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Advitech gains rights to French peptide technology


Canadian company Advitech Solutions has entered into an agreement with French firm Pierre Jouan Biotechnologie, giving it exclusive rights to technology for an innovative psoriasis treatment.

The French technology is based on the activity of bioactive peptides obtained from an enriched whey protein fraction and uses a patent-pending process. Advitech will apply the technology in its development of a nutraceutical solution for psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation of the skin which occurs in varying degrees of severity. Most research to date concludes that the disease results from an immune system disorder, and it is often termed an autoimmune disorder. More than 6 million adults in the US are affected by the skin disease.

The market for psoriasis treatment is expected to reach $1 billion in 2007 according to several sources. Recent studies have shown that new products based on a better understanding of the immune system as it relates to psoriasis have the best chance of providing a major breakthrough in the treatment of the disease, according to Advitech.

The company plans to begin clinical trials before the end of the year with its own XP-828 compound and depending on the success of the trials, to start marketing at the end of 2004.

Renaud Beauchesne, president and CEO of Advitech , said: "We feel that nutraceutical products based on bioactive peptides have a significant advantage over conventional approaches to treating psoriasis, which often produce serious side effects in patients."

Focusing on immunology, inflammatory processes and stress management, Advitech markets milk protein-derived peptides under the brand names Biozen and Prozen. R&D is conducted at its research facility at l'Universite Laval in Quebec.