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Caramel, the plain option


A rich hue combined with a bland flavour profile is the latest caramel colour from US company Sethness.

The 'Plain' caramel colour - SC105 - duplicates speciality oriental 'sugar caramels', and is soluble in salt solutions of up to 20 per cent saline concentration.

According to the company, this particular type of caramel colour is primarily manufactured in the Far East, using labour intensive techniques. Sethness has developed a proprietary manufacturing technology to commercialise this process, leading to volume production of this bland colour.

Sethness writes this week that SC105 is a Class I (Plain) caramel colour, with no ammonium or sulphite compounds used in its manufacture. The product can be used for applications where plain caramel colour, mild flavour profile, rich golden colour and/or high salt solubility are desirable.