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Kalsec launches paprika-derived zeaxanthin

Kalsec has launched its paprika-derived zeaxanthin ZeaGold onto the eye health ingredients market, following a patent licensing agreement with ZeaVision.

Nytex sleep supplement enters Canadian market

Tharos Laboratories has announced it is teaming up with Vitascorb to distribute Nytex, its antioxidant based sleep supplement, in Canada.

GI, antioxidants to lead 2006 health trends, says AC Nielsen

Foods with a low glycemic index and products containing antioxidants will enjoy good growth this year as consumers continue to "obsess over their health," according to a new study by...

More support for magnesium against colon cancer

New research indicates that a diet rich in magnesium may lower the risk of colon cancer, supporting previous studies inversely linking intake of the mineral to the disease.

Mediterranean diet linked to fewer birth defects

Mediterranean countries like France, Spain and Italy have some of the lowest rates of birth defects, a statistic that may be due to the local diet.

Weekly Comment

Time to ditch the FFQ

Little wonder consumers are confused about which foods are good for them, and which bad, when scientists use methods with almost no chance of meaningful results.

Flavonoids reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress

Sports drinks rich in antioxidants could reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress (EIOS), reports new research.

First LitoZin-containing product reaches retail

Joint health ingredient LitoZin, derived from Danish rose hips, is set to reach shelves in the US next month in the form of Blue Spring Wellness' JointVital.

NKO awareness builds strong results for Neptune

Increasing sales of NKO and a tight hold on the purse strings are helping Neptune Technologies on its way to profitability. The Canadian biotech reduced its loses in the second...

'Five-a-day' cuts stroke risk

Eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day can cut the risk of stroke by 26 per cent, according to a new study in The Lancet (Vol....

Neptune improves capital to fund expansion

Canada's Neptune Technologies has gained a government loan to support its drive into the European market.

Calls to boost vitamin B12 RDA

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) levels for vitamin B12 should be increased by 500 per cent, according to Danish researchers - a recommendation which, if taken up, could lead to...

Drinks drive performance market, report

Sports and energy drinks have stolen a march on foods to become the powerhouse of the global market in performance products, according to a new report from Leatherhead Food International.

PharmaNutrients sells CLA One to Lipid Nutrition

PharmaNutrients is exiting the CLA market with the sale of its CLA One business to Lipid Nutrition and is refocusing its activities on formulas targeting inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular health.

Nutraceutical sees good rise in profits

Utah supplement maker Nutraceutical boosted its operating income by almost a fifth during the first quarter, thanks to a rise in sales and lower selling and administrative expenses.

Study finds insufficient evidence for omega-3/cancer link

A new review study has poured water on claims that there is sufficient evidence to support a link between omega-3 consumption and a reduced risk of cancer.

Aloe vera tech to boost absorption of nutritional powders

Nutritional powders supplier Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research will introduce a range of products with higher bioavailability thanks to a technology based on aloe vera.

Functional food boosts demand for vitamin E as supplements suffer

The functional food market is the fastest growing application for vitamin E, with beverages, bars and oils increasingly fortified with the vitamin, reveals new research.

Healthy eating creates dilemma for the food industry

Food companies are facing a business conundrum in the wake of the consumer stampede towards healthier eating, according to a new report from JPMorgan: continue going against the grain with...

AHPA backs national uniformity in labeling law

AHPA's executive committee has voted to support legislation currently pending in the US House of Representatives that would stop individual states from requiring foods and supplements to conform to their...

Health claims language blurs understanding of health benefits

Consumers fail to distinguish between different levels of health claims permitted on foods, reducing the impact of all claims, say researchers at the Federal Trade Commission.

New evidence of fermented milk's effect on blood pressure

Researchers in Finland investigating the blood-pressure lowering effect of a fermented milk drink with a high tripeptide concentration have concluded that it shows potential as a dietary approach to hypertension...

Apple juice may protect memory in old age

Consuming apple juice may protect against cell damage that contributes to age-related memory loss, conclude researchers investigating the benefits in mice.

Soy has little impact on cholesterol, finds new review

Soy protein has little impact on cholesterol levels, concludes a new review, that raises questions about an FDA-approved health claim.

Weekly Comment

Food miles leave a bitter taste

The organic food movement has been hijacked by supermarkets intent on being seen to be green, but their disrespect of food miles shows they are anything but.

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