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Health Canada publishes probiotics monograph

Health Canada has released a monograph for probiotics to guide industry for preparing Product Licence Applications (PLAs) and market authorization of labels for natural health products.

Antioxidant vitamins may boost/hinder probiotic formulations

The inclusion of antioxidant vitamins in probiotic encapsulant formulations may have beneficial or detrimental effects on the bacterial strains used, depending on the vitamin used, says a new study.

Probiotic intake linked to fewer birth complications

Regular consumption of dairy-based probiotic formulations are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of pre-eclampsia, suggests new data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Probiotics again show immune boosting activity: Study

Daily supplementation with beneficial bacterial strains may boost measures of immune function by about 50%, say new findings from Chr. Hansen.

Biopolymer protection may be boost to probiotic industry

A new biopolymer technology that protects probiotic bacteria during transit through the body could provide a major boost for the industry, according to new research.

The digestive tract starts with the lips, says oral probiotics pioneer

The market for oral probiotics has enormous potential if consumers and food and supplement manufacturers can get their heads around the fact that the digestive tract “starts at the lips”,...

You are what you eat: Gut bacteria enterotypes linked to diet

The type of food you eat may help to determine the type of bacterial population – or enterotypes – in your gut, according to a new study.

Probiotic video game in the works

The makers of the Microwarriors probiotic and prebiotic documentary that has been raising probiotic awareness since its release at the beginning of the year, are working on a video game...

Probiotics may reduce anxiety and depression, suggests study

Probiotic bacteria may have the potential to alter brain neurochemistry, affecting anxiety and depression-related disorders, says new research.

Probiotics maker: There is a temptation to overstate the benefits

Regulatory uncertainty in Europe and a string of high-profile lawsuits in the US has made firms much more cautious about making health claims about probiotics, according to one California-based supplier.

Survey shows sharp rise in awareness of pre- and probiotics

Consumer awareness of the benefits of prebiotic fibers and probiotics for digestive health has risen steadily in the US over the past five years, according to a new survey into...

Unique probiotic strains trigger very different immune responses: Researchers

The ability of probiotics to influence the immune system differs greatly, depending on the strain, Dutch and Belgian researcher have said in findings that could influence clinical trial design.

Dead or alive: Benefits of probiotics need live organisms

The potential beneficial effects of select bacterial strains are dependent on the organisms being alive, says a new study that supports the WHO definition of probiotics as being ‘live microorganisms’.

Food for thought? Probiotics could promote well being, suggests researcher

Relying on your gut to make decisions may have a lot of truth to it, as research suggests that probiotic modification of the gut may influence the brain and affect...

‘Level 1’ evidence that probiotics boost ‘transit time’: Danisco & Fonterra

Daily probiotic supplements may accelerate transit time and boost general gut health, says a new study from Danisco and Fonterra heralded as providing ‘Level I evidence’.

Atrium commits $5 million to nutrition research for metabolic syndrome

Canada’s Atrium Innovations has announced a multi-million, multi-year research initiative to study the role and potential of nutrition against silent inflammation and metabolic syndrome.

Researchers discover probiotic colonisation mechanism

Genes responsible for efficient colonisation of the gut have been discovered by a team of scientists at the University College Cork, Ireland.

Probiotics could boost immune functions in athletes, says Prof

Probiotics are best used for their potentially beneficial effects on gut health, but they may also help to boost immune functions – an effect that could benefit sports stars in...

Ganeden on 'predatory lawsuits', probiotic tea and the Walmart snowball effect

Elaine Watson caught up with Ganeden Biotech's business development boss Mike Bush at the IFT show to talk about opportunities in the food and drink market for its ultra-resilient BC30...

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UAS Labs defends safety, efficacy of probiotics following FDA seizure

Minnesota-based UAS Laboratories, Inc., has defended the safety and efficacy of its products following a US Marshalls-led seizure, adding that it is working with FDA to ‘remove and/or modify the...

Probiotic NDIs: Leading groups argue for genus/species vs strain

The safety of probiotics should be evaluated at the species and not the strain level when considering possible New Dietary Ingredients notifications, according to a new position paper by three...

Omega-3 plus probiotics may boost health profile of breast milk

Supplementing breast feeding mothers with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and select probiotics may enhance the fat content of the milk, and boost the immune benefits of the breast milk, suggests a...

Ganeden: Food licensing business to 'more than double' in 2011

The Ohio-based company behind an ultra-resilient strain of bacteria capable of taking probiotics into completely new territory predicts its food and beverage licensing business will more than double in size...

DuPont succeeds in Danisco bid

US chemical group DuPont has successfully completed its tender offer for Danisco, as 92.2 percent of outstanding shares in the Danish food ingredients firm were tendered by Friday’s deadline, DuPont...

Probiotics may ease bowel movements for elderly: Study

Daily supplements of probiotic bacteria may improve bowel movements in hospitalized elderly people, according to new findings from Israel.

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