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Neptune's rebuilt krill oil plant reaches 50-ton capacity milestone

By Hank Schultz


Neptune's rebuilt krill oil plant reaches 50-ton capacity milestone

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. continues its recovery from the fire that destroyed its lone krill oil extraction facility as the rebuilt plant in Sherbooke, Quebec reached a production milestone of 50 metric tons annualized capacity.


The plant was destroyed on November 8, 2012 after it exploded, killing three workers.  At the time Neptune had almost completed an exapnsion to the plant. The company embarked on a recovery plan that included third party supply relationships while the plant was being rebuilt, a plan which is now bearing fruit.


"Production levels are on target and we continue to focus on reaching full operating capacity of 150 metric tons of krill oil annually at the end of a three-month ramp-up period,” said André Godin, interim president and CEO of Neptune. (Former longtime CEO Henri Harland left the company in April and has since filed a lawsuit against Neptune over his depature.)


Neptune is in a three-month production ramp-up at its Sherbrooke plant.  During this time, annualized production capacity is expected to grow in equal monthly increments of 50 metric tons, increasing from 50 metric tons at the end of the first month, to 150 metric tons at the end of the third month.

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