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NPA objects to EPA's classification of leftover supplements as 'hazardous waste pharmaceuticals'

The Natural Products Association has objected to a move by the Environmental Protection Agency that would classify leftover dietary supplements as ‘hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.’

CRN suggests improvements to national supplement label database

The Dietary Supplement Label Database could be a more useful and comprehensive tool with a few changes, the Council for Responsible Nutrition said.

NSF International acquires DNA-testing lab AuthenTechnologies

NSF International has acquired AuthenTechnologies in time to meet the increasing demand of DNA testing and certification. 

Guest article

Looking Ahead at 2016? Be Prepared!

What a difference a year makes! Last January at this time, who in the industry would have predicted the New York Attorney General (AG) debacle in February? Or Senator Dick...

"Transformational": Hawkins' acquisition of Stauber creates major player in manufacturing, supply space

Hawkins Inc. has announced completion of its acquisition of Stauber Performance Ingredients in a cash for stock transaction valued at $157 million. It’s the second time Stauber has changed hands...

Product diversion is becoming more prevalent, says Nosco expert

Diversion – the selling of authentic products in invalid markets, like MLM products on Amazon – is on the rise, with the healthcare practitioner and MLM channels most affected, says...

Suggested changes to USP naming convention could help clear confusion over botanical IDs, experts say

A suggested change in the way USP monographs are titled could help reduce confusion about what precise botanical ingredients are being referred to when certain common names are used, experts...

Niche ought to be carved out of GMP compliance picture for ultra small herb companies, experts say

A place ought to be found within the regulation of the dietary supplement sector for artisanal herbal companies that might struggle with some of FDA’s more labyrinthine strictures on identity...

In a sports-crazed culture, doping scandals cast a long shadow over supplement industry

Doping scandals in the sports realm have had a hangover effect for dietary supplements, one longtime industry observer asserts.  In his view it has created a climate in which decision...

How’s your memory and cognitive function? Take the Big Quiz of 2015!

There has not been a dull moment this year for the dietary supplements industry, but how well do you remember the key events?

An Update on the Quality of Australian and New Zealand Products

Omega-3 fish oil products and responding to a flawed research study

How does the industry respond when a scientific study comes out that is critical of quality and label claim for an omega-3 fish oil supplement, and, in the opinion of...

It’s here! FDA creates Office of Dietary Supplement Programs

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced the creation of the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP), elevating the program from its previous status as a division under the...

GOED updates monograph to keep up with rapidly changing omega-3 industry

In an effort to keep up with a changing industry, GOED has published an updated version of the GOED Voluntary Monograph, which sets specifications for omega-3 oils.

Guest article

Grassroots victories, transparency, GMPs, and more: NPA’s Fabricant looks back on 2015

Heading into 2015 I was optimistic about our industry’s ability to win political victories and expand the effectiveness of its grassroots operations. My thinking turned out to be spot on,...

NIU's Transparency Forum to look at post-NYAG landscape

The actions of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have put an unprecedented pressure on the dietary supplement business, especially those companies dealing in herbal products. 

The 10 key events of 2015… Our Editors’ selection

As we enter the twilight days of 2015 the editors of NutraIngredients-USA become a reflective bunch. A lot of things happened this year, and here is our top 10 of...

NBTY Exec: “We are 1,000% supportive of any effort that drives quality in the industry”

Increased scrutiny of dietary supplements by the media, regulators and legislators is an opportunity to talk about quality and authenticity and should not be a concern, says the President of...

ABC releases lab document to help clean up black cohosh adulteration

The American Botanical Council has released a Laboratory Guidance Document on black cohosh in an attempt to help industry stakeholders better identify this frequently adulterated botanical.

A relative formality? Trades request elevation of DDSP to ‘Office’ within FDA

The five main trade associations have signed a letter to members of Congress requesting that the FDA’s Division of Dietary Supplement Programs be elevated to an ‘Office’.

IPA welcomes development of technique to distinguish between bifidobacteria subspecies

A recent study highlighting potential quality issues in select probiotic products raises a concern, says the International Probiotics Association, which also welcomed further development of the appropriate quality control techniques.

Put expectations of suppliers' GMP compliance culture into writing as part of contract, experts advise

Beefing up supply chain management has been a mantra in dietary supplement industry meetings over recent months.  For that to be most effective, it needs to include a consideration of...

Rapidity with which banned substances change names, alter chemical guises complicates testing, experts say

The recent coordinated crackdown by federal regulators on the dietary supplement industry shined a harsh light on supply chain vulnerabilities. Finding the sort of fraudulent ingredients mentioned during Tuesday’s news...

Once it gets warmed up, government can wield big hammer, former prosecutor says

The USPLabs case demonstrates the tools investigators and prosecutors can bring to bear when looking into the dealings of a dietary supplement company, a former prosecutor says.

DOJ indicts USPLabs as part of nationwide crackdown on fraudulent ingredients, illegal claims

The Department of Justice announced a criminal indictment of sports supplement maker USPLabs and several of its executives at a news conference in Washington, DC today as part of a...

Trade associations unanimous in support of DoJ/FTC/FDA crackdown

Dietary supplement trade associations have universally welcomed the Department of Justice’s nationwide sweep targeting more than 100 makers and marketers of dietary supplements for alleged fraudulent ingredients and illegal claims.

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