milling -...

Prebiotic prevention: Cochrane backs infant formula prebiotics for eczema - but not allergies

Prebiotis supplements in infant formula may help to prevent eczema, but there is lack of evidence that the same is true for allergies, according to a new Cochrane review.

Vitamin K2 shows ‘extremely important improvements in clinical outcomes’ for bone health

Supplements containing vitamin K2 may reduce bone loss and improve bone impact strength in postmenopausal women, according to a new ‘ground-breaking’ study sponsored by NattoPharma.

Inaugural Food Vision heralded as success by global food industry – organisers commit to return in 2014

Following a highly successful inaugural summit last week, organisers William Reed Business Media have confirmed that Food Vision will become an annual event, returning to Cannes, France, in March 2014. 

Research first: Soy-rich diet may help women's lung cancer survival

Women who have a diet that is packed with soy prior to diagnosis with certain cancers may have longer survival rates, according to new research.

Lutein, zeaxanthin plus omega-3 shows benefits for AMD sufferers

A combination of lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids may boost the pigment in the retina and help people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), says new data from...

Special edition: New trends in heart-healthy foods

Emerging heart health ingredients have a long way to go to challenge the established ‘big fish’

The well-established heart health ingredients will remain kings of the castle for the foreseeable future, but there are some pretenders to the crown emerging, according to formulation experts at Fortitech.

Special Edition: New trends in heart-healthy foods

Ingredients line up to support function of endothelial layer

The health of the endothelium, that thin layer of cells lining the blood vessels, is the front line for cardiovascular health.  And a variety of food and supplement ingredients are...

USANA pursues measured growth strategy with entry into Colombia

USANA, a global network marketing company focused solely on nutritional products, recently announced plans to expand into Colombia during the third quarter of 2013.  It is the 19th country the company...

Vitamin Shoppe expands into Panama

Vitamin Shoppe Inc. continues its rapid expansion with the opening of its first international franchised Vitamin Shoppe store in Panama City. Vitamin Shoppe now has more than 600 retail locations across...

American Botanical Council awards botanical excellence: ABC awards 2013 in pictures

The recipients of the American Botanical Council's (ABC) 8th Annual Celebration and Awards Ceremony stepped into the spotlights in Anaheim, California recently to collect their awards. Here's our gallery of all...

News in brief

Carnitine researcher recognized with award

Supplement industry pioneer Dr Stephen L. DeFelice has been honored with the 2013 Marconi Science award by UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization at a recent meeting of the organization...

Vitamin D supplements may yield immune benefits in healthy people: Study

Improving levels of vitamin D in the blood via supplementation could help to fight of disease by affecting gene expression and boosting the immune system, say researchers.

NutraGenesis lauds results of five new ashwagandha studies

As interest in Ayurvedic ingredients increases and in ashwagandha in particular one supplier has come out with new studies that it says push the envelope for this already multipurpose ingredient.

Diana Plant Sciences debuts cocoa ingredient derived from plant stem cells

Diana Plant Sciences, based in Portland, OR, has brought to market what it says is the first nutraceutical ingredient produced completely in a bioreactor via plant stem cell technology.

Dean Foods launches consumer-driven high-protein TruMoo innovation

Dean Foods has launched a high-protein, long-life version of its popular TruMoo flavoured milk range in an attempt to meet increasing US consumer demand for protein-enriched beverages.

High-carb babies set up for lifetime of weight gain and obesity: Study

Consumption of high-carbohydrate foods during infancy could program people for lifelong increased weight gain and obesity, suggests new animal research.

Durbin's move to reintroduce labeling bill called 'misguided'

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, has announced his intent to reintroduce a bill meant to more heavily regulate energy drinks and supplements.

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