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Leiner on the block?

Leiner Health Products, the leading supplier of private-label vitamins and dietary supplements in the US, could be up for sale, according to a report in the New York Post.

ODS unveils five-year masterplan

Greater integration of research and further emphasis on continuing evaluation of programs will inform the revised strategy of the US office of dietary supplement, which this week released its plans...

Grapefruit may be easy weight loss remedy

Eating grapefruit, long recommended by diet programmes for weight loss, may indeed impact the body's insulin levels, speeding up metabolism and leading to weight loss, say researchers from the US-based...

Moderate fat may be better for weight loss

A moderate-fat weight loss diet reduced dieters' cardiovascular risk better than a low-fat diet, usually recommended for heart health, report Penn State researchers.

The price to pay for obesity

Obesity-related US medical costs reached $75 billion in 2003 with taxpayers paying up to $175 annually to foot the bill, reports a new study. According to, sales of diet...

Lycopene reduces heart disease risk, further evidence

Dietary lycopene may significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, suggests new research, which found that women with the highest levels of the antioxidant in their blood had a 34...

Degussa announces victory in creatine case

Degussa BioActives has obtained a court injunction against creatine manufacturer Muscle Marketing USA that will prevent it from making false statements and claims about its creatine serum and its stability...

Strong response for low carb franchise

With 60 enquiries in one week for a new franchise 'low carb' food shop, the popularity of low carbs is going at full steam. Pure Foods also reports a 300...

High carbs for weight loss?

Flying in the face of the massively popular low carb Atkins diet, controversy linked to the efficacy of the regime looks set to continue with new evidence suggesting the precise...

Lycopene health claim gets the longevity treatment

Six months after filing a petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a health claim on lycopene products, health products supplier American Longevity has extended the proposed list...

Nutratech fights for bitter orange claims

New Jersey-based Nutratech has settled its lawsuit concerning use of claims related to its bitter orange brand.

Lutein supplement strength causes concern

A new study has found that most lutein and zeaxanthin supplements meet their ingredients claims but often vary largely in strength. Daily doses varied by 90-fold from as little as...

US team beats Italians to red wine pill

A US company says it has launched the first dietary supplement that preserves the natural antioxidant molecules found in red wine, making it a suitable alternative for teetotallers.

FTC takes action against coral calcium

Three coral calcium marketers have been prohibited in a new FTC settlement from making claims that suggest the product can treat or cure cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, high blood...

Rexall boosts sales at NBTY

New York-based supplement maker NBTY reported record first quarter profits last week, with the recently acquired Rexall helping to double the sales growth achieved in other units.

Fortitech builds on acquisitions

In a bid to expand business into the nutraceuticals market, US manufacturer of nutrient systems Fortitech is to invest half a million dollars in brick and mortar.

ABG adds PepZin GI to new digestive health product

Access Business Group (ABG) is to launch a new product for digestive health containing the PepZin GI ingredient developed by Swiss firm Lonza.

Cognis targets consumer with Tonalin campaign

Cognis Nutrition and Health says it is launching the largest consumer advertising campaign yet to promote the benefits of its conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Tonalin, on reduction of body fat.

Burn patients need vitamin D supplements

Children with severe burns have a diminished capacity to make vitamin D and should receive vitamin D supplements to stop their bones from weakening, report US researchers this week.

DHEA to replace HRT?

Supplements of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) may help remedy some of the side effects of the menopause, according to Italian researchers.

LA school district opts for health approach

Signs that schools are opting for healthy alternatives to drive down obesity in children continue with news of a major distribution agreement for value-added water products in 150 Californian school districts.

FDA chief reveals further action on herbals likely

Further research is needed into ephedra alternatives, said US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Mark McClellan yesterday, singling out bitter orange, aristolochic acid and usnic acid as those with high...

FDA amends fish oil GRAS

The US food watchdog this week issued a 'tentative final rule' that amends the current GRAS status for a fish oil used in food ingredients, to control consumer intake of...

Charity calls for new supplement programs

A lack of basic vitamins and minerals is damaging the health of one-third of the world's people and holding back the economic development of virtually every country in the southern...

Prolab unveils BodyShaping line

Sports nutrition firm Prolab has revealed details of its new product line, announced last week by parent firm Natrol.

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