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London Olympics 2012: DMAA responsible for 1 of 8 doping violations

Controversial stimulant DMAA – the substance that has caused more doping violations in recent years than any other including blood boosters and steroids – was responsible for just one violation...

USPlabs-funded study claims to ‘confirm presence of DMAA in Chinese geranium'

Controversial ingredient DMAA has been detected in Chinese geranium, according to a new study from Intertek AAC Labs and funded by USPlabs, which challenges other recent studies that demonstrated its...

‘DMAA issue is behind us’, says Vitamin Shoppe as retailer reports record Q2

Vitamin Shoppe has reported a record second quarter with gross profit increasing 16.3% on the same quarter of last year, with the pre- and post-workout category growing consistently despite the...

UK food agency warns against DMAA (but medicines agency has final say)

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has warned consumers off pre-workout supplements containing the stimulant DMAA, in reaction to adverse events reported from around the world. But it says the...

Slate magazine tells athletes: “Stop taking supplements”

Athletes should avoid taking food supplements because they are overpriced, don’t boost performance and could provoke doping violations, an article in online daily news site, Slate, has said.

DMAA in the Dock

France hunting ‘unauthorised’ DMAA products as Australia condemns stimulant

The French agency responsible for policing the country’s food supplements market told NutraIngredients today the controversial stimulant DMAA has been prioritised by its 2500 agents in a nationwide crackdown.

GNC backpedals on DMAA and prepares for launch of 'banned-substance-free' MARKED range

Supplement giant GNC - which put its head above the parapet in April to defend DMAA while the rest of the trade kept silent - says it has since “made a...

Coming to a store near you: Jack3d Micro (minus the DMAA)

While USPLabs has strongly defended the safety, efficacy and legal status of DMAA - the star ingredient in top-selling pre-workout supplement Jack3d - it has been working on a new...

DMAA in the dock

Australian medicines agency adds DMAA to poisons list

Australia’s medicines regulator – the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) - has added DMAA to its Schedule 9 list of prohibited substances and poisons that includes cannabis, salvia divinorum, GHB, heroin, psilocybin...

USPLabs promises new data that ‘definitively’ proves presence of DMAA in geranium

USPLabs has challenged the findings of new research on the source of DMAA and alerted the trade to the imminent publication of data it claims “definitively demonstrates” that the much-maligned...

Pressure mounts on USPLabs as another peer-reviewed paper concludes DMAA is NOT in geranium

If last month’s paper in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology was seen by some observers as the ‘final nail in DMAA’s coffin’, a new paper published in Drug Testing and...

DMAA in the dock

Ireland: DMAA products are “illegal medicines”

Ireland has joined the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US in warning against the pre-workout stimulant DMAA (methylhexaneamine/1,3-dimethylamylamine). 

Nutratech reports surge in interest in bitter orange as firms seek to replace DMAA

Nutratech - the firm behind patented bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) extract Advantra Z - has seen a surge in enquires from manufacturers looking for alternatives to DMAA in the wake...

Nutrex Research hits back v DMAA lawsuits: ‘Plaintiffs did not suffer any injury’

Supplement maker Nutrex Research has hit back at allegations made in two class action lawsuits filed in the wake of the FDA crackdown on controversial pre-workout stimulant DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine).

June in pictures: The ORAC debate, stem cell nutrition and Olympic dreams

USPLabs hit back at DMAA critics, USDA quietly removed its online ORAC database and the FDA unveiled plans to re-issue a draft of its much-maligned draft guidance - all in...

Is new geranium analysis the ‘final nail in the DMAA coffin’?

Controversial ingredient DMAA is not detectable in plant material and oil from geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), says a new analysis that has been hailed as the ‘final coffin nail in the...

DMAA in the dock

Finland follows Sweden and bans DMAA

All Nordic nations except Norway have joined the UK in acting against the pre-workout stimulant DMAA, with Sweden and Finland joining Denmark in issuing withdrawal alerts or destroying products.

Industry hopes Olympics will torch supplement contamination concerns

The Olympic Games have in the past brought the food supplements industry to the edge of its collective seat – but not necessarily in fevered anticipation of the world-class sporting...

60-second interview: Joe Archer, All American Pharmaceutical

All American Pharmaceutical: 'There are a number of manufacturers that will always find ways to cheat and feel the risk is worth it'

With the future looking decidedly uncertain for pre-workout stimulant DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine), attention is turning to alternatives, Joe Archer, VP sales and marketing at contract manufacturer All American Pharmaceutical tells Elaine Watson...

Virtual gym: How the internet gave weekend warriors the key to the elite athlete’s locker room

Thanks to the internet, training tips and product advice that used to be the preserve of elite athletes and bodybuilders is now available to everyone, Brian Andrews, president of California-based...

DMAA in the dock

Australia issues DMAA alert; commences 'urgent' prohibition talks

Australian authorities have warned consumers about possible negative health effects of using sports supplements containing DMAA, as the global crackdown on the controversial stimulant continues.

California judge allows DMAA class action v Nutrex Research to proceed

A class action lawsuit filed against Nutrex Research over the safety and regulatory status of supplements containing DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine) has been given the green light to proceed by a judge...

USPLabs sues retailer for defamation over 'false and disparaging' comments about Jack3d, DMAA

USPLabs has taken legal action against a Max Muscle franchisee in Reno, Nevada, accusing owner Philip Tracy of making "false and disparaging" comments about its Jack3d supplement, and its core...


Safety & efficacy – The industry’s mission statement in two small words

Company mottos and mission statements are marvelous – they talk about lofty goals, commitments to people and the environment, and leaving the planet a better place than how they found...

Dendrobium-containing Craze pre-workout supplement hit with CA class action

Tipped by many as the heir apparent to DMAA supplements in the pre-workout category, the dietary supplement Craze is the latest to be hit with a class action in the...

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