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Glucosamine, chondroitin relieve moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis pain

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements "significantly decreased" knee pain for people suffering from moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis - a message that may not be getting through to consumers.

Black cohosh/St. John's wort could ease menopause symptoms

An herbal cocktail of black cohosh and St John's wort significantly eases the symptoms of menopause in women, according to a German study.

Soy protein, not isoflavones, lower blood lipids - study

Soy protein isolates (SPI), and not soy isoflavones, are associated with lowering blood fat levels, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), claims a new study.

Gatorade challenges choc milk health claims

Gatorade has challenged a recent advertising campaign that claims that chocolate milk helps athletes to work out longer than conventional sports drinks.

Vitamin D, calcium supplements could reduce falls in women, not men

A daily supplement of vitamin D and calcium cut the rate of falls in elderly women by 50 per cent, but not men, reports a new study.

Cocoa flavonols linked to low blood pressure

Regular eating of flavonol-rich chocolate can cut the risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) by half, reports a long-term study of elderly men.

Weekly Comment

The bad research debate

The dust is settling on the WHI trial. First came the news that low-fat diets didn't reduce the risk of breast or colorectal cancer or cardiovascular disease, then came news...

New Zealand aims to put kiwi supplement on global market

Seeka Kiwifruit Industries, New Zealand's largest kiwifuit supply company, says it is to extend its business portfolio into the nutraceutical world by investing further in health supplements business Vital Foods.

The supplements - bird flu debate: selenium

Following last week's claims and counter claims that dietary supplements may offer protection from avian flu, Stephen Daniells looks into statements that selenium supplements may offer protection.

Melatonin could help tinnitus, improve sleep

A daily supplement of melatonin could improve tinnitus and sleep, a result that offers hope to the estimated 15m Americans who consider their tinnitus to be a serious problem.

Vitamin C helps smokers maintain vitamin E levels

A daily supplement of vitamin C can help preserve vitamin E levels in smokers, a group at risk of low vitamin E levels due to higher oxidative stress, by 45...

B vitamin may protect against fetal alcohol syndrome

A form of vitamin B3, nicotinamide, could reverse the brain defects due to maternal drinking, suggests a mice study from Cornell University.

Isoflavone and phytosterols supplements could ease CVD risk

A low glycemic index (GI) diet with a supplement of soy proteins and phytosterols for 12 weeks cut the risk of death from heart problems by 17 per cent compared...

Ingredients for innovation: New Zealand

Joint health from sheeps' wool, kiwi fruit crossed with berries and calcium-boosting bone extract… innovative ingredients from a small Pacific archipelago are starting to make a disproportionately big impact in...

Green tea may reduce, but black tea may increase breast cancer risk

Drinking five cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 22 per cent, claims a meta-analysis of previous studies, the same studies that the...

Dietary fibre and colorectal cancer - where do we stand?

Men who have diets high in fibre are 29 per cent more likely to be protected from colorectal cancer than women, a result that may explain the disagreement between other...

More evidence for diabetes and CVD protection by whole grains.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains, a rich source of bran, fibre, minerals and vitamins, could reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease, claims a new study...

Vitamin D, calcium and colorectal cancer

Daily supplements of vitamin D and calcium 'had no effect' on the risk of colorectal cancer, according to a large-scale study from the US. But an independent cancer expert says...

Calcium, vitamin D supplements are good for bones - if you take them

Consumer confusion over vitamin D and calcium seems likely to grow, following claims from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) trial about their effect on bone health that oppose other studies.

Vitamin E, beta-carotene may protect smokers from prostate cancer

Daily supplements of vitamin E and beta-carotene may reduce the risk of prostate cancer in smokers, but not non-smokers, reports a new study, adding more contradictory results to an already...

Grapefruit flavonoid could repair DNA, may protect against cancer

Naringenin, a flavonoid found in grapefruit and oranges, helped to repair damaged DNA in cancer cells, reports a lab study.

Long term low-carb diet leads to cholesterol rises

A low-carbohydrate diet results in more weight loss after six months than a low-fat diet, but long term could raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease, claims...

The use of herbals and plastic surgery

Fifty-five per cent of plastic surgery patients take natural remedies that may lead to post-operative complications, claims a study, but an industry expert questions the quality of the research.

Supplements better than fortification for folic acid?

Pregnant women who do not take folic acid-containing supplements are eight times more likely to have low serum folate values, despite eating folate-fortified foods, claims a new study.

Weekly Comment

The cost of bad research

The science has spoken. Low-fat diets don't work: Forget the carrots and broccoli sprouts, I can now have my cake and eat it, and put extra cream on top.