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Warrants bolster Burcon for on-going development

Burcon NutraScience has said it has enough cash in its coffers to fund operations and working capital requirements through October 2009, thanks in part to raising C$630,131 through the exercise...

Current vitamin D levels not enough in pregnancy, study

Pregnant American women do not get enough vitamin D and prenatal multivitamins are not filling the gap, according to a University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences study.

High fat dairy may boost fertility - study

Women who consume high fat dairy products like ice cream may reduce their risk of becoming infertile, new research from the US claims.

Study links antioxidant supplements to increased mortality

A meta-analysis of 68 randomised trials with antioxidant supplements has reported that vitamins A and E, and beta-carotene may increase mortality risk by up to 16 per cent, but vitamin...

NutraCea to bring rice bran to Mexico's multinationals

NutraCea is taking its stabilized rice bran ingredient and products to Mexico via a distribution agreement with FX Morales y Associados.

Guest article

Protecting your business – prospective employees and investors

Nutraceutical companies should have certain protective documents in place prior to or promptly at the beginning of any dealings with potential new employees and investors that can greatly affect the...

Study questions garlic's cholesterol-lowering powers

A new trial from the US has reported that garlic may not decrease LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, raising questions over the cardiovascular benefits of garlic.

Sabinsa to up BioPerine price on pepper supply issues

Sabinsa Corporation anticipates an increase in the price of its patented BioPerine following a spike in the price of black pepper, from which the ingredient is extracted.

Synbiotics and chocolate mousse – a tasty combination?

Chocolate mousse may be an excellent vehicle for probiotics and prebiotics, suggests a new study from Brazil that is in line with the trend for new ways of delivering the...

Biodroga and GelCell unite to promote seaweed softgels

Canadian companies Biodroga and GelCell have signed a marketing agreement to promote animal-free carrageenan and starch softgels, CCaps, for the North American dietary supplement market.

Weekly Comment

Turning advertisers into educators

Instead of trying to hide confectionery from children by restricting advertising, chocolate-makers should be encouraging them to make the same health-conscious choices as adults when it comes to confectionery they're...

Study points to zinc carnosine's role in gut health

Zinc carnosine could protect the gastrointestinal system according to a study conducted in the United Kingdom.

NutriOne aims to add value to dairy with canola

NutriOne Corporation has agreed to acquire intellectual property from Research in Nutrition and Nutraceuticals for a United States patent pending process that, among other things, extends the shelf life of...

Black soy may offer weight management potential

Researchers from Korea have reported that peptides from black soy bean could have a role as a nutraceutical to combat obesity, after a study on rats in which they curbed...

Ajinomoto ups L-Arginine price

Amino acid manufacturer Ajinomoto Aminoscience announced that increasing raw material and energy costs have driven the company to increase prices of its L-Arginine products by $1/ kg.

Omega-3 again linked to lower colorectal cancer risk

Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids may cut the risk of colorectal cancer in men by a whopping 66 per cent, but only in men not taking aspirin, suggests new research.

Olive leaf juice could be edible oil antioxidant

Olive juice, obtained by pressing olive leaves, may act as an antioxidant to prolong the frying life of frying oils, suggests a study using sunflower oil.

Cevena weighs in on beta-glucan market potential

Canadian ingredients developer Cevena Bioproducts is investing into researching the weight loss potential for its patented beta-glucan ingredient based on the promise of strong market potential in this category.

Omega-3 market to climb to $7bn

With its United States market value swelling from approximately $100m to more than $2bn in four years, omega-3 enriched foods make up the strongest sector of the functional foods market...

More fibre in coffee than orange juice?

Coffee, a well-established source of antioxidants, may also be a richer source of soluble dietary fibre than orange juice, researchers in Spain have reported.

More evidence that vitamin D may cut falls amongst the elderly

A daily vitamin D supplement of 800IU may cut the number of falls among nursing home-dwelling elderly people by 70 per cent, says a new study.

NutraCea boost capacity to meet market interest

Stabilized rice bran maker NutraCea is increasing production at its Montana plant by 50 percent to meet what it says is growing market interest in its value-added ingredient.

More herbs being cultivated than wild-harvested, AHPA

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has highlighted sustainability of herbal harvesting as a key movement in the industry, as part of its 2004-2005 Tonnage Survey of North American Wild...

Honeydew honeys top antioxidant ratings

Honey produced by bees feeding on honeydew have more than double the radical scavenging activity than honeys from nectars, says new research from Spain.

LycoRed courts US cosmeceuticals market with lycopene

LycoRed is promoting its tomato lycopene complex for skin health benefits, as it seeks to draw more attention to the ingredient amongst US makers of supplements for 'beauty from within'.

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