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Kohjin announces special status from Koshser certifier

By Hank Schultz


Kohjin announces special status from Koshser certifier

Kohjin Life Sciences has added to the long list of certifications for its Opitac Glutathione with a special status from a Kosher certifier.

Kohjin announced yesterday that it has been recognized as a ‘preferred brand’ by OK Kosher, one of the many Kosher certification agencies and one of the oldest, according to Kohjin.  The organization’s certification is recognized on product labels by the “K” within a circle. In addition to the Kosher certification, Kohjin has ‘FDA-notified full GRAS status’ and is also certified Halal.

Kohjin has been manufacturing its glutathione via a fermentation process since 1968.  The ingredient, often called the cell’s ‘master antioxidant,’ is part of the body’s endogenous antioxidant defenses and as such, there was a question for a long time if supplementation could actually boost levels of this compound in the body.  Kohjin scientists showed in 2014 in a study published in the American Journal of Chemistry that Opitac boosted levels of glutathione in the protein-bound fraction of the plasma. 

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