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French omega-3 player scores in Brazil

By Shane Starling+


French omega-3 player scores in Brazil

Ambitious French omega-3 supplier Polaris has won approval to market its branded omega-3s in South America’s biggest nutraceutical market, Brazil.

The Brazilian ministry of agriculture (MAPA) said Polaris’ ‘Omegavie’ is safe for sale on the Brazilian market. The move comes as 20-year-old Polaris seeks to expand its reach beyond France, where it has traditionally done most of its business.

With the approval secured, Britanny-based Polaris will now establish a Brazilian distributor.

BRIC countries, and especially Brazil, are on our radar as they are showing growth,” said CEO Stéphane Lozachmeur.

“Consumer habits in Brazil are similar to the ones in France: They are very targeted at beauty and health. Our ingredients have their place on this market.”

Polaris can deliver pills containing 250mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in a 500mg pill. 

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