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Maternal omega-3 reduces eczema risk in children: Study

Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy could cut the risk of babies developing eczema and egg allergies by over a third, say researchers

KGK and SourceOne settle three-year IP dispute over heart-healthy ingredients

Both parties in a protracted dispute over heart-healthy ingredients and intellectual property rights claim to have emerged from a new settlement with “valid and enforceable” patents covering their products.

Nawgan founder: ‘Our ambition is to become the most relevant brand in the world.’

The neuropsychologist behind brain-friendly functional beverage Nawgan says he is on a mission to turn it into “the most relevant brand in the world”.

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AHPA helps trade differentiate ‘true’ star anise from toxic Japanese variety

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has added analytical methods for the identification of star anise fruit (Illicium verum) to its Botanical Authentication Program to help firms distinguish it from...

January in pictures: Dr Oz, spiking, cGMPs, krill oil and kiwi fruit

So much for easing gently into the New Year. Just days into 2012, the supplements trade was wrestling with a big spiking story on Dr Oz, more difficult questions about...

Just a matter of time before canola protein enters the major league, says BioExx

"At least 12 major players in the food industry" are testing canola protein from BioExx, while a tie up with Century Foods to develop canola-protein-based sports products is also progressing...

Selenium yeast may reduce joint inflammation: Rodent data

Supplementing the diet with selenium-enriched yeast may reduce inflammation linked to arthritis, suggests new research from Brazil.

Infusion technique could produce nutraceutical-enhanced fruit products

Scientists in Canada have developed a technique to infuse fruit with nutraceuticals, potentially offering ‘nutritionally superior fruit products’.

Cardio-friendly foods biggest opportunity for vitamin K2, predicts NattoPharma

Heart healthy functional foods – particularly dairy and butter/margarine – represent the biggest growth opportunity for natural vitamin K2, according to NattoPharma chief executive Peter Carlsson.

Grape seed extract shows cancer promise: Mouse study

Polyphenol rich extracts from grape seeds could help to fight of cancers of the head and neck whilst leaving healthy cells unharmed, according to the findings of a ‘dramatic’ new...

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BASF & Teck join forces on zinc fortification and supplementation solutions

BASF (Germany) and Teck Resources Limited (Canada) have signed a three year agreement to jointly develop innovative and affordable zinc fortification and supplementation solutions.

Harvard professor: ‘NDI draft guidance doesn’t go far enough’

It might have been roundly slammed by the trade as draconian and unworkable, but according to one academic, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) controversial draft guidance on new dietary...

FTC settles six more cases in crackdown on bogus acai weight loss claims

Six online marketers accused of using ‘fake news’ sites to peddle bogus weight loss claims about acai berry supplements have agreed to settlements with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that...

Fermented soy’s fat busting potential linked to genes

The ability of a fermented soy product to reduce body fat levels may be linked to a person’s genetics, says a new study from South Korea.

Green tea may reduce functional disability risk: Study

Consuming at least five cups of green tea per day may reduce the risk of functional disabilities like osteoporosis and stroke, suggests new data from Japan.

New standard for vitamin D test promises more accurate results

Researchers have unveiled the development of new and ‘much-needed’ reference methodolgy that promises to assure more accurate and reliable measurements of vitamin D status.

Abbott forecasts strong growth for nutritionals business in 2012

Chicago-based healthcare giant Abbott has regained all of the market share it lost following its 2010 recall of Similac infant formula products and says its nutritionals business is set to...

Aged garlic reduces cold and flu severity: RCT data

Supplements of an aged garlic extract may reduce the number of days a person suffers from cold and ‘flu by 61%, says data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Study unlocks Pycnogenol’s skin health mechanism

Daily supplements of an extract from French maritime pine bark may boost skin elasticity by 25% and skin hydration by 8%, says a new study.

13% of academics admit knowledge of data falsification: BMJ

Just days after the nutrition science world was rocked by allegations that a famed veteran resveratrol researcher fabricated data in 26 articles over seven years, a British Medical Journal survey...

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Nutraveris establishes NJ office to bridge US-EU divide

US companies seeking to expand into Europe should focus on the solutions and not the problems of the EU market to ensure success, says the CEO of a leading European...

NutraJobs: People on the move, January 2012

New year, new start, new job? For the latest round-up of movers and shakers in the nutra industry, check out our picture gallery, with updates from ChromaDex, NOW Foods, Sabinsa,...

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Glanbia Nutritionals to distribute pTeroPure in North America for ChromaDex

ChromaDex has signed a letter of intent with Glanbia Nutritionals that will see the latter serve as the primary distributor of ChromaDex’s branded antioxidant pTeroPure in North America.

Exclusive interview: Paul Gilner, chief executive, Life Extension

Life Extension CEO: ‘I just hope the trade isn’t hogtied and handcuffed by unnecessary regulation’

While cynics might raise an eyebrow at the Life Extension Foundation’s ambitious mission statement (“to conquer the aging process within the next decade”), bosses at its supplement arm have every...

Fiber may boost pancreatic health: Study

Increased intakes of fiber may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 60%; with both soluble and insoluble forms offering benefits, suggests a new study from Italy.

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