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New ingredient approvals

New ingredient approvals

Innovation in functional foods is closely linked to the emergence of new ingredients, many of which are already successfully used in the dietary supplement market. We list the latest GRAS and novel foods approvals, which open up an ingredient’s use in the food and beverage market.

Mister on NDI guidance: ‘We are terribly disappointed.’

The amount of safety data the FDA now says it requires to prove new ingredients in supplements are safe goes well beyond what Congress envisaged when it ratified DSHEA and...

Quality of nano toxicity data is ‘not great’, says expert

The limited nature of many toxicity studies into engineered nanoparticles used in the food and dietary supplements industry makes it very difficult to draw firm conclusions about their safety, according...

Liquid confusion: When does a dietary supplement end and a beverage begin?

There could be serious consequences for industry if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decides to start enforcing guidance clarifying the legal dividing line between liquid dietary supplements and conventional...

Ullman on homotaurine: “I do not see any basis in law for what FDA is doing”

Last week the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) denied a petition that sought to have a synthetically manufactured algae extract called homotaurine classified as a new dietary ingredient (NDI).

Folate form gains FDA NDI approval

Italian supplier Gnosis Bioresearch has won New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) approval from the Food and Drug Administration for a synthetic folate salt form.

Burcon gains FDA GRAS for canola proteins

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a letter of no objection to Burcon NutraScience Corporation for its canola protein extracts, an important milestone for further development.

DSM confident about genistein uptake in foods

Ingredient firm DSM says its branded genistein ingredient marketed for menopause and bone benefits could appear in foods sold in the US within the next 12 months, following strong interest...

Grape extracts get GRAS

Two Californian ingredient suppliers this week announced that their antioxidant grape extract ingredients have received GRAS affirmation, opening up their use in food and beverage products marketed for heart health.

ENI gets GRAS for L-Theanine

Ethical Naturals Inc (ENI) has received GRAS status for its L-Theanine ingredient, which the firm says will help its uptake in the world of functional beverages.

GRAS approval for supplement tabletting agent

Cognis, global nutritional ingredients and specialty chemicals supplier, has achieved GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for its tabletting agent Texapon K 12 P PH, a pharmaceutical grade sodium lauryl...

FDA delays brain health ingredient drug-supplement switch verdict

The FDA has told Ovos Natural Health it needs more time to process the Canadian biotech firm’s petition to have its brain health offering, homotaurine, accepted as a new dietary...

New selenium-enriched garlic product reaches US market

A new selenium-enriched garlic product from Sabinsa is now available for inclusion in dietary supplement formulations in the United States after the Food and Drug Administration filed New Dietary Ingredient...

Cognis wins rare Chinese approval for CLA

Global CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) leader, Cognis, has won a category-first novel foods approval to use its weight management ingredient in Chinese functional foods and dietary supplements.

Baobab fruit approved as food ingredient in US

Baobab fruit pulp has been given the green light of approval for use in some food and drink applications, with the US FDA signing off GRAS status for the vitamin...

GRAS opens functional food road for curcumin antioxidant

Herbal extract supplier Sabinsa has received GRAS status for its curcumin antioxidant ingredient, opening up its use in certain food and beverage applications in the US, including baked goods, snacks...

Dispatches from IFT

Betatene declared GRAS

Cognis has announced self-affirmed GRAS for its Betatene carotenoids, a development that allows it to be used in foods and beverages.

D-Ribose GRAS opens doors to energy foods, drinks

Minneapolis-based Bioenergy tells Lorraine Heller about the application areas opened up for its D-Ribose energy ingredient, following its determination as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in foods and...

Cypress selenium gets GRAS for use in foods

Ingredient firm Cypress Systems has received FDA-reviewed GRAS status for its selenium yeast product, opening up the use of the ingredient in foods and beverages targeting a range of health...

Heart-health ingredient Sytrinol gets GRAS

Functional ingredient supplier Proprietary Nutritionals Inc (PNI) has said its branded heart health ingredient Sytrinol can be used in food and beverage formulations in the United States, following its GRAS...

Parry’s organic spirulina goes GRAS

Parry Nutraceuticals has said its organic spirulina product has been certified as GRAS, meaning it can be used to enhance the nutritional value of foods ranging from cereals and snacks...

Muscle recovery ingredient gets GRAS

Ingredients supplier Kyowa Hakko said it has completed the GRAS self-affirmation of its energy boosting dipeptide ingredient Sustamine, opening up the market for its use in foods and beverages.

Prebiotic wins GRAS approval

Whey and milk-based ingredients specialist, Friesland Foods Domo, has received GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) for its prebiotic ingredient Vivinal GOS from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Trend-spotter highlights three major opportunities for CLA

Fat loss, anti-aging and sarcopenia are three virtually untapped markets for conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), according to a recent presentation by trend expert Dr Elizabeth Sloan.

Weekly comment

False starting in the stevia race

The Greeks have a saying that goes something like this: ‘If you’re in too much of a rush, you’ll trip up’. The food and drinks industry could well benefit...

Sabinsa announces GRAS for Cococin

Sabinsa has gained GRAS status for its coconut water solids ingredient Cococin, giving an extra layer of assurance that it is safe for use in food and beverage products, as...

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