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DHA in mother's milk boosts psychomotor skills

A new study indicates that babies whose mothers supplement their diet with DHA have improved psychomotor skills as toddlers, writes Jess Halliday.

Study pinpoints actions of heart health ingredients

Phytosterols and soluble fibers help protect against cardiovascular disease in a different way from omega-3 fatty acids, according to a meta-analysis of research into the effects of bioactive ingredients used...

Walnut extract targeted for AMD supplement

An extract of resveratrol-rich walnuts could offer supplement makers a new ingredient for tackling the onset of age-related macular degeneration, writes Dominique Patton.

Copper levels in supplements should be reduced

Regularly taking copper supplements could lead to excess levels of the mineral that may impact health, said a US researcher last week, calling for the current upper safe limit for...

Calcium reduces osteoporosis risk for women on the Pill

Oral contraceptives may prevent young women from attaining optimal bone mass and increase their chances of developing osteoporosis in later life. But a new study from Purdue University indicates that...

Psoriasis trial brings Advitech's XP-828L launch closer

Canadian biotech company Advitech has come a step closer to launching whey-derived XP-828L as an oral alternative to conventional drugs for psoriasis sufferers with the announcement of positive results in...

Walnut advice helps diabetics protect their hearts

Advising type-2 diabetes patients to include walnuts in their diet helps them achieve a dietary fat profile with optimal amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which helps protect against heart disease,...

Largest vitamin E trial shows reduced risk of cardiovascular death in women

Vitamin E is unlikely to prevent heart disease or cancer but it could lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke in older women as well as cardiovascular deaths, writes...

Mix MUFAs and PUFAs for best heart benefit, says study

The heart health benefits of unsaturated fatty acids over trans- and saturated fats have long been recognized, but now a study at Pennsylvania State University indicates that polyunsaturated fatty acids...

Could mistletoe prevent bladder cancer recurrence?

A new study into the ability of mistletoe to decrease the reoccurrence of tumors in bladder cancer patients seems to show that it is as effective as the most common...

Fatty acids could protect against Parkinson's

A high intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids could lower the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, according to researchers in the Netherlands.

Pomegranate might fight brain damage in babies

A mouse study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine suggests that drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy may reduce the hypoxia ischemia-related brain injuries in babies, writes Jess Halliday.

Anti-oxidant combo stops omega-3 degradation

Researchers may have found a way to inhibit the oxidation of fish-oils in fortified milk products. The discovery may provide a solution to the problem of fish-oil's high susceptibility to...

Chromax earns another tick in the box marked 'safety'

A new animal study found that Nutrition 21's Chromax did not cause genetic damage in hamster ovary cells, providing further evidence for the safety of the company's chromium picolinate dietary...

Research shows metabolic benefits of low-carb diet

The high-protein, low-carb approach to weight loss has been underpinned by new research from Australia showing that it can provide overweight women with greater nutritional and metabolic benefits than a...

Eating fruit and veg could cut cataract risk

The vitamin A in carrots has long been believed to aid night vision, but new research from Harvard Medical Center indicates that the whole spectrum of fruit and vegetables could...

Grapeseed extract may stop arteries from hardening

Adding grape seed extract to the diet may prevent atherosclerosis, a condition responsible for more than half the deaths in developed countries, suggests new animal research.

Herbal supplement improves memory in patients at risk of Alzheimer's

Taking a Chinese herbal supplement containing ginseng and other plants everyday for three months has been found to improve memory in people with mild cognitive impairment, writes Dominique Patton.

Soy isoflavone may damage fertility, finds new research

The soy component genistein, one of the isoflavones seeing increasing sales in the health food market, could damage human sperm, a UK researcher will reveal today, writes Dominique Patton.

HRT may stop a cholesterol-lowering diet working

Dietary approaches to lowering cholesterol may be a side effect-free alternative to statin drugs for patients with moderately high cholesterol, but a new study at Pennsylvania State University shows that...

Folic acid supplements boost memory in elderly

High-dose folic acid supplements might slow the decline in memory usually seen with ageing, said Dutch researchers yesterday.

New Parkinson's/CoQ10 research could stir up further demand

A new study into the ability of coenzyme Q10 to slow the progression of Parkinson's disease is on the starting blocks. If the results of much-cited 2002 research by the...

Whey protein could fight gut infection and save lives

Researchers in New Zealand's Massey University have reported that whey protein concentrate reduced the severity of rotavirus-induced diarrhea in a mice model. If replicated in humans, this result could help...

Green tea could fight autoimmune disorders

Polyphenols founds in green tea may help protect the body autoimmune disorders, believes an oral biologist who has conducted extensive studies into their health promoting properties.

Portion size drives pre-schoolers' eating habits

Preschool children are unable to gauge their own energy intake, according to new research at Cornell University. If caregivers do not realize that the responsibility for controlling calorie consumption lies...

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