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CRN to launch industry-wide dietary supplement product registry

The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s Board has unanimously authorized the creation of an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry to be launched by the end of the year.

‘misrepresentations of products can occur’

Aquaculture Stewardship Council sees potential in DNA seaweed testing

DNA testing and verification of seaweed can be useful in an increasingly busy sector where quality varies and manufacturer demands are rising amid stricter regulations, an aquaculture group has said.

Updated AHP cranberry monograph includes tools to help stem tide of adulteration

A newly updated AHP monograph on cranberry identification will set a new standard in ensuring the quality and efficacy of this botanical, said one of the paper’s co-authors.

Regulatory experts to open 2016 IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas

Experts from the US FDA, EFSA, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and Anvisa will provide regulatory insights about global probiotic regulations at the 2016 IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas.

GNC’s CEO: Raw material GMPs are “absolutely a great solution for the industry”

Supplement heavyweight GNC’s industry initiative to boost supply chain integrity and defend consumer confidence is gaining momentum, with over 80 different companies involved in the consortium to date, said the...

US AG Lynch discusses protecting consumers from “unsafe dietary supplements”

“A waste of money”, “not subject to testing by the FDA”, and “made from untested synthetic chemicals from China” are just some of the points made by Attorney General Loretta...

Mazza exec says water extraction technology positions company to compete on clean label playing field

Mazza Innovation Ltd has formally opened its commercial-scale processing facility featuring its proprietary water extraction technology branded as PhytoClean.

JAMA: Cranberry for UTIs is the only herbal supported by some scientific evidence

Herbal medications and supplements are lacking clear proof of any beneficial effects, except cranberry for UTIs, states a new Patient Page in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Efforts to standardize documentation practices detailed at UNPA meeting

Trying to solve the supply chain issues facing the dietary supplement industry is complicated by the muddled state of documentation practices, but there are efforts underway to address the problem.

China direct

Food safety chief: FDA struggling to cope with scale of adulteration

China’s food authorities are unable to keep up with cases of chemical and drug adulteration, according to the head of its Food and Drug Administration.

Turning quality narrative around complicated by years of sourcing based on lowest price, expert says

After years of hand wringing over the situation in raw material supply in which low quality ingredients find a home in the marketplace, consensus now seems to be building in...

AHPA, CRN, UNPA present unified front on self regulation initiatives

Three of the trade organizations representing the dietary supplement business came together in Utah this week to lend support to plans to extend the industry’s self regulation capabilities.

GNC's Archbold: It's urgent to adopt new raw material GMPs in order to stem erosion in consumer confidence

GNC’s new raw material GMPs, announced as a final intent if not in final form at an industry event this week, is “a concept whose time has come,” according to CEO...

GNC unveils raw materials GMP program it hopes will become blueprint for industry

GNC has announced a GMP plan for botanicals which it is implementing immediately for its suppliers. The company hopes the plan, announced at an industry meeting on Tuesday, will become...

News in brief

CRN announces regulatory conference

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) will host a new conference, The Regulatory Summit, to cover topics of interest in regulatory affairs and quality control/quality assurance issues.

Were the NY AG actions a tipping point for transparency in dietary supplements?

The New York Attorney General’s controversial probe into dietary supplements has hastened the conversation about transparency, experts told attendees to our recent Transparency in Dietary Supplements forum.

Make compendial standards compulsory to improve consistency & quality of supplements, says USP paper

The quality and consistency of dietary ingredients and supplements would improve by “universal adoption” of the USP–NF science-based public standards, says a new paper.

Major product liability insurance provider exits dietary supplements business

A major product liability provider is exiting the dietary supplement field, but observers of insurance trends said it’s unlikely to have big impact on insurance rates or availability.


NMR test method could revolutionize verification of omega-3 oils

Transparency in the supply chain rests on reliable tests to verify the provenance of ingredients, but proving beyond doubt where an oil came from has been a problem in the...


Traceability, a big topic at recent GOED Exchange meeting, to be covered in impending online Transparency Forum

Traceability and verifiability were big topics at the GOED Exchange meeting that took place last week in the Canary Islands. These topics will be addressed in an online forum later...

IPA challenges article's assertion that science behind probiotics is 'shaky'

A recent online article that labeled the science backing probiotics as “shaky” was criticized by the International Proibiotics Association as lacking context and a basic understanding of the industry and...

Prop 65: NPA responds to language of proposed Article 6 changes with ‘significant concerns’

The Natural Products Association said in a release that the new Article 6 of California’s Prop 65 would “limit consumer access, cost jobs, and harm the economy.”

Continual magic bullet view of DNA barcoding frustrates testing expert

A recently aired media report once again seemed to elevate DNA testing to magic bullet status. It’s a development that dismays Danica Harbaugh Reynaud, PhD, one of the foremost experts...

New Jersey makes it easier for MDs to distribute supplements in move abetted by CRN

The New Jersey state legislature recently passed a law making it easier for health practitioners to integrate the use of dietary supplements into their practices. It’s a move that was...

CBC retracts anti-supplements story based on faulty tests

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has retracted a report it aired recently alleging spiking and missing ingredients in supplements because it was based on faulty test results.