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GliSODin may protect against severe oxidative stress

Researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany have received encouraging results from a study into the potential for GliSODin supplementation to protect against oxidative DNA damage related to ischemia-reperfusion,...

Glanbia looks ahead to bigger ingredients business

Irish dairy ingredients supplier Glanbia said yesterday that it has completed restructuring of the group and is ready to reap greater profits from its ingredients, reports Dominique Patton.

Two vitamin E forms appear to reduce prostate cancer risk

High blood levels of either alpha-tocopherol or gamma-tocopherol, both forms of vitamin E, appeared to halve the risk of prostate cancer in a new analysis of the ATBC trial, which...

Apple compounds could reduce breast cancer risk

An apple a day may help stave off breast cancer, shows an animal study, thought to be the first to look at the effects of apples on cancer prevention in...

Strawberries show promise in disease prevention, say researchers

Studies investigating strawberries' potential to help prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD), certain types of cancer and age-related decline in cognitive function have delivered promising preliminary data, according to the California Strawberry...

B vitamins cut fracture risk after stroke

Taking supplements of folate and vitamin B12 appears to reduce the risk of hip fracture in elderly patients following a stroke, according to Japanese research.

Melatonin study could 'jump-start' interest in supplement

Scientists carrying out meta analysis of research into the effects of exogenous melatonin have concluded that supplements can help improve sleep quality, decreasing sleep onset latency and increasing sleep efficiency...

Diabetes prevention efforts will save on healthcare costs

Diabetes prevention efforts are worth every cent, say researchers in the first study to weigh up the costs in preventing the disease with the future costs of treatment.

Changing to Med diet improves cholesterol levels

Adopting a Mediterranean-type diet can have significant benefits on cholesterol levels, report Canadian researchers.

Breakfast shown to be heart healthy

Missing breakfast has been shown to raise cholesterol levels and reduce the body's response to insulin in a small study that raises concern for the increasing numbers of people that...

Calcium mechanism for weight loss gets clinical support

Calcium could reduce body weight by binding fat in the intestine and increasing its excretion from the body, say Danish researchers, who have provided the first clinical evidence to support...

Cetylated fatty acid enables osteoarthritis sufferers to exercise, shows study

A new study suggests that cetylated fatty acid may help improve general health of osteoarthritis sufferers by improving their exercise trainability, thanks to improved balance and pain relief.

Vitamin E supplements effective in raising skin antioxidant levels

Supplements of either natural or synthetic source vitamin E almost double the levels of this important antioxidant on the skin's surface, report researchers this month, providing the first strong evidence...

Magnesium may protect against colorectal cancer

High levels of dietary magnesium may help protect women from developing colorectal cancer, shows a Swedish study.

Protein emerging as bone health factor

The belief that protein can damage bone health is being challenged by a series of studies out of the US, reports Dominique Patton.

Vitamin D may protect against prostate cancer

Men with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood were almost half as likely to develop aggressive forms of prostate cancer as those with lower amounts, reported researchers last...

Herbal blend found safe, effective on allergy symptoms

An Indian herbal supplement offers a 40 to 100 percent improvement in allergy symptoms, according to results from large clinical trial.

Meat, milk have benefits over zinc supplements

Increasing consumption of meat in the developing world could be a more effective means of reducing nutrient deficiencies than giving children supplements, say US researchers, who called for more attention...

Chromium's effect on childhood diabetes to be studied

The first clinical trial into the effects of chromium supplementation in children with type 1 diabetes is now underway at the Childrens' Hospital in Los Angeles, announced Nutrition 21, which...

Soy protein has no impact on calcium absorption, small study

A diet rich in soy protein does not appear to improve calcium absorption despite previous evidence to suggest that soy compounds, isoflavones, could improve bone health.

New-look DSM reports strong rise in profits

After a year of intensive reshaping at DSM, the Dutch speciality chemicals group has unveiled a set of results that speaks of a new company.

New insight into green tea's action on bladder cancer

Green tea extract is able to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone, researchers have found for the first time, adding further support to its potential as a cancer...

Dietary supplement reduces prostate cancer marker

A daily supplement containing plant oestrogens and antioxidants like selenium and carotenoids may slow the rise in PSA levels, a marker for prostate cancer progression in some men, report Dutch...

Mushrooms offer heart health fibres

Common mushroom varieties offer significant amounts of heart healthy fibres, say researchers investigating the carbohydrate content of mushrooms for the first time.

Indian herb cuts insulin, blood sugar levels

A herbal used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in the same way as prescription drugs.

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