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Consumers look to health and wellness in recession

Focusing on health and wellness and building brand awareness are the most successful strategies for weathering the global economic storm, according to a Frost and Sullivan analyst.

News in brief

Yakult probiotic drink poised to be a market leader, claims firm

Probiotic firm Yakult is once more expanding its presence in the US market, taking its branded dairy beverage into Texas – one of the nation’s largest regional markets.

Turmeric is safe, says Sabinsa

New Jersey-based botanicals player, Sabinsa Coprporation, has published a paper in defense of its turmeric extract after the herb’s safety was questioned in an article published in the American Journal...

US government creates databases for supplement info

US government agencies have joined forces to create a database of dietary supplement ingredients and brands, designed to provide publically available information on the levels of different ingredients in...

Enhanced microencapsulation for probiotic strains reported

Double encapsulation of bacterial strains with potential probiotic activity may enhance the shelf-life and offer protection against harsh stomach conditions, says a new study.

Soy-rich infant formula may give stronger bones: Mouse study

Feeding newborns soy protein-based formulas may favourably boost the bone strength later in life, according to a new study with mice.

Multinationals adding more fiber to their food, says Datamonitor

New data released today from Datamonitor finds that food manufacturers are increasingly adding fiber to their products, in a move described as going “back to basics”.

Lupin-enriched bakery may slash blood pressure, boost heart health

Bread enriched with lupin kernel flour at the expense of wheat flour may reduce blood pressure and boost heart health, says new research from Australia.

Vitamin E, selenium may alter genes in prostate cancer: Study

Selenium and vitamin E may offer protection against prostate cancer by changing the expression of certain genes in prostates linked to tumours, says a new study from Texas.

Barry Callebaut welcomes new cocoa anti-depressant link

Barry Callebaut is a step closer to boasting about the antidepressant properties of cocoa on its product labels after a study funded by the company found that it could...

Beauty from within is going mainstream, says Euromonitor

Danone may have pulled the beauty yogurt Essensis from French shelves but a Euromonitor analyst insists that the ‘beauty from within’ trend is still heading mainstream.

FWS examines sustainable ginseng harvesting

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) yesterday examined the sustainable harvest, trade and regulation of ginseng, in a public meeting on the latest research on the root.

Probiotics and the campaign to maintain credibility

Probiotic suppliers are increasingly stepping in to provide quality and efficacy guidance for the ingredients, as a lack of a legal framework continues to put the market at risk.

GMA extols irradiation’s virtues for food safety

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has been at pains to reassure consumers that it does not consider irradiation a replacement for current food safety procedures, but it could be incorporated...

News in brief

Diana reports good preliminary data for cranberry ingredient

Brittany-based Diana Naturals is building the science behind its cranberry ingredients’ efficacy against urinary tract infections, according to preliminary results.

Forget C, D may be the vitamin for cold and flu protection: Study

Increased levels of vitamin D may protect against common respiratory infections such as cold and flu, according to new findings from the US.

Calcium may slash colorectal cancer risk: Study

Increased intakes of calcium from the diet and supplements may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by up to 23 per cent in women, says a new study from the US.

B vitamins may prevent female blindness: Study

A combination of folic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12 may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration in women by 34 per cent, says a new study.

How the US stimulus bill impacts food: Part II

Indirect benefits of the economic stimulus bill signed by President Obama earlier this month are set to filter through to manufacturers of food, beverage and supplement products – especially the...

Find time for tea to slash stroke risk: Study

Drinking three or more cups of green or black tea a day may reduce the risk of stroke by 21 per cent, says new research from UCLA.

Blueberries may reduce childhood cancer risk: Study

Extracts from blueberries may reduce the size of tumours primarily found in infants and children, and improve survival, suggest new findings from a study with mice.

Dannon puts probiotics in emerging market-middle ground

As a number of manufacturers announce mixed fortunes in the market for probiotic goods, one leading supplier believes the segment lies very much in the middle ground between established and...

How the US stimulus bill impacts food: Part I

The economic stimulus bill signed last week by President Obama is expected to promote food production and consumption through its provision for a nutrition supplementation program, according to an expert...


Turning the key on new food technologies

Consumer concerns about a synthetic growth hormone used in milk production have prompted two leading food producers in the United States – General Mills and Dannon – to reformulate...

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