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PS plus caffeine ease fatigue and boost mood after exercise: Study

By Stephen Daniells , 14-May-2013
Last updated on 14-May-2013 at 15:30 GMT2013-05-14T15:30:16Z

PS plus caffeine ease fatigue and boost mood after exercise: Study

A combination supplement containing phosphatidylserine (PS) and caffeine may improve mood scores and reduce the perception of fatigue after exercise, suggests new research.

On the other hand, no improvements were observed for reaction time or cognitive function when recreationally trained individuals consumed 400 mg per day of PS combined with 100 mg per day of caffeine, according to findings published in Nutrition Research .

“Our findings showed significant improvements in postexercise mood state and perception of fatigue following PS supplementation, as measured by the [Profile of Mood States Questionnaire (POMS)],” wrote the researchers, led by Jay Hoffman from the University of Central Florida.

“These findings add important new data regarding PS as a consumer supplement.

“It appears that PS supplementation may be most effective for mood improvements when there is apparent mood impairment, but may not be as effective for individuals who are in a positive or healthy mood state.”

The study used a multi-ingredient supplement in the form of a candy chew (Nutravail Technologies, Chantilly, VA), and the study was sponsored by a grant from Chemi Nutra Inc.

Study details

Hoffman and his co-workers assessed the effects of the multi-ingredient supplement containing 400 mg/d PS and 100 mg/d caffeine on the reaction time, mood, and cognitive function of 21 trained individuals. Participants were assigned to consume either the active or a control supplement for two weeks and were tested at the start and the end of the supplementation period.

Results indicated that the supplement did not significantly affect reaction time was not significantly changed by PS.

In addition, both groups displayed significant increases in tests of cognitive function, said the researchers.

However, only the control group displayed significant increases in mood disturbance, while the PS-caffeine supplement also significantly attenuated the perception of fatigue, compared woth the control group.

“The results of this study indicate that daily ingestion of a supplement containing 400 mg/d PS and 100 mg/d caffeine may be effective for attenuating total mood disturbance and perception of fatigue following an acute exercise stress,” wrote Hoffman and his co-workers.

Source: Nutrition Research
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1016/j.nutres.2013.03.009
“Phosphatidylserine and caffeine attenuate postexercise mood disturbance and perception of fatigue in humans”
Authors: A.J. Wells, J.R. Hoffman, A.M. Gonzalez, J.R. Stout, M.S. Fragala, G.T. Mangine, W.P. McCormack, A.R. Jajtner, J.R. Townsend, E.H. Robinson IV

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