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Atrium secures rights to WobensymN in US

By staff reporter , 21-Nov-2007

An American court has confirmed Atrium Innovation's exclusive US rights to the supplement WobenzymN, which the company has indicated could hold considerable commercial potential in the country.

With headquarters in Quebec, Canada, Atrium develops, manufactures and markets science-based products for the nutrition, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. According to company, US firm Marlyn Nutraceuticals was ordered by the US District Court to stop selling the WobenzymN trademark and related products. If this happens, the gains could be large for Atrium. The company claims annuals sales for the plant enzyme formulation - sold for joint, muscle, and tendon health, as well as to support a healthy immune system - to customers in Europe stand at over $90m. "We are pleased with this court ruling, which will allow us to start selling WobenzymN in the United States immediately and with no restrictions," stated Pierre Fitzgibbon, president and CEO of Atrium Innovations. "This high-quality product, sold as an enzyme supplement in the US, offers a natural solution to very common conditions such as joint and muscle discomfort." The company says it will now sell WobenzymN through its two American subsidiaries, Douglas Laboratories and Pure Encapsulations - which sell to 40,000 healthcare professionals in the US. According to Atrium, the product is known within the medical community in Germany and Eastern European countries. Wobenzym is the flagship product of Mucos Pharma, and is a combination of plant based enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, as well as the antioxidant flavonoid rutin. Mucos Pharma is the German affiliate of Mucos in the US - a company specializing in pharmaceuticals. "We also intend to draw on other specialized distribution networks that offer strong business potential," said Fitzgibbon. "This decision signifies a major development for Atrium and will allow the company to accelerate its growth and development in the United States."

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