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UNPA welcomes Nosco membership: They’re the first generation of new members within our Science and Technology group


Illinois-based Nosco, a full-service packaging solutions provider, serving more than 350 customers in the healthcare industry since 1932, has joined the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA).

“Nosco’s membership in UNPA represents the first generation of new members within our Science and Technology group—companies that provide a diverse range of technologies and expertise to the natural products industry,” explained Loren Israelsen, UNPA president.

“We value and foster technologies that make our industry more efficient and effective, always with a focus on superior quality, and Nosco brings this to UNPA. These are assets that UNPA highly values, and we look forward to working with the Nosco team to bring their leadership in packaging solutions to our membership.”

Nosco provides business resources and technical expertise to understand packaging challenges and deliver individual solutions for labels, cartons, flexible packaging and literature. With a focus on service, Nosco helps clients improve efficiencies related to supply chain, cycle time, lean initiatives and product launches.

“We have been providing packaging to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 80 years,” said Russ Haraf, Nosco president. “The commitment of Nosco's employee-owners has been the foundation of our success within the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging arena and has enabled us to begin serving customers in the natural health and personal care markets.

“We consistently try to improve the customer experience, develop new packaging solutions and reduce waste to help companies enhance their brand image through product design that makes a difference on the retail shelf. We are excited to be a member of UNPA and hope to share creative solutions for relevant packaging challenges in this industry.”