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Probiotic gum beats placebo for bad breath: Study

Lactobacillus reuteri-containing gum can significantly reduce halitosis, Danish researchers have found, although the mechanism of action remains a mystery.

Disptaches from Microbiota 2011

IPA co-founder: EU probiotic approach is “dirty pool”

Jarrow Rogovin, never a man to mince his words, says it is high time the IPA and other trade groups stepped up to the plate to defend a sector that...

Gut microbe diversity is key in fight against allergies, study suggests

Children with a diverse variety of bacteria in their gut may have better protection against allergies, according to new research.

Probiotics may boost immune health markers for smokers: Study

Daily supplements of the probiotic Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain may boost activity of key immune cells in smokers, says a new study.

NDI draft guidance comments

IPA: We do not see NDI draft guidance as 'death sentence' for probiotics industry

The only probiotics that should be subject to new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications should be “new probiotics derived from GM engineering which have little to no history of safe use”,...

NDI draft guidance comments

FDA history of safe use definition is ‘arbitrary and unfounded’, says pre/probiotics group

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to rethink its approach to live microbial dietary ingredients.

Probiotic ice cream shows oral health potential: Study

Eating ice cream containing probiotic strains may reduce levels of the bacteria in the mouth responsible for tooth decay, says a new study from India.

Probiotics again show oral health potential

At least seven strains of lactic acid bacteria show potential oral health benefits, according to Spanish researchers.

Ganeden Biotech strikes global probiotics deal with Unistraw

Ganeden Biotech - the Ohio-based firm behind ultra-resilient probiotic strain BC30- has struck a deal with Unistraw International that will see BC30 incorporated into Unistraw’s probiotic straw concept on a...

US consumers drink 122,000 bottles of Yakult a day

US consumers drink 122,000 bottles of probiotic drink Yakult a day based on an average of bottles sold in the period January to September 2011.

Calcium may enhance probiotic survival in the gut, cut cholesterol levels

Combining calcium phosphate supplements with probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei may enhance the colonization of the probiotic in the gut, and boost reductions in LDL cholesterol levels, says a new study...

Probiotics may influence carbohydrate metabolism: ‘Elegant’ study

Probiotic bacteria consumed in a yogurt may not change the host’s gut populations, but they do influence carbohydrate metabolism by the resident microbes, according to an ‘elegant’ new study using...

Researchers isolate iron as probiotic blocker during active IBD

Certain probiotic strains underperform in the presence of iron-rich environments created during the active phase of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), UK researchers have found.

Nutraceutix builds IP with US patent for probiotic delivery system

The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Washington State-based Nutraceutix a patent for its probiotic delivery system, adding to four international patents for the BIO-tract delivery system.

Chr Hansen eyes first EFSA probiotic approval with uber-“pharma-style” immune study

Chr Hansen has commissioned a 1000-person+ trial seeking to demonstrate the immunity benefits of one of its flagship strains, Lactobacillus casei, as the leading Danish probiotics supplier continues to fight...

Yakult USA volumes ratchet up as it prepares to open first US plant

Japanese probiotic pioneer Yakult is now selling more than 118,000 bottles of its signature probiotic drink a day in the US (based on average sales Jan-June 2011) compared with 110,000...

Health Canada publishes probiotics monograph

Health Canada has released a monograph for probiotics to guide industry for preparing Product Licence Applications (PLAs) and market authorization of labels for natural health products.

Antioxidant vitamins may boost/hinder probiotic formulations

The inclusion of antioxidant vitamins in probiotic encapsulant formulations may have beneficial or detrimental effects on the bacterial strains used, depending on the vitamin used, says a new study.

Probiotic intake linked to fewer birth complications

Regular consumption of dairy-based probiotic formulations are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of pre-eclampsia, suggests new data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Probiotics again show immune boosting activity: Study

Daily supplementation with beneficial bacterial strains may boost measures of immune function by about 50%, say new findings from Chr. Hansen.

Biopolymer protection may be boost to probiotic industry

A new biopolymer technology that protects probiotic bacteria during transit through the body could provide a major boost for the industry, according to new research.

The digestive tract starts with the lips, says oral probiotics pioneer

The market for oral probiotics has enormous potential if consumers and food and supplement manufacturers can get their heads around the fact that the digestive tract “starts at the lips”,...

You are what you eat: Gut bacteria enterotypes linked to diet

The type of food you eat may help to determine the type of bacterial population – or enterotypes – in your gut, according to a new study.

Probiotic video game in the works

The makers of the Microwarriors probiotic and prebiotic documentary that has been raising probiotic awareness since its release at the beginning of the year, are working on a video game...

Probiotics may reduce anxiety and depression, suggests study

Probiotic bacteria may have the potential to alter brain neurochemistry, affecting anxiety and depression-related disorders, says new research.

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