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Iron supplements may help against post-natal depression

Anaemic mothers who took iron supplements reported significant improvement in depression and anxiety levels after giving birth compared to those who took a placebo, shows a new study.

Martek releases funds for expansion

Martek Biosciences has been preparing for future expansion of its nutritional oil production facilities by raising $81.4 million in its common stock sell-off.

LycoRed gains GRAS for tomato powder

Israel-based LycoRed said last week that its lycopene-rich tomato powder has been self-affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by an independent panel, paving the way for its use in...

Preschoolers not getting enough fiber

More than three-quarters of two to five-year-olds are not getting enough fiber, suggests an analysis by US researchers, who call on parents to give their children more whole-grain products and...

Rice starch innovation could save manufacturers money

Scientists in the US are attempting to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of separating rice's starch and protein, increasingly important ingredients in health-conscious food manufacturing.

Obesity prevention should focus on kids with overweight mothers

Six-year-olds whose mothers are overweight are 15 times more likely to be obese than children of slim mothers, shows new research out of the US.

Reading labels doesn't always mean a healthier diet

Researchers are advising parents and educators to teach teenagers how to interpret nutritional facts labels on foods, after a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health indicated that those who...

Low carb trend could cause birth defects

The popularity of low carb diets makes the message of National Folic Acid Awareness Week more significant than ever, as women of childbearing age may be risking the health of...

Young girls should be targeted for osteoporosis prevention

Efforts to prevent osteoporosis, generally considered a disease of elderly women, should actually start before puberty, suggests new research into calcium supplements.

Atrium completes MultiChem acquisition

Atrium Technologies has bolstered its presence in the North American active ingredients and specialty chemicals sector by completing its acquisition of privately-held Canadian company MultiChem.

Lonza shows improvement at low end of forecast

Lonza, the maker of L-carnitine and B vitamins, said today that profits for 2004 climbed by more than half, coming in at the low end of analysts' forecasts.

CLA-rich meat, milk to compete with functional foods

Meat and dairy products with higher levels of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) could be available in just three years, say scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in...

Acatris warns consumers over flax lignan content

Acatris is warning customers that they may be wasting their money if they buy supplements claiming to be 'high lignan' but which don't list actual amounts on the label.

Remington launches liquid cholesterol-lowerer

Remington has become the latest company to introduce a cholesterol-lowering alternative to statin drugs, which can cause potentially serious side effects.

Americans pick organic over natural

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly opting for organic packaged foods over natural foods and beverages, suggests a new report from the National Marketing Institute (NMI).

Omega-3s to enter weight loss category?

Emerging research looks set to position omega-3 fatty acids as a new ingredient for weight loss foods and supplements, reports Dominique Patton.

Fat type more important than quantity in cutting CV deaths

The type of dietary fats consumed by middle-aged men may be more important than reducing total fat intake to lower the risk of dying from heart disease, suggests a study...

Burcon improves canola proteins' color and taste

Burcon NutraScience Corporation has made headway in improving the physical and functional properties of its canola proteins with a view to seeing them used in a broader range of products,...

Lipid Nutrition extends odorless Marinol to US

Lipid Nutrition is expanding its Marinol line of marine-based omega-3 fatty acid products in the US, offering functional foods manufacturers higher stability, odorless options and additional formats.

Unigen granted policosanol patent

Natural ingredients supplier Unigen Pharmaceuticals has been granted a utility patent for its insect-derived policosanol ingredient, which will facilitate further development of commercial products aimed at managing blood lipids and...

Salad fans may have lower risk of kidney cancer

Women keen on bananas, salads and root vegetables may be less likely to develop kidney cancer, suggests a new Swedish study.

NBTY stockpiles during satisfactory quarter

Supplement manufacturer NBTY increased its inventory by $35m in the first quarter of 2005 in a bid to prevent supply issues impacting sales over the next six months.

PepsiCo's Smart Spot spreads to Canada

PepsiCo is rolling out its Smart Spot symbol in Canada to help consumers identify brands that can contribute to healthier lifestyles. It will appear on an estimated 5 billion servings...

US network marketer targeting European supplement sector

Reliv International, a US-based firm using network marketing to distribute its supplement products, is hoping to make significant inroads into the European market, with plans to start business in Germany...

V-Net to test rival beverages for ginseng

V-Net Beverage has condemned the drinks industry's lack of transparency about its use of ginseng and is launching a 'Truth in Ginseng' campaign which it hopes will force manufacturers to...

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