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Energy drinks and shots

Politicians and regulators have energy drinks and shots firmly in their sights, with industry critics citing extensive safety concerns over the products. With so much happening with energy drinks and shots, from innovations to class actions, we bring you all the news from this controversial high-value sector. 


Protein still sports nutrition king, but watch out

Protein is still the bedrock of sports nutrition says Euromonitor, but non-protein products are expected to grow faster in several important global markets like Australia, Canada and Indonesia.

Industry applauds FDA's release of final version of liquid dietary supplements guidance

After a four-year delay, FDA has at last released a final version of its guidance on liquid dietary supplements.  The document doesn’t much change the line of thinking offered in...

Prochnow: GMPs, NDIs and liquid supplements among prominent regulatory concerns for 2014

Attorney Justin Prochnow has made a career of reading the FDA tea leaves for his clients. As the industry enters 2014, he sees a long-term trend of GMP enforcement and...

2013’s top regulatory, policy & enforcement news

From warning letters to GMO labeling and FSMA, it’s been a busy year for the regulatory people. In this special gallery we review the top regulatory, policy & enforcement headlines...

Energy brand ‘buzz’ bounces back but can momentum continue into 2014?

Changes in marketing direction and a quiet year with lawsuits have seen three big players in the energy category bounce back in the eyes of consumers, but what does 2014...

Energy drink study leader: We did not state that a short-term increase in heart contraction rate is a health concern

The lead researcher behind a high-profile paper showing energy drinks increase heart contraction rates has rejected claims by Monster Beverage Corp that the paper is ‘alarmist’ and stressed that “whether...

FDA to outline where a liquid supplement ends and a conventional food and beverage begins

The FDA is preparing to finalize guidance clarifying the often hazy dividing line between liquid supplements and conventional beverages and foods as the debate over the proliferation of caffeine-containing products...

Colorado startup shakes up energy drink category with timed release caffeinated beverages

Colorado-based beverage startup Züm XR has made a splash with its patented technology that delivers slow, sustained caffeine release that has  made its line of beverages the best sellers in...

Special Edition: Brain-boosting ingredients

Global brain health market pushing $2bn mark as Asia and supplements shine

Sales of brain health boosting food supplements like omega-3s, the B vitamin group, vitamin C and phosphatidylserine are driving the category toward sales of €2bn globally, even as brain-boosting foods...

News in brief

Energy drinks remain ‘most dynamic segment in the soft drinks market’ in Latin America

The energy drinks market in Latin America is worth a whopping $1.2 billion, with Brazil leading the way, says a new report from Zenith International.

NDIs, GRAS & GMOs: CFSAN outlines priorities for 2013-14

The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has outlined its priorities for 2013-14, with a 'surprising' number relevant to supplements, including NDIs, GRAS,...

Consumers seeking caffeine alternatives that deliver the same energy boost, says Chromadex commissioned survey

Over 70% of Americans may be interested in reduced caffeine energy beverages that can offer the boost of caffeine but without the crash, according to a new survey conducted by...

Energy… minus the caffeine? PepsiCo explores Chinese herbal extracts for fatigue relief, patent application reveals

PepsiCo is exploring the potential of natural energy drinks containing Chinese herbal extracts that can alleviate fatigue and enhance sports performance without a big dose of caffeine, a patent application...

News in brief

NutriScience offers natural caffeine from tea for energy products

Connecticut-based NutriScience Innovations, LLC is offering caffeine from tea leaves as a natural alternative for manufacturers with an energy source to accommodate the ever increasing demand for naturally derived products.

Energy drinks in c-stores: Strong summer for Red Bull, Monster, NOS, Full Throttle, weaker performance from AMP, Rockstar

The energy drink category - which did not set the world on fire in most other retail channels this summer - posted 7.4% dollar sales growth in the US convenience...

Caffeine traffic light kit gives you a 'stop' sign for drinks

Singapore and Korea-based researchers have developed a caffeine detector and a detection kit that glows like a traffic light to indicate caffeine levels in different drinks.

‘Vast majority’ of collegiate athletes taking energy drinks & supplements to boost performance: Survey

Over 80% of US collegiate athletes are consuming energy drinks, supplements or prescription medications to enhance their athletic performance, says a new survey.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2013

Trend-spotter: The rise of slow-energy

There are two speeds when it comes to energy products: Slow and fast, says Mintel trend-spotting guru David Jago.

Sen. Martin Heinrich: 'The model that DSHEA created is working well'

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-NM, one of the dietary supplement industry’s new champions on Capitol Hill, spoke with NutraIngredients-USA to offer his views on the industry and the challenges it faces...

Lawmakers' report on energy drink labeling mirrors existing recommendations, CRN says

A report on labeling and marketing of energy drinks by three members of Congress matches much of what industry is already working toward, according the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Durbin's move to reintroduce labeling bill called 'misguided'

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, has announced his intent to reintroduce a bill meant to more heavily regulate energy drinks and supplements.

Chicago Alderman ‘confident’ of action against energy drinks

The chairman of the Chicago City Council committee discussing highly caffeinated energy drinks is ‘confident’ some sort of action will come out of the hearings.

Thorne gets access to huge herbal database via joint venture

Thorne Research has announced a partnership with Herbal Science Group that gives Thorne access to HSG’s extensive herbal science database, the companies announced recently.

Global sports nutrition market to top $6 billion by 2018, report says

Revamped, more complete product lines that are connecting with new customers are driving growth in the sports nutrition market, according to a new report.

Kyowa Hakko benefits from Champion Sports' strategic shift

The recent boost in sports nutrition product launches is benefiting functional food ingredient suppliers, among them Kyowa Hakko, whose Sustamine ingredient is featured in a new beverage offering from Champion...

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