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I am a big fan of magnesium supplements, but their availability is often limited when I look for them in retail stores. I have never seen a commercial preparation that contains magnesium chloride or magnesium lactate. Most commonly I see magnesium sold in its oxide or citrate form, and its often very low dosed. I'm currently using a magnesium product from NOW called Magnesium Caps that has a blend of citrate, oxide, and aspartate @ 400mg/capsule which works well and comes at an affordable price.

The other issue with magnesium supplementation is the gastrointestinal issues that go along with it. I've seen some vendors sell time released magnesium products, which may help with this, since consumers typically don't want to take multiple servings of a product more than once a day.

Posted by pogue
25 January 2013 | 04h03

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