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Teens use supplements to boost body image

A new survey has raised concerns over the use of hormones and supplements by teenagers to enhance their physical appearance, reports Jess Halliday.

Omega-6 fatty acids cause prostate tumour cell growth in lab

Omega-6 fatty acids promote the growth of prostate tumour cells in the laboratory, according to US researchers, who say they have also identified a mechanism for this action.

Echinacea - cold cure or hot air?

Echinacea's reputation for chasing off the common cold has made it one of the most widely used herbal products on the market, but a study published today casts doubt on...

Whey supplement could help blood sugar control

Taking a whey supplement with meals can help stimulate insulin release in type 2 diabetics, shows a Swedish study.

Heart study strengthens interest in wholegrain products

A new report that shows that whole grain consumption can slow the progression of heart disease has strengthened interest in whole-grain products that do not compromise taste, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Grape boost to women's heart health

The heart health benefits of grape polyphenols have come under the spotlight again, with a new study indicating that they can reduce certain key risk factors for coronary heart disease...

Cocoa flavonols emerging as functional food ingredients

Cocoa compounds can be extracted and marketed as functional food ingredients, or even synthesised for use in pharmaceuticals, said confectionery giant Mars this week, reports Dominique Patton.

Vitamin D3 may not prevent bone loss in black women

A new study at Winthrop University Hospital indicates that vitamin D3 supplementation may not prevent bone loss in postmenopausal African-American women, writes Jess Halliday.

Eye health - the products keep coming

Supplement makers have been tapping into consumer's eye health anxieties for the last four years and although product launches seem to have peaked in 2003, there are no signs of...

Could protein be the key to weight loss?

New research bolsters the argument that the efficacy of low-carb diets could be due to their high protein content, reports Jess Halliday. So could raising America's protein intake help the...

CRN criticizes vitamin E dosage report

A report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week has come in for criticism from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, which says it was based on a flawed...

Elderly benefit from calcium and vitamin D combo, confirms review

Elderly people who are frail and at risk for bone fractures may be helped somewhat by giving them both vitamin D and calcium, according to the results of a new...

Calcium may prevent polyps but cancer not clear

Calcium supplements might stop the development of polyps that sometimes lead to colon cancer but there is not enough evidence that the mineral can prevent colorectal cancer itself, finds a...

Hunger hormone also involved in memory and learning

The hormone leptin, thought to control appetite, could also boost the memory, Scottish scientists will reveal today.

Survey shows research gap over kids' cranberry use

Cranberry's reputed efficacy in fighting urinary tract infections (UTIs) leads almost one third of parents to give it to their children, reports Jess Halliday, despite few pediatric studies, according to...

Many Americans take too much vitamin E, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added fuel to the fire over vitamin E with the publication of a report showing that 11.3 percent of survey respondents...

Antioxidants may not be answer to ageing

Taking antioxidant vitamins or other supplements may do little to slow ageing, say US researchers, calling into question one of the leading theories that underpins many products in the nutraceutical...

Low-fat diet could slow breast cancer, new study

Researchers at UCLA have reported that daily exercise and replacing the typical high-fat American diet with low-fat, high-fiber foods may slow the growth of breast cancer cells in postmenopausal women...

Omega-3s crucial to bone health in later years

Getting the right balance of omega-3s and omega-6s in the diet may ward off much of the bone loss seen with post-menopausal osteoporosis, say US scientists.

Action of anti-cancer foods revealed

The discovery of the anti-cancer mechanism behind certain natural compounds could present the food industry with exciting new opportunities, reports Jess Halliday.

New research shows danger of ephedra-caffeine combinations

The scientific evidence on ephedra is not a closed book, according to researchers at the University of California, who conducted a study to determine whether repeated dosing and formulas including...

Study highlights Pycnogenol's anti-swelling action

Taking maritime pine bark extract before a long-haul flight could help travelers reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), say researchers in a new study into the effects of...

DHA in mother's milk boosts psychomotor skills

A new study indicates that babies whose mothers supplement their diet with DHA have improved psychomotor skills as toddlers, writes Jess Halliday.

Study pinpoints actions of heart health ingredients

Phytosterols and soluble fibers help protect against cardiovascular disease in a different way from omega-3 fatty acids, according to a meta-analysis of research into the effects of bioactive ingredients used...

Walnut extract targeted for AMD supplement

An extract of resveratrol-rich walnuts could offer supplement makers a new ingredient for tackling the onset of age-related macular degeneration, writes Dominique Patton.

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