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Report examines untapped potential in soy

Around a quarter of US consumers feel they do not get enough soy in their diets, while almost half are still not aware of the health benefits linked to the...

Flaxseed could boost lung health, animal study

A dietary supplement of flaxseed, a rich source of lignans and omega-3 fatty acids, could prove useful to reduce lung inflammation and oxidative stress, if results from a mice study...

Omega-3 enriched milk could protect against metabolic syndrome

Dietary supplementation with an omega-3 enriched milk could be a simple and tolerable way to ease cardiovascular risk factors linked to metabolic syndrome, say Spanish researchers.

More evidence for natto/ vitamin K bone health benefits

Natto, the traditional Japanese fermented soybean and a rich source of vitamin K2, could reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women by as much as 80 per cent, says research from Japan.

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Hacks v Lab-Rats: who's at fault for consumer confusion?

The relationship between journalist 'hack' and scientist 'lab-rat' must be developed if science is to get a fair deal in the press, and for consumers to be presented balanced and...

Study sheds light on lutein's anti-inflammatory effect

Lutein, the carotenoid associated with eye health, protects the retina from damage by inhibiting inflammation, according to a new study from Korea.

New study strengthens obesity-cancer link

Obesity has again been linked to an increased risk of cancer, findings that constitute yet another building block in the wall of pressure being built around the food industry.

Caffeine and infant health: two studies

The role of caffeine in the health of premature and low birth weight babies has come under scrutiny with two studies, one investigating the impact of mothers' intake during pregnancy...

Policosanol's lipid-lowering activity doubted

The ability of the waxy sugar-cane extract, policosanol, to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels have been called into doubt by a new clinical trial, but a poor delivery system undermines the studies'...

WHI study not waste of money, says women's health group

Negative reports surrounding a study that was interpreted by many media outlets as questioning the link between calcium and bone health has led to an exercise in damage limitation; women's...

More fruit could mean less asthma in adults

People with an antioxidant-rich diet could reduce their risk of developing asthma in adulthood, say Cambridge researchers - adding to a growing body of science on the subject.

Canadian nutraceutical industry to benefit from $15m investment

Canada's AFMNet is supporting the scientific foundations of its functional foods and nutraceuticals industry by committing itself to a three-year, C$15m, research and development investment.

Flavanol-rich chocolate could improve skin from within

Cocoa beverages and food rich in flavanols could thicken skin and reduce reddening by 25 per cent, say German scientists - research sure to be welcomed by Europe's burgeoning oral...

Garlic, onions could protect against stomach cancer

Garlic and onions could help protect against stomach cancer, says a massive European-based study, but total fruit and vegetable intake has no benefit for this disease.

More magnesium, less copper could benefit health

People with more magnesium and less copper in their blood could reduce their risk of death from cancer by as much as 50 per cent, says a new study from France.

Vitamin E symposium reacts to negative press

A collection of US-based scientists met last week to discuss the benefits of vitamin E, amid growing consumer confusion following television reports about the threats.

Orange juice may protect against osteoporosis

Drinking more orange or grapefruit juice may reduce bone loss and decrease the risk of osteoporosis in later life, suggests an animal study from Texas.

CLA's body-shaping action clarified in new trial

Lipid Nutrition is today announcing the findings of a new human trial using CLA, that reinforces the fatty acid's fat mass reduction claim and shed light on the main locations...

Isoflavone may not help hot flashes - meta-analysis

Isoflavone supplementation does not help alleviate hot flashes for postmenopausal women, says a new meta-analysis.

Garlic could lower cholesterol levels

Eating more garlic in the diet could decrease cholesterol levels and ease the burden of heart disease, says a joint Israeli-Polish animal study.

Ester-C gets tolerability boost

A double-blind clinical trial of Zila's Ester-C has added more support to the tolerability of the supplement; more support to the company's tolerance claims.

Neptune hails breakthrough cholesterol control from krill oil

Canada-based Neptune Technologies has announced results from a clinical trial that reports a daily dose of its krill oil can lower bad cholesterol levels by 34 per cent and boost...

Spicing up could lower blood pressure

The commonly used spice cinnamon could lower blood pressure in hypertensive people, researchers report for the first time, results that have been heralded by industry.

High folate intake plus IVF may increase twin births

Women undergoing IVF fertility treatment have a higher chance of twins if their folate intake is above the recommended dose, says new research.

Selenium supplements under trial

Selenium has been linked to protection from cancers of both the prostate and lung, as well as immune system health. Many questions remain and numerous clinical trials are seeking to...