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For over 15 years, AIDP Inc. has been a leader in functional ingredients for a wide range of applications, from vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to specialty and proprietary products. Our goal is to supply our customers with the ingredients they need to make their business a success. AIDP has access to the newest technology in the nutrition and functional food markets.

Bone & Joint Products. As one of the largest suppliers of chondroitin, specialty calciums, glucosamine and collagen of all types, AIDP has developed an expertise in bone and joint solutions. Introducing KoACT for better bones.

  • KoAct®, a triple-patented calcium collagen chelate, has shown impressive research results to improve both bone density and bone strength in human studies.

Cognitive Health. AIDP is pleased to announce the introduction of Magtein™, a breakthrough compound for cognitive health.

  • Magtein™ is a breakthrough super-mineral with strong evidence supporting cognitive functions and brain health. Magtein™ has demonstrated promising results in animal studies to improve memory, recognition and learning. Magtein™ is suitable for both the nutraceutical market and the food/beverage channel. It has a clean taste, is odorless, highly soluble and is safe. This patent pending ingredient is self-affirmed GRAS.

Liquid and Food Formats. The blur between functional beverages and liquid supplements continues. AIDP, through a proprietary microencapsulation process, called enVantec™, can deliver stable and clear vitamin solutions.

  •  enVantec™, a proprietary microencapsulation technology, uses no gelatin, no preservatives and no added antioxidants. enVantec™ provides stability and solubility; perfect for functional beverages and liquid nutraceuticals.

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