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Whether fish-derived or vegetarian, omega-3 has become a household term. Supplement sales continue to grow, and more and more foods are being fortified with the healthy fatty acids. But getting omega-3 foods into the mainstream remains a challenge.

Better together? Co-encapsulation study shows potential for stable omega-3 and probiotic mix

New research describing the stable co-encapsulation of omega-3 rich oil with probiotic bacteria could be a boon for manufacturers looking to incorporate the functional ingredients in to foods and supplements,...

Vitamin D and omega-3 together may help mental illness

Vitamin D and omega-3 could work together to improve cognitive function and social behaviour with particular relevance for battling ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, say researchers.

Researchers delve into nutrition solutions for illness–prone athletes

There is a need for greater research into nutrition solutions for upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) that are common in athletes, according to the researcher behind a study on the...

Vitamin Shoppe CEO on ripple effects of NY AG probe: ‘We’ve seen a slight impact, but not a dramatic impact’

Retailers not involved in the NY Attorney General’s investigation into the quality and standard of botanical supplements are also feeling an impact, albeit slight, says Tony Truesdale, CEO of Vitamin...

Special Edition: Going Non GMO in Supplements

Non GMO supplement ingredients are available, but price might be a shock, expert says

As the issue of mandatory GMO labeling looms ever larger on the radar of the dietary supplements industry, so too looms the question of supply of non GMO ingredients. The main active...

Proven ingredients, omega-3s for cross sell key to success in cognitive health space, marketing experts say

Marketers of cognitive support products experience some common pitfalls, according to experts at NutraScience Labs, the newly constituted marketing arm of Twinlab. Failure to rely on proven ingredients and lack...

Neptune’s new CEO: ‘Science will drive the next wave of change in the omega-3 market’

Jim Hamilton is expecting an ‘incredibly intriguing future’ for omega-3 and krill, with Neptune Technologies & Bioressources’ new CEO looking to the science to drive future development in the sector.

New flavours for omega-3 aimed at children and pregnant women

Croda has added two new flavours to its omega-3 syrup range that are easier to swallow than capsules for pregnant women and children.

Algae newcomer says it is using low-risk, proven fermentation approach to bring EPA-only oil to market

The increased concern about the sustainability of omega-3s supply has given a powerful push to the development of alternative sources, now giving rise to yet another algae supplier. This one...

Weak omega-3s demand a blemish on FMC's nutritional sector revenues

FMC Corporation reported revenues in its health and nutrition sector of $828 million for its 2014 fiscal year.  Soft omega-3 demand for the year was a blemish on an otherwise...

Web portal established to share best supplement practices among health care practitioners

A new integrative learning tool for alternative health care practitioners aims to share what they’ve learned hands-on in their practices including how best to use dietary supplements to help their...

Neptune to focus on cutting costs, shoring up supply arrangements now that production has reached pre-fire level

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources trimmed its year-over-year net loss by more than $3 million in its third quarter earnings statement.  For the future the company said it plans to focus...

Guest article

UNPA: On a host of issues, it's back to the future in 2015

On the cusp of its 30th anniversary, there’s been a lot of talk about the look forward provided by the 1985 movie, Back to the Future. A similar look back at the...

Glycolipid-rich algal oil efficiently delivers omega-3s to tissues, study shows

Qualitas Health continues to build the scientific backing for its algal omega 3 oil ingredient with the recent release of a study on omega-3s uptake that shows the company’s Almega...

Associations’ 2014 takeaways on politics, consumer outreach and personalized medicine

The leaders of the five trade organizations most closely associated with the dietary supplement industry offered their input to NutraIngredients-USA on what the big lessons industry should learn from the...

Freshness, gentle processing compensate for different EPA, DHA levels, salmon oil supplier asserts

While the omega-3s market has been moving toward ever higher concentrations of EPA and DHA, there is still room for fresh, minimally processed oils with lower EPA and DHA concentrations,...

Nutegrity joins omega-3s blending game with new fish oil/phospholipid ingredient

Nutegrity, the human nutrition division of Omega Protein Corporation, has joined the omega-3s blending game with a new ingredient called OmegaActiv + PL. The new product is a mix of...

News in brief

BASF sells Norwegian omega-3 business to US firm

BASF has sold its Norwegian, “natural fish oils, medium-concentrated omega-3s, and customised bottled fish oil” plant to Pennsylvania firm Marine Ingredients for an undisclosed sum as the German ingredients and chemicals giant...

Qualitas passes milestone with launch of first consumer products featuring its algal EPA oil

Qualitas Health has achieved a significant milestone with the launch of two consumer products that feature the company’s algal-based EPA ingredient branded as Almega PL.

Always Omega-3s consumer campaign doubles sales in test market

An integrated marketing campaign to change the conversation on omega-3s and reverse declining sales has increased sales by almost 6% in four weeks in the test market in Charlotte, NC,...

Why fish oil fails: Omega-3 review retracted after suspicions raised about author

A peer-reviewed journal has pulled a panning review of omega-3 benefits as concerns about its author's conflicts of interest and credentials were flagged.

Fish oil group warns of lower omega-3 levels in salmon

Omega-3 levels in farmed salmon - one of the major contributors of dietary fatty acids – are dropping due to changes in fish feed, a global industry group has warned.

There's room for growth in supply of omega-3 oils from US sources, GOED official says

The recent closure of the fishing season in Peru will sent a pulse through the omega-3s market. Aldo Bernasconi, PhD of GOED, analyzed some recent data for NutraIngredients-USA to give...

Nutrition sector challenges hurt DSM Q3 results; profits down 7%

Q3 net profits dropped about 20% at DSM with the Dutch-Swiss ingredients giant citing vitamin E market issues and, “challenges in some human nutrition end-markets” as key contributing factors.

First sustainability report provides benchmark for Omega Protein's message that it is a "responsible company"

Joining a host of other companies seeking to highlight their green bona fides, Omega Protein Corporation has released its first corporate sustainability report.  It’s not just about fishing; the report...

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