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Alcrea: Our new online tool offers ‘a shift in the way nutraceuticals are developed’

By Stephen Daniells , 16-Nov-2012
Last updated on 16-Nov-2012 at 15:25 GMT2012-11-16T15:25:54Z

Alcrea: Our new online tool offers ‘a shift in the way nutraceuticals are developed’

A new online tool from Alcrea Health is offering entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and medically-minded marketers ‘total customization’ of products.

Using the company’s new Formulation Station , a custom product consisting of a user’s ingredient levels and dosage forms can be developed by browsing and modifying existing formulas to develop.

The tool has been developed for entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and medically-minded marketers who then submit their formulation to Alcrea Health scientists for development, testing, branding and marketing support, marking a shift in the way nutraceuticals are developed and created, said the company.

Jessi Mingo, Alcrea Health’s Business Development and Marketing Manager, told NutraIngredients-USA: “The primary benefit of the Formulation Station is that it provides convenient access to the house formulas in the situation where a company wants to beta test a new category or product type. 

“Additionally, through the customization abilities, it provides the opportunity for brainstorming and generating unique brand products which our team can review and provide greater recommendations to create custom nutritional supplements for any brand.”

Total customization

Mingo added that: “Total customization refers to the ability of our customers or prospects to create a truly unique product that fits their branding needs.  Because our target market is primarily medically-minded marketer and high-quality supplement brands, the ability to create custom supplements for their consumers is important.”

As an example of how the tool can be used, Mingo said that, if a company/brand in the market that is looking to create a new product for blood sugar support, but does not have a defined formula prepared, then they can visit the Formulation Station, and begin with one of our pre-existing formulas and add/remove ingredients, change dosage amounts, and choose a dosage form (i.e. tablet, capsule, powder, Caplique liquid capsule, or liquids), then submit for the Alcrea’s scientists to review. 

“Alternatively, they can simply take a house formula and request it in a different dosage form than originally developed,” she said.


“One of the primary service benefits that Alcrea has is a panel of PhDs and technical experts who can assist with formulation and design coupled with understanding of what ingredients work synergistically and what delivery form best suits the products intent allows us to aid in the new product development, product refinement,” explained Mingo.

“The Formulation Station is a tool that allows us to share on a greater level, our scientific knowledge and product formulation experience to find solutions for a variety of needs.”  

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