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Bergstrom brings MSM to joint health foods

By Lorraine Heller , 25-Jun-2008

Ingredient firm Bergstrom Nutrition has said that its MSM joint health ingredient has received GRAS status, opening up the market for its use in food and beverage products.

The company said the approval, which received FDA non-objection, makes its ActivMSM the first food grade MSM in the US market. MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is the isoxidised form of dimethyl-sulfoxide. It is currently marketed in joint health supplements in the US. Tony Keller, president of Bergstrom, told today that its food grade MSM is manufactured at a higher purity and has a higher level of analytical standards than its supplement grade product. ActivMSM is 99.9 percent pure, he said, and is made using a proprietary process and control parameters that allow its use as an ingredient in food and beverages. The supplement grade of the ingredient - named OptiMSM - is also manufactured to 99.9 percent purity, but may also be blended with flow agents, depending on customer requirements. Applications The ingredient is a white powder, which is highly soluble in water and is heat stable, said Keller. It has a five year shelf-life once formulated in a product. The ingredient has a slightly bitter taste, but this can be easily masked, said Keller. The food grade ingredient will be sold exclusively through Bergtrom's sister firm TandemRain Innovations, which can also work with customers to help in the formulation of products. TandemRain, which itself also manufactures finished products, has already developed a sports beverage, jelly beans and chocolates that contain ActivMSM. These will be featured at the IFT trade show which will take place next week in New Orleans. The sports beverage contains around 1-2g of ActivMSM per 20 ounces, while there are 70mg of the ingredient in each piece of chocolate. The recommended levels in order to achieve efficacy are 2-3g per day. Price Keller said the ActivMSM will be selling at around $13-$16 per kilo, compared to $8-$13 for the supplement grade.

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