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The Solae Company solidifies position in China

The Solae Company has strengthened its soy protein reach in Asia with the unveiling of a new manufacturing facility in China.

NY State dietary supplements safety committee proposed

A second bill pertaining to dietary supplements has been introduced at both levels of the New York State legislature, signifying political efforts to change current regulations are in fact serious.

Folic acid effects two-faced depending on B12 levels, says study

The effects of increased folic acid intake amongst the elderly may be a double-edged sword, with benefits and harm dependent on the person's vitamin B12 levels, says a new study.

Omega-3 and joint health - more support

Daily high-dose omega-3 supplements were found to decrease the severity of symptoms associated with ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic disease that mainly affects joints of the spine and hips.

CLA studies on mice and rats yield different results

Two Ohio State University studies involving CLA fed to mice and rats are reported to have brought about diverging results that suggest opposing potential effects in humans. However, it is...

DSM publishes fungus genome to help R&D into enzymes

Netherlands-based DSM has announced the publication of the full genome for the fungus Aspergillus niger used to produce a range of enzymes and other compounds for the food industry.

Magnesium for teenagers may boost bone health

Magnesium supplements during adolescence, a key time for bone formation, boosted bone health in 120 girls in the US - research that suggests the mineral could have long-term benefits.

Cortislim developer to launch new weight loss product

The developer of weight loss supplement CortiSlim is preparing to launch a new product called Citricoma - a blend of polymethoxylated flavones and eurycoma longifolia - and has signed an...

Health Enhancement Products looks to bring its algae to pharma

Health Enhancement Products (HEP) is creating a new division to pursuepharmaceutical applications for its algae-derived ProAlgaZyme.

Neptune sees increase in sales as NKO gains recognition

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources's efforts to spread the word about Neptune Krill Oil and an internal reorganisation are paying off, as the Canadian manufacturer has reported a significant increase in...

Weekly comment

Deja Moo: Are we ready for cloned cattle?

Here we go again. Yet another technology in its infancy is likely to be introduced into the food supply, while industry remains cautious and consumers divided.

Flavones and flavonols linked to lower kidney cancer risk

Increased intake of flavonoids, particularly, flavones and flavonols could cut the risk of kidney cancer by 32 and 31 per cent, respectively, says a new study from Italy.

Vitamin D optimises bone density with bisphosphonates

Vitamin D supplements to raise blood levels of the vitamin could optimise the effects of bisphosphonates to maintain and improve bone density in post-menopausal women, says a new study.

Korean companies pair up to deliver CZ

Two Korean companies, Eugene Science and RexGene Biotech, have entered into a contract to develop, produce and market a new supplement containing Eugene Science's proprietary cholesterol-lowering ingredient CZ in their...

Doctors far from talking herbals to patients, survey

Another survey has highlighted a need for better communication between consumers and their physicians over the use of herbal supplements.

Folic acid linked to reduced cleft lip in infants

Folic acid supplements during early pregnancy could reduce the risk of cleft lip in infants by 33 per cent, says a new study from Norway.

The Vitamin Shoppe calls for independent testing procedures

Following the withdrawal of its women's multivitamin product - as a result of allegations of high lead content by - the Vitamin Shoppe has expressed both its desire to...

Phyto-Source faces increased phytosterol demand

Demand for plant sterol ingredients continues to grown according to manufacturer Phyto-Source, who has announced it is clearing up production bottlenecks to make room for more supply.

New Scientist questions personalised nutrition testing

Companies offering personalised nutrition testing are jumping the gun because the science behind nutrigenomics is not enough to support the claims, says an article in New Scientist.

Yogurt drinks are leading food and beverage product, ACNielsen

ACNielsen has shone the spotlight on drinkable yogurt as the fastest growing food and beverage product, findings that may inspire healthy ingredient manufacturers to more aggressively target this functional beverage...

Looking to invest in Chinese forest frog ingredients?

It's not yet April Fool's Day, but when we heard about a letter of intent between a Nevada ink-jet cartridge retailer and a Chinese forest frog breeder for nutraceutical ingredients,...

Caffeine encapsulation could turn donuts into energy foods

Caffeine has long been a mainstay of energy drinks, but a new technique from a Colorado-based energy see the emergence of a new category of baked energy foods.

Fibre could halve young women's breast cancer risk, says study

Pre-menopausal women who eat 30 or more grams of fibre a day could cut their risk of breast cancer by 52 per cent, says a UK-based epidemiological study.

Calcium, vit. D may help cholesterol levels during weight loss

A combination of calcium plus vitamin D during weight loss in overweight and obese women could improve blood cholesterol levels, says new research from Canada.

Scientists explore targeted future for pro-, prebiotics

University of Leeds scientists are giving an insight into a possible future of pro and prebiotics with GM probiotic bacteria that can stimulate the immune system when 'switched on' by...

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