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Coffee gets the global touch


In our second flavour news of the day, Danish ingredients giant Danisco reports on the two new flavour concepts it developed for the Specialty Coffee Association of America's (SCAA) annual conference in April this year.

The two concepts - that also reflect the increasingly diverse range of flavours for the coffee drinker - fell under the themes 'Around the World' and 'AM/PM'.

Flavours introduced by Danisco under the first concept, 'Around the World', included 'English Rose & Chocolate' - a rich milk chocolate enhanced with the aroma of english rose, and 'Pan de Pascua' - a spicy flavoured south american blend made to taste similar to a brazilian fruit cake. Yankee Cobbler, Saskatoon, Berry, Vermont ,Maple, Santan, Aussie Biscuit were some of the other flavours presented under the global banner at the exhibition.

"This event was a great opportunity for us to work more closely with our R&D teams throughout the globe," said Lisa Taake, applications manager at Danisco's Flavour Division in St. Louis.

In keeping with the overall theme and focus for this year's SCAA conference - espresso - for its second concept Danisco exhibited and featured its new 'Espresso Cart' used to feature the AM/PM flavours and steamed milk.

According to the company, the AM/PM concept focused around the idea of "charging you up and calming you back down". All Danisco's 'AM' flavours contain herbals and all natural caffeine. While the 'PM' flavours feature herbals and decaffeinated beans. Some of the flavours included Dreamin' Orange, Spicy Morning, Groggy Grasshopper and Roll Over Honey.

Danisco's range is an example of the burgeoning market for coffee flavours, itself a response to a market demand that is witnessing western consumers turning increasingly towards coffee bars and take-away coffee shops.