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Ocean Nutrition Canada

Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC) was founded in 1997 and has become a leading innovator and provider of quality marine-based natural health and nutrition products in the world market. ONC's primary product focus is MEG-3® brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA purified fish oil ingredients for the global dietary supplement and health food ingredient markets.

ONC's oils have set global quality standards and are the first ingredients to achieve U.S. Pharmacopoeia verification. The company manufactures products to GMP standards in government certified facilities. ONC uses proprietary manufacturing process for refining and concentrating Omega-3 fatty acids from fish that results in the finest quality oil at a cost-effective price. ONC has the only manufacturing plant in North America that can both refine and concentrate Omega-3 fish oil in commercial quantities. A plant in Arcadia, Wisconsin, has also been acquired by ONC to produce larger quantities of MEG-3® powder ingredient to meet increasing demand.

ONC has North America's largest privately owned research lab dedicated exclusively to the discovery of new marine natural products. The company has 45 scientists on staff researching bioactive ingredients from the marine environment including 12 PhDs. ONC has the most sophisticated analytical equipment in the industry, which guarantees the quality, efficacy and consistency of its natural Omega-3 fatty acids. Every batch of Omega-3 oil produced by ONC is put through more than 200 in-process and final quality checks before it leaves the plant.

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