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House Energy & Commerce Committee members call on FDA to ‘re-examine’ NDI draft guidance

Select members of the highly influential House Energy & Commerce Committee have written to FDA calling for a 'significant reworking' of the controversial new dietary ingredient (NDI) draft guidance.

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NPA hails success of 15th Annual Natural Products Day in D.C.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has announced it is pleased with the meetings on Capitol Hill during its 15th Annual Natural Products Day in Washington DC.

Dispatches from IFT Wellness 2012

Professor: Term 'antioxidant' should be banished from food labels

The term ‘antioxidant’ should be banished from food labels and replaced with more specific claims about the health benefits of the phytonutrients and other ingredients in question, according to one...

Dispatches from IFT Wellness 2012

Could EU claims crackdown provide US plaintiffs’ attorneys with ammo for new wave of class actions?

The EU crackdown on health claims is unlikely to impact on US regulators, but it could provide ammunition to opportunistic plaintiffs’ attorneys this side of the Atlantic, experts have warned.

Vitamin D-fortified yogurt may cut heart disease risk in diabetics

A traditional Persian yogurt drink fortified with vitamin D may reduce markers of inflammation in diabetics and reduce the risk of heart disease, suggest results of a randomized clinical trial.

Soy isoflavones again linked to blood pressure benefits

Daily consumption products containing soy isoflavones could help to significantly reduce blood pressure across the general population, according to a new study.

Current and future trends in bone and joint health

Baby boomers, post-menopausal women, athletes: The consumer segments served by bone and joint health products are as varied as the products offered on the market. But which ingredients work, how...

Ensuring the integrity of the supply chain

Contamination is an issue for the whole food industry, but nowhere is the glare of the media spotlight more focused than in sports nutrition, where transgressions can end careers. This...

Formulating the ultimate sports beverage

Preparing for exercise, maintaining performance during exercise, and boosting recovery after exercise all pose different formulation challenges. This webinar will examine which ingredients are vital for sports beverages and the...

Delivery systems: Which formats are working and with whom

From beverages to bars to powders to gels to shots, the sports nutrition market is exploring new delivery systems and experimenting with established favorites. But which formats work best, why, and how can...

Designing the trials for claims success

Building the science for a successful joint health claim is not easy. A diseased population is not what the regulators are looking for. So how do we measure joint health...

Designing the ultimate bone health formulation

Bone health is more than just calcium and vitamin D. But what other nutrients and ingredients have solid science to support their claims, and how do we formulate them into...

New encapsulation system may allow consumers to sprinkle supplements on foods

A new way to encapsulate bioactive nutritional supplements into food-based products could provide industry with the right ingredients to create supplements that consumers can sprinkle on foods, say researchers.

Bars beat capsules for quercetin dosing: Study

Consuming quercetin in a cereal bar produces higher blood levels of the compound than a similar dose from a capsule, says a new study from Germany.

97% of dietitians recommend supplements: CRN survey

Dietitians are regularly using dietary supplements and almost all of them have recommended supplements to their clients at some time, says a new survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition...

Omega-3s may improve health of blood vessels: Meta-analysis

Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may improve the function of blood vessels and support vascular health, says a new meta-analysis of 16 studies.

EU needs common policy on iodised salt to battle deficiencies: Study

A common European Union policy which requires the food industry to use iodised salt is needed to tackle the issue of deficiencies, say authors of a study that  found 44%...

‘We’re gaining market share because of GMPs’: BI chief

GMP compliance and enforcement is good for the industry, but it is also good for business for suppliers that focus on quality, says George Pontiakos, president and CEO of BI...

Have your cake and eat it: Chocolate consumption linked to lower BMI

People who consume chocolate frequently may have lower body mass index (BMI) values, suggests ‘intriguing’ data from the University of California, San Diego.

50% of military personnel use bodybuilding, energy, or weight-loss supplements

US military personnel are keen users of bodybuilding, energy, or weight-loss supplements, with 46% of personnel using at least one type of supplement, says a new survey.

Vitamin D supplements may help you live longer: Study

Vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and boost survival for older people, suggests a new analysis.

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NFL star John Elway signs up to promote Neptune krill oil

Former National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl Champion and Hall-of Fame quarterback, John Elway has signed a multi-year deal with Neptune Technologies & Bioressources to serve as a brand ambassador...

Antioxidant claims continue to grow – but have consumers 'checked out' of the ORAC debate?

US retail sales of products making antioxidant claims grew a healthy 8.6% to $64.8bn in 2011, although marketers are still struggling to articulate their benefits to consumers, according to a...

Berry juices show anti-inflammatory and heart health benefits

Lingonberry, cranberry and blackcurrant juices may reduce compounds that promote inflammation, suggests new data that supports a role for the berries to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

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Probiotics fail to reduce risk of cold and ‘flu in seniors

Drinking Yakult daily did not affect the risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections like the cold and ‘flu, according to randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

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