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Cargill looks to take slice of omega-3 market

Cargill has announced its plans to enter the omega-3 ingredient market - a development likely to cause concern for smaller companies already cashing in on the popularity of these fatty...

Companies talk science of slimming ingredents

New results and breakthroughs took centre stage in Berlin at the First International Conference on Innovations and Trends in Weight Loss and Weight Management.

Added benefits drive growth for Symrise flavours and nutrition

German fragrance and flavours group Symrise saw a strong increase in sales and profits for its Flavours and Nutrition Division in full year 2006, largely attributed to innovations like its...

Pro bono work supports industry association goals

The goals of not-for-profit groups in the herbal and dietary supplement industry are hampered by financial constraints, but this strain is diminished thanks to the help of a few external...

Nestle to investigate BLIS probiotic for respiratory health

Nestle Nutrition has signed an agreement with BLIS Technologies to investigate the use of probiotics to combat upper respiratory tract infections in infants, for which there is said to be...

Sabinsa unveils weigh management LeanGard

Sabinsa Corporation is combining the forces of three of its established patented ingredients in the unveiling of a new weight management ingredient LeanGard.

Review supports olive oil as nature's super food for the heart

The benefits of olive oil for heart health go way beyond just reducing levels of LDL ('bad') cholesterol, says a new review that looks set to further bolster the healthy...

Forbes Medi-Tech sees revenue up in fiscal 2006

Forbes Medi-Tech has reported in its year-end financial report that sales of Reducol continue to increase and offset operating losses.

Nexgen Pharma secures Organic Certification

California-based Nexgen Pharma announced one of its facilities has been given organic certification, thereby giving the manufacturer one more advantage in an environment where consumers are looking for increasingly value-oriented...

Zinc pills may cut infections in the elderly

A daily zinc supplement may significantly reduce infections in the elderly, says a new trial from the US that may have implications for boosting "healthy ageing".

Guest article

What to do when FDA shows up at your door

Being prepared for a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection requires advanced and effective planning and, for nutraceutical companies whose products do not require FDA pre-approval, it may be...

FDA seeks tougher conflict-of-interest test for advisors

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tackled escalating concerns about the independence of its advisory committees by proposing more stringent criteria for avoiding potential conflicts of interest when...

More support for beta-glucan against high cholesterol levels

A "practical dose" of the soluble fibre beta-glucan from oats significantly lowered cholesterol levels in high-risk patients, says a new randomised interventional trial.

NPA brings issues to Capitol Hill for Natural Products Day

The Natural Products Association (NPA) engaged with legislators yesterday in Washington as part of its tenth annual Natural Products Day activities.

Scientists cook up antioxidant-rich pizza

US scientists have produced a pizza with enhanced antioxidant content in the crust, aimed to boost antioxidant defences and protect against oxidative stress.

Grape seed extract may protect against skin cancer

Proanthocyanidin-rich extracts from grape seeds may prevent skin cancer by boosting the immune system, says a new study that used hairless mice to model human sun exposure.

Vitamin D, calcium, dairy linked to lower colon cancer risk

High intake of vitamin D and calcium from the diet and supplements may cut the risk of colorectal cancer by over 30 per cent, suggests a new study.

SunOpta expands supply of organic fruit

SunOpta Fruit Group has announced new agreements with players in the South American fruit industry, which the firm says will expand its supply of organic and natural frozen fruit.

American Chemical Society showcases cancer-fighting foods

The American Chemical Society (ACS) brought the cancer-fighting potential of food to the forefront Sunday as part of its national meeting.

Weekly Comment

Swallow your tongue

Fluffy language is increasingly clogging up the information air passages, and the food and drink industry must accept blame like everyone else.

Blueberry compounds linked to colon cancer prevention

Pterostilbene, a compound found in blueberries, may prevent the development of tumours in the colon, if results from an animal study can be translated to humans, researchers have said.

Functional Diet Coke anyone?

Coca-Cola North America has announced its plans to launch Diet Coke Plus, a carbonated calorie-free beverage with the added value of vitamins and minerals, that could put the concept of...

Citrus extracts get cholesterol-lowering boost

Hesperidin and naringin, compounds found in oranges and grapefruit, cut cholesterol levels by about 25 per cent in lab animals, says a study that may boost interest in these citrus flavonones.

Supply of antioxidant-rich grapefruits rebounds

Florida's flagging grapefruit industry is showing signs of rebounding, after the market was hit by a sharp drop in supply, says a grapefruit grower cooperative, meaning the market should see...

Health Canada approves Denomega oils for food

Denomega Nutritional Oils has announced the Health Canada approval of its omega-3 ingredients for use in most foods, thereby opening up another market to the company.

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