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Probiotic boosts flavonoids in fermented soy

A strain of the Bifidobacterium genus can enhance flavonoid output in fermented soy or other bean-derived drinks, a study has found.

Algatech says longer shelf life a differentiator for its astaxanthin

Companies are striving for ways to differentiate their ingredients in the red hot (pun intended) astaxanthin sector.  The latest effort has been made by Israel’s Algatechnologies, which has announced a...

Herbal Papaya extends non GMO footprint with new supplement ingredients, tea flavors

organic, non-GMO positioning, is extending its line of ingredients with the introduction of a papaya seed powder.  It is also planning new flavors for its tea line, all to be...

Literature supports fenugreek’s blood sugar management potential: Meta-analysis

Daily supplements of fenugreek may effectively help manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, according to a meta-analysis of 10 clinical trials.

Certified organic coating could help supplement manufacturers get closer to organic claims

Organic claims and non GMO status can be challenging subjects for dietary supplement manufacturers. One aspect of that equation might have become a little simpler with the introduction of what...

More clouds over Herbalife with complaints in Canada, letter from Sen. Edward Markey

Herbalife, the world’s biggest network marketing company devoted solely to selling nutrition products, has come under renewed scrutiny with reports of complaints about the company made to a regulatory body...

When you say NGO, they say conflict of interest?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) decision to grant NGO status to a malnutrition-battling business alliance raised eyebrows this week, so what do organisations have to do to gain and keep...

FDA to update nutrition labels; RDs, GMA say ‘calories from fat’ should go away

The US Food and Drug Administration has unofficially announced that it will revise the nutrition facts label for the first time in 20 years. Unsurprisingly, the nutritional community and food...

ConAgra makes ‘difficult decision’ to close nutrition bar plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan

ConAgra will close its private label health and nutrition bar manufacturing facility at 4490 44th Street SE Grand Rapids, Michigan, this summer less than four years after acquiring it, with the...

Sabinsa: Bilayer technology still novel, gaining traction in time-release

Sabinsa Corp. is gearing up for the official launch of its synbiotic bi-layer tablet on the heels of receiving a Frost & Sullivan innovation award last year for its bilayer...

CRN recommends making FSVP rules apply to all importers of dietary supplements

Overlapping federal rules can sometimes create nooks and crannies that the originators didn’t intend.  The Council for Responsible Nutrition has identified one such possible loophole in the interplay between the...

IFOS opens certification door to omega-3 suppliers

Croda has become the first omega-3 supplier to win a QC certification from the voluntary International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) which has previously focused on branded products.

News in brief

New launches at Kellogg, Post Foods, and Muller Quaker Dairy highlight energy, protein and fiber

Energy, protein and fiber are key to new launches from Post Foods, Kellogg, and Muller Quaker Dairy this month.

Special edition: Polyphenols

Polyphenol use rises 69% in 5 years (but do people get it?)

Polyphenol use in functional food and drink marketing has shot up 69% since 2009 even as consumer understanding remains low and approved global health claims extremely limited. But can it continue?

What’s wrong with personal responsibility when it comes to obesity?

Despite improving numbers among US adults in recent years when it comes to daily calorie intake , quality of food eaten and use of nutrition labels when available, the country’s collective...

Tackling claims, regulation in the growing Brazilian functional foods market

Health and wellness packaged food and beverages continue to chart strong growth in South America, driven largely by Brazil’s fast-growing middle class. 

Sports nutrition popularity boosts price of some pre workout supplement ingredients

Strong demand from consumers for sports nutrition products is working its way backward into teh supply of the popular ingredients for these products, sending their prices up, according to a...

Special Edition: Polyphenols

Callebaut: More specific cocoa flavanol content claims will increase

Despite the growing body of research extolling the health benefits of flavanols found in cocoa, chocolate product manufacturers have yet to fully embrace front-of-pack claims calling out these compounds—with many...

Special edition: Polyphenols

Polyphenol science needs to catch up to better inform regulators and consumers, say experts

A paradigm shift is needed in the study of polyphenols to better understand the bioavailability, bio-activity, and the role of the gut microbiota in polyphenol metabolism and health benefits, say...

Special edition: Polyphenols

Nano emulsion system seeks to protect polyphenols from overly rapid alteration in liver

Bioavailability has always been the achilles heel of polyphenols.  Scientist felt they had a good handle on why these molecules exerted their health effects, but had a far less clear...

Special edition: Polyphenols

Global tea polyphenols market set to hit $368 million by 2020

Tea polyphenols are poised to enjoy strong growth over the next decade, with a new market report calling for the global market in the ingredients to hit $368 million by...

Special edition: Polyphenols

Identifying exotics: The untapped potential of berries and plants in Africa and South America

The potential for identifying new and interesting foods and supplements from berries and other food plants found in regions of South America and Africa remains bountiful, according to one botanical...

Special edition: Polyphenols

The big challenges in polyphenols: Providing credible evidence and a quality supply chain

With surging interest in the potential health benefits of polyphenols around the globe, experts suggest that there are still some major sticking points in the polyphenol success story.

Special edition: Polyphenols

Polyphenols may slash heart disease risk

Increased intakes of polyphenols may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by an impressive 46%, according to the results of the international PREDIMED (Prevencion con Dieta Mediterranea) study.

GAIN gains NGO status from WHO after it severs big business ties (or does it?)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has granted the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) NGO status after it disbanded an alliance with food and pharma firms including Coca-Cola, Cargill and...

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