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Xanthigen gets US patent for obesity-related effects

By Stephen DANIELLS , 04-Feb-2013

Xanthigen gets US patent for obesity-related effects

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for Xanthigen, a brown seaweed extract-pomegranate oil mix, for ‘treating obesity’.

U.S. Patent #8,367,072, entitled "Compostion for treating obesity and method of using the same”, was issued to Polifenoles Naturales, S.L., better known as PoliNat, a Spanish company based in the Canary Islands. PL Thomas is Polinat's global sales and marketing partner for the ingredient.

Xanthigen, is a combination of pomegranate oil standardized for punicic acid and brown sea weed extract standardized for fucoxanthin. It is being marketed for its weight management potential, and is said to help improve liver function for weight loss, reduced body and liver fat, and energy expenditure.

"It's gratifying that Xanthigen has been recognized as being unique enough to earn a patent. We've always felt that way and now Xanthigen has official recognition," Miguel Jimenez del Rio, PhD, President & CEO of PoliNat.

"These benefits are logical given what we know about the putative mechanism of action for this ingredient," says Dr. Jimenez del Rio. "Fat cell differentiation and lipid accumulation is suppressed in response to Xanthigen treatment of adipocytes in culture and fucoxanthin has been shown to upregulate the mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) in white adipose tissue." 

“Furthermore, Xanthigen may tackle triglycerides via omega-3 fatty acids derived from the brown seaweed and through the pomegranate seed oil punicic acid that it contains.   Both of these components have demonstrated triglyceride-lowering properties.”

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