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Red clover sales down at Novogen

Novogen is blaming lower US sales of its red clover-based supplements in the first six months of 2004 on consumer confusion due to the conflicting publicity regarding the safety and...

Vineyard claims first on wine antioxidant labeling

An Oregon vineyard has received what is thought to be the first federal government approval to label its wines' resveratrol content, an antioxidant produced by grapes to fight fungi and...

Breakfast shown to be heart healthy

Missing breakfast has been shown to raise cholesterol levels and reduce the body's response to insulin in a small study that raises concern for the increasing numbers of people that...

Ephedrine alkaloid supplements seized, says FDA

The FDA says it has seized $13,500 worth of dietary supplements either containing or claiming to contain banned ephedrine alkaloids from Pennsylvania company ATF Fitness Products.

Degussa introduces new PS forms for foods

Degussa is expanding its line of soy-derived phosphatidylserine (PS) products to push for greater use of the brain health supplement in foods, reports Dominique Patton.

Calcium mechanism for weight loss gets clinical support

Calcium could reduce body weight by binding fat in the intestine and increasing its excretion from the body, say Danish researchers, who have provided the first clinical evidence to support...

Cetylated fatty acid enables osteoarthritis sufferers to exercise, shows study

A new study suggests that cetylated fatty acid may help improve general health of osteoarthritis sufferers by improving their exercise trainability, thanks to improved balance and pain relief.

Vitamin E supplements effective in raising skin antioxidant levels

Supplements of either natural or synthetic source vitamin E almost double the levels of this important antioxidant on the skin's surface, report researchers this month, providing the first strong evidence...

Vital Living buys out joint venture partner

Vital Living is investing in its sales and marketing operations by acquiring 100 percent of Wellness Watchers Systems, its former 50/50 joint venture with health and nutrition company Wellness Watchers International.

Brand New company will feed innovation to food companies

Functional foods look set to be the biggest new trend of the decade, but large companies might not know how to leverage the opportunities. Brand New Brands CEO Will Rosenzweig...

Croda focus on added value driving profits

UK speciality oils supplier Croda International said sales to cosmetics and supplement customers rose 8 per cent last year, helped by expanded capacity in fish oil concentrates and new product launches.

SourceOne secures citrus extract supply from China

SourceOne Global Partners has secured access to a constant supply of citrus-derived polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), key ingredients in patented antioxidant compound Sytrinol, by signing an exclusive long-term agreement with Chinese...

Planet Organic to acquire 17 stores from Newfound Health

Canadian organic supermarket is spreading its reach on home soil by acquiring Newfound Health's 17 franchise stores throughout Alberta.

Herbalife counts the cost of recapitalization

Direct supplements marketer Herbalife has reported a net loss of $14.3 million for full fiscal 2004 but attributes the huge drop in income over the last 12 months, from $36.8...

Chinese vitamin C maker in antitrust complaints

Bulk vitamin C manufacturer China Pharmaceutical Group has been named in three separate antitrust complaints filed in the US, according to its chairman Cai Dong Chen.

Magnesium may protect against colorectal cancer

High levels of dietary magnesium may help protect women from developing colorectal cancer, shows a Swedish study.

Protein emerging as bone health factor

The belief that protein can damage bone health is being challenged by a series of studies out of the US, reports Dominique Patton.

GTC raises focus on supplements

GTC Nutrition, a business unit of the corn-based sweetners and starches company Corn Products International, is raising its focus on the dietary supplements market with a new appointment to head...

Sunset Brands enters natural, organic foods category

Los Angeles-based Sunset Brands has entered into an agreement to acquire US Mills, an independent marketer of natural and organic cereals and crackers.

DMV invests €57 million in whey-based ingredients

A clear demonstration of its faith in the growing whey-based ingredients market, DMV International will pour nearly €60 million into upgraded processing and food ingredients operations in The Netherlands, reports...

NutraGenesis brings ayurvedic plant benefits to foods

NutraGenesis has high hopes for its new ashwagandha extract, which it says has already attracted strong interest from multinational manufacturers eager to use the ayurvedic ingredient, believed to have stress-reducing...

Vitamin D may protect against prostate cancer

Men with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood were almost half as likely to develop aggressive forms of prostate cancer as those with lower amounts, reported researchers last...

Herbal blend found safe, effective on allergy symptoms

An Indian herbal supplement offers a 40 to 100 percent improvement in allergy symptoms, according to results from large clinical trial.

Could functional food makers be delivering better products?

Fortified and functional foods are one of the fastest growing trends of the 21st century. But as a study finds that calcium-enriched drinks contain less of the bone strengthening mineral...

Meat, milk have benefits over zinc supplements

Increasing consumption of meat in the developing world could be a more effective means of reducing nutrient deficiencies than giving children supplements, say US researchers, who called for more attention...

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