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Alkemist/AHP deal part of renewed focus on quality, availability of botanical reference materials

Marketing botanical reference materials (BRMs) is no way to get rich. But that hasn’t stopped some in industry, such as Alkemist Labs, from offering an expanded line of these products...


Hollowed out news organizations less able to report in thoughtful manner on supplements industry

Fundamental changes in the media landscape are affecting how reporters cover the natural products and dietary supplement industries.  Employment at media outlets has fallen steeply, meaning reporters have less time...

FDA’s Welch: ‘We are not seeing the drastic jumps in GMP compliance that we would like to see’

With about 50% of the industry's facilities inspected, GMP compliance is largely not where the FDA would want it to be, said the Agency's Dr Cara Welch. 

Is DNA barcoding now the adulteration tool du jour?

The NY Attorney General’s focus on DNA barcoding may actually be making quality worse, says Frank Jaksch, CEO of ChromaDex, and the focus should be on supply chain management and...

Challenge growing to ensure supply in a changing world, congress attendees told

Change is a constant in the natural world, but it is accelerating for a variety of reasons, a fact that has serious implications for botanical ingredient suppliers, participants at a...

FDA's Welch says it's time to find way to acknowledge industry's GMP successes

Cara Welch, PhD, acting deputy director of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the Food and Drug Administration, signaled a change in emphasis at the agency with a willingness...

Sen McCaskill calls for vinpocetine and picamilon supplements to be pulled from shelves

Senator Claire McCaskill, the ranking member of the US Senate Special Committee on Aging, has called for the FDA to suspend sales of supplements containing vinpocetine and picamilon pending an...

GMP compliance improving based on expert's analysis of 483 issues & inspection outcomes

Preliminary data from 2015 presented at a recent industry forum indicate that the Food and Drug Administration is issuing fewer 483s and the issues generating these observations during inspections are...

FDA: Picamilon is not a dietary ingredient

Dietary supplements containing picamilon are considered adulterated by the US Food and Drug Administration, because picamilon is not a legal dietary ingredient, the Agency has told NutraIngredients-USA.

Finding the right endorsers & mixing the right proteins are part of winning in sports nutrition game, say experts

Opportunities abound in the growing sports nutrition market, speakers on NIU’s recent forum told listeners. The forum, available on demand, covered topics of marketing, formulation and label transparency.

‘This is heating up’: Studies highlight concerns over yohimbe supplements

There is increasing scrutiny of yohimbe and yohimbine supplements, with three papers published in 2015 reporting concerns over these supplements, including one last week from Harvard’s Dr Pieter Cohen.

FSMA poised to sweep dietary ingredient suppliers into regulatory fold, expert says

The biggest change in food regulation in the US in the past 75 years is poised to sweep up the suppliers of dietary ingredients, an expert says.

DNA barcoding is here to stay, UNPA's Israelsen warns industry

The application of DNA barcoding to herbal supplements - which in the hands of the NY AG has been used as a bludgeon - could be turned into a significant...

‘Gravely important’: AOAC approves chondroitin test method

AOAC's Expert Review Panel for chondroitin has approved an eHPLC method for chondroitin, a move that has been welcomed by leading supplier Synutra Ingredients.

News in brief

AlaskOmega alters specs of its omega-3 oils to highlight freshness advantages of supply chain

Freshness is one of the touchstones of the marketing of omega-3 fish oils. Organic Technologies, producer of the line of AlaskOmega brand of fish oil ingredients, has altered its specification...

Customizable supplements: Are they a recipe for disaster?

Customizable supplements may sound like a great idea, but the costs of complying with dietary supplement cGMP regulations would make such an endeavor ‘virtually insurmountable’, industry experts tell NutraIngredients-USA.

News in brief

NSF expands dietary supplements program leadership

Responding to “rapid growth” in demand for its dietary supplements programs, NSF International has expanded its leadership team.

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Booming demand for sports certifications seen as proof industry takes quality seriously

The market for sports certifications continues to boom, with new players entering the market and established brands scrambling to keep up with demand. 

Supplier unveils new thermogenic ingredient, DNA testing of botanicals

Novel Ingredient Services plans to launch an updated thermogenic ingredient for supplements and functional foods at the upcoming Supply Side West trade show.  In addition, the company will highlight a...

Complexity of herbal nomenclature becomes point of vulnerability for industry

Nailing down a precise nomenclature for herbs is a complicated undertaking, and the best good faith efforts of industry may have unwittingly given an opening to the NY AG Eric...

Increased scrutiny, greater competition makes part-time contract manufacturing less attractive for brand holders

Increased testing demands, more competition from abroad and potential greater liability because of the increasing scrutiny the dietary supplement business has come under in recent months have all conspired to...

Dietary supplement company owner sentenced to prison for adulteration scheme

The owner and president of a New Jersey dietary supplement manufacturing company has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for the sale of diluted and adulterated dietary ingredients and supplements.

Schneiderman takes 13 devil's claw manufacturers to task over species intermixing that experts say is 'non-issue'

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent cease and desist letters to 13 companies marketing devil’s claw supplements claiming the products fraudulently mixed one species of the botanical with a...

Does pre-market notification, proposed as way to regain consumer confidence, have an anti-competitive streak?

Discussions continue within the industry whether some form of pre-market notification could be a valuable modification of existing dietary supplement regulations.  But rifts are appearing over whether the implementation of...

Ingredient Identity to grow expertise via regulatory/testing deal with Florida lab

Consulting firm Ingredient Identity says its latest client will help it fine tune its regulatory expertise via a partnership involving both consulting and laboratory work. The client, Daane Laboratories, is...

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