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Fruit supplement counteracts fatty diet


Supplements derived from mixtures of fruits, vegetables and berries can prevent the immediate adverse impact of a fatty meal, according to the manufacturers Natural Alternatives International (NAI) and Memphis-based NSA International.

The companies report on a study in the May 21, 2003 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology which found their product Juice Plus+ to virtually eliminate the deleterious effect of a high fat meal in people taking the supplement over a four-week period.

The Juice Plus+ product line, distributed in 25 countries worldwide, are described as whole food-based products containing a widevariety of nutrients found in fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and grapesin a highly bio-available and concentrated form.

Study authors Dr Gary D. Plotnick and Dr Robert A. Vogel hadshown previously that consuming a high fat meal (900 kcal; 50 per cent calories from fat) caused constriction of major arteries and restriction of blood flow by one-half, an impairment which lasted up to five hours. However, the concentrated Juice Plus+ juice powders could reverse this effect.

In the study conducted at the University of Maryland, blood flow in thebrachial artery ("BART") was measured before and three hours after a highfat meal in 38 healthy volunteers. Subjects were randomly assigned to four-weeksupplementation with JP+ Orchard & Garden Blends or JP+ Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blends or a placebo. At 21 and 28 days, BART was repeated bothbefore and after a high fat meal.

In the placebo group, the arterial bloodflow remained restricted by 38 per cent after a high fat meal, while the JP+ O & G group showed a 16 per cent restriction and the JP+ O, G & V group virtually eliminated the detrimental effect on blood flow, even when the supplementwas not administered with the meal on day 28.

"Maintenance of arterial blood flow after a fatty meal appears to bedependent on healthy functioning of the arterial wall lining or endotheliumby protecting it from oxidative stress, and Juice Plus+ supplementationmaximizes this important cardiovascular function mediated by natural plantantioxidants," said Dr John A. Wise, chief science officer of NAI .

"The results suggest another beneficial role of the numerous phytonutrients found in fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrates and supports future studies to validate the utility of such products."

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