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Probiotics can battle stressed student colds: Study

A blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis (BB-12) reduced the duration of common colds among typically stressed out students, US researchers have found....

Probiotics may boost gut health for athletes

Daily supplements of a probiotic blend may improve gut function in performance athletes and help provide a way of reducing gastrointestinal complaints, suggests new research from Austria.

Probiotics may benefit premature infants: BioGaia

Supplementation with a probiotic could help to reduce the incidence of a cinnib gastrointestinal problem associated with premature babies, according to new research.

Special edition: Oral health

Probiotics’ oral health potential gathers pace

Probiotics are not only about gut health. The friendly bugs have also been touted to become the next blockbuster functional ingredients in gum and mints by Euromonitor. But which strains show...

Yakult Light probiotic drink makes US debut

Japanese probiotics pioneer Yakult has launched a light version of its fermented dairy drink in the US.

Probiotics show anti-diarrhea potential in kids: RCT data

Daily supplements of probiotic bacterial strain Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 may reduce the frequency and duration of diarrhea for children, says new data from Italy.

Schiff Nutrition: Our brands now account for 9 out of every 10 dollars of revenue

Branded supplements such as MegaRed and Digestive Advantage now account for almost nine out of every 10 dollars of revenue generated by Schiff Nutrition International, bosses have revealed.

Do probiotics work in outer space? Yakult launches mission to find out...

How do our gut bacteria handle a prolonged stint in space? And do probiotics work in the same way up there vs down here on earth?

IPA hails ‘huge move forward’ in NDI draft guidance revision

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) has hailed the announcement that FDA is revisiting its controversial new dietary ingredient (NDI) draft guidance, but has warned that more work is required.

Judge delivers more bad news for FTC on ‘two clinical trials’ standard

Further evidence that ‘competent and reliable scientific evidence’ to support claims on dietary supplements does not have to mean two well-controlled human intervention trials has emerged in a ruling in...

Probiotics begin to flex their muscle in the sports nutrition market

The potential benefits of probiotic ingredients in sports nutrition products may extend beyond immune support, as emerging evidence suggests a potential to enhance protein utilization.

Universal probiotic stamp could boost research & consumer understanding, says leading researcher

Probiotics should be classified by a Category Tree system in the US and Europe in order to better inform consumers and counter the impasse imposed by ‘bureaucrats’, says a leading...

LGG probiotic may protect day care kids from respiratory illness: Study

Long term consumption of milk containing the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG strain may protect children in day care from respiratory illness, says a new study from Finland.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Stability remains key challenge for probiotics: Chr. Hansen

Creating probiotic formulations that are stable to intense processing conditions and have a long shelf life remains a key challenge for the industry.

"will most certainly advance further research into probiotics and prebiotics”

€138m, 5-year Human Microbiome Project completion excites probiotic community

The 5-year, $173m (€138m) Human Microbiome Project has completed with a 14-article publication blitz in journals like Nature that spells out some of its pioneering findings into the make-up and behavior of...

Ganeden takes BC30 probiotic into instant coffee

Ganeden Biotech has announced that its BC30 probiotic ingredient will soon be available in instant coffee, as the company builds on success in teas and other beverage formats.


EndoSeaRch: A new way to modify gut health?

A new approach to modifying gut bacteria via orally delivered minerals has been gaining a lot of interest from probiotics players, says Aquapharm.

Yakult unveils US volume surge as good bacteria message gathers pace

US consumers now drink around 142,000 bottles of Yakult's probiotic fermented dairy drink a day, 24% more than they were gulping down this time last year.*

Sexier mice eat probiotic yogurt: researcher hints at human implications

The co-author of a research paper that found that mice fed probiotic yogurt displayed 'mouse swagger' and better sexual performance has told that the findings were potentially relevant to...

Probiotics have benefits for antibiotic induced diarrhoea: Meta-analysis

Consumption of probiotics is associated with a reduced risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, according to a review and meta-analysis of previous studies.

Prebiotics may reduce severity of colitis, say researchers

Prebiotic supplements could help to reduce bacterial infection and inflammation so reducing the severity of colitis, according to new research.

Dispatches from the IPA World Congress

Sports nutrition offers big opportunities for $775M US probiotic supplement market

Sports nutrition offers a great opportunity to expand the $2.7 bn global probiotic supplement market, with products like Gaspari’s Myofusion leading the field.

Yakult's first US manufacturing plant to open in the fall, 2013

The first bottles of Yakult will start rolling off the production line at the Japanese probiotic pioneer’s first US factory in Fountain Valley, CA, in the fall of 2013.

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and...

Probiotic BLIS K12 may protect against oral yeast growth

Supplements containing the probiotic BLIS K12 ingredient may inhibit the growth of the yeast responsible for oral thrush, suggests new in vitro data that supports the oral health potential of...

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