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Fitting alternative to controversial GM foods?


Low-saturated fat foods, enhanced flavours, foods without allergens - all this is possible without any tampering of DNA material. US company Anawah has received several million dollars to support its work that combines molecular biology and traditional plant breeding to develop improved food products. Unlike genetically modified foods, the products produced by Anawah contain no foreign DNA.

The food and agricultural research and development company announced recently that it has secured $6 million in financing from CMEA Ventures, Milepost Ventures and German-based BASF Venture Capital, the VC arm of the leading chemical company.

Founded in 2000, Anawah uses a proprietary screening process to discover plant characteristics and to deliver what it calls better tasting food.

"Anawah's proprietary process enables the development and introduction of higher-value whole food products for consumers more rapidly and cost-effectively that any other method available today," said Anawah's CEO Ken Hunt.

The company has received $10 million to date to use its process - an alternative to much-criticised transgenic techniques - that focuses on discovering superior and highly valuable traits in plants which could ultimately lead to improvements in food.