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Creatine’s ‘myriad of benefits’ out-muscle possible oxidative stress effects

A new study reporting that creatine supplements may increase levels of oxidative stress in athletes, while also boosting muscle strength, is a ‘mere footnote in the annals of sports supplement...

Carotenoid consumption could benefit ALS risk

A high intake of carotenoid compounds may help to prevent or delay the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), according to Harvard researchers.

DMAA in the dock

DMAA blamed for London marathon death

A single dose of the banned stimulant DMAA was the most probable cause of the heart attack that killed Claire Squires in hospital after she collapsed during the final metres...

Packaging helps drive success in point-of-purchase marketplace

When entrepreneur Tyler Johansen was launching a supplement designed to help boost students’ concentration, he decided to play in a sphere where snap decisions are made, at the edge of...

News in brief

Dannon extends Fellowship program to support next generation of probiotic researchers

A $25,000 scholarship is up for grabs from Dannon to support the next generation of researchers, with the company extending the focus for its probiotics fellowship program to include the...

Study: Yeast beta-glucan boosts cold-fighting potential 25%

Yeast beta-glucan increases the body’s ability to fight pathogens, and showed a 25% better record of cold-fighting compared to placebo in a new German study.

Neptune ups ante by filing unfair trade complaint against krill competitors

In another busy day in the ongoing struggle  among krill oil suppliers over IP protection, a trade complaint was filed, this time with the International Trade Commission, and the re-examination...

Special edition: Protein-rich foods: The next generation

Cost and supply benefits are 'icing on the cake' for soy proteins

After a few years of difficult market conditions, the soy protein market is enjoying ‘dynamic growth’, but what does the future hold for this ingredient, and what kind of impact...

Human data supports bitter orange/ p-synephrine safety in humans: Nutratech

Extracts from bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) on its own or combined with naringin and hesperidin do not pose any risks at doses commonly used by humans, says new data from...

NSF expands in Latin America with Peruvian acquisition

NSF International announced a significant expansion of its footprint in Latin America with the acquisition of INASSA Group of Lima, Peru.  INASSA provides technical analysis, laboratory and sanitation services. In...

News in brief

Cyvex Nutrition achieves self-affirmed GRAS for blackcurrant extract, 'one of the most potent berry extracts on the market'

An independent panel of experts has determined that Cyvex Nutrition’s Euro Black Currant extract is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in a wide range of functional foods and...

Prebiotics can battle obesity (by influencing genetic behaviour): Researchers

Prebiotic fibres like oligosaccharides can help ease gut ‘dysbiosis’ common among the obese and overweight, say Belgian researchers.

With Harkin's departure, industry needs to step up outreach, observers say

The ancient Israelites had Moses and Aaron.  The dietary supplements industry has Senators Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch, but not for long—Harkin has announced that he will retire at the...

News in brief

Spanish company sponsors ABC’s olive info

The American Botanical Council announced yesterday that Natac, a Spanish natural products company, has agreed to sponsor ABC’s information on olives through its Adopt-an-Herb Program.

GRAS status will boost benfotiamine, XSTO says

Benfotiamine, a form of thiamine or vitamin B1, has been on the market for decades.  So what makes BenfoPure, a branded form of the ingredient now represented by XSTO Solutions,...

Lutein pills may boost night vision: RCT

Daily supplements of lutein may improve vision and help with tasks such as driving at night, say data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Special edition: Protein-rich foods: The next generation

US pea protein market ‘ready to explode’

For a long time in the shadow of soy as a plant protein source, pea protein is establishing itself in food and beverage applications, with the US market set to...

Antioxidant wood extract shows immune benefits

An antioxidant larch bark extract reduced cold episodes 23% compared to placebo, a German study has found.

Green tea supplements may benefit skin from within

Oral supplements containing extracts from green tea may help protect against sunburn and the longer-term effects of UV damage, says a new study from the UK.

Online event explores future opportunities for $30 billion global sports nutrition market

The future of protein, successful brand strategy, and exclusive insights into market dynamics will take center stage at the upcoming Sports and Lifestyle Nutrition 2013 online event, hosted by NutraIngredients.

Neptune gets new US krill oil patent while announcing management shuffle

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources said it will be granted a new US patent for its krill oil and has announced a management reorganization pertaining to the company’s continued efforts to...

Of mice and men: Experts challenge omega-6, omega-3 mouse gut health study

Leading omega-3 experts have challenged results of a study with mice that found that a diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids may disrupt gut microbiota, and that supplemental fish oil...

Omega-3 rich diet can boost children’s IQ, says meta-analysis

Supplementing children's diets with fish oil is one of several effective ways to raise a young child’s IQ levels, according to a new report.

Kyowa Hakko benefits from Champion Sports' strategic shift

The recent boost in sports nutrition product launches is benefiting functional food ingredient suppliers, among them Kyowa Hakko, whose Sustamine ingredient is featured in a new beverage offering from Champion...

Will protein blends surpass singular protein sources for sports nutrition?

Post-workout consumption of a blend of soy and dairy protein may outperform single protein sources for prolonging amino acid delivery and building muscle, says a new study.

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