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Eggs have no impact on dangerous cholesterol, new study

Eating an egg a day does not impact the cholesterol particles in the blood most likely to cause heart disease, according to a new study that could play an important...

Dieters offer opportunity for supplement makers

Teenage girls often use weight control methods that may leave them deficient in calcium, iron and other essential nutrients, a US study suggests.

Black tea may improve blood vessel health

Black tea may be healthy for the heart through its action on blood vessels, suggests a small study that found the drink to dilate the vessels allowing faster blood flow.

Vitamin E benefits athlete recovery, further antioxidant evidence

People who have high levels of oxidative stress due to chronic health problems might benefit from taking supplements of vitamin E in doses higher than the currently recommended daily intake,...

Vitamin B may block, not clear, arteries

Researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine have found that supplements of vitamin B, previously thought to help keep arteries clear after a coronary stent was inserted, actually do...

Omega-3s appear to protect against prostate cancer

Men with higher intakes of EPA and DHA could be at lower risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a major US study.

Money for soy trials in post-menopausal women

The health effects of soy in post-menopausal women are to be explored at the Keck School of Medicine of USC in a trial sponsored by the National Institute of Health,...

Sprout salad may help ward off cancer

A salad of sprouted vegetables appears to protect against cancer, according to new research presented at a biotech conference yesterday.

The future for vitamin E

Scientists still do not have enough data on vitamin E to deduce optimal intake levels, concluded scientists at a major conference in the US last month.

Low carb diet dangerous for health, says consumer group

The newly formed non-for-profit health group Partnership for Essential Nutrition announced that it has carried out a review that shows low-carb diets can be dangerous, even deadly, for people's health.

Vending machines of the future to offer tailor-made health foods

Dairy firm Fonterra and vitamin maker BASF are funding research to create high-tech vending machines that can customise foods to an individual's dietary requirements.

Vitamin D3 more potent than D2, further evidence

Vitamin D3 has significantly greater potency than another form of the vitamin, D2, shows a small study, presented last week.

Beans, artichokes top antioxidant list, according to new analysis

Artichokes and red kidney beans are among the best sources of dietary antioxidants, according to a new US investigation, said to be the largest, most comprehensive analysis to date of...

Omega-3 flax as laxative

An omega-3 rich flax fiber appears to have positive laxative and satiety effects, which could potentially aid digestion and weight loss, according to Bioriginal.

High-fiber foods may reduce insulin production in diabetes-risk patients

Eating a fiber-rich cereal helped men with high insulin levels to reduce a rise in the hormone, suggesting that fiber could be an important preventative therapy for people at risk...

New system pinpoints strong consumer food profile

Food makers will have increasingly accurate data about their consumers as researchers in the US design a new method to help survey respondents remember 'forgotten foods'.

Calcium supplements may protect against cancer

Daily calcium supplements may protect against colon polyps, particularly the advanced type that go on to become cancer, according to research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute .

Early days for supplements' role in diabetes

Little evidence supports either the safety or efficacy of nutritional supplements in helping to improve diabetes-related conditions despite strong public interest in natural therapies, according to the head of a...

Echinacea might not fight cold symptoms, further evidence

Another study questions the ability of the herbal Echinacea to reduce symptoms of the common cold and help patients recover faster.

Vitamin D lacking in African-American teens

African American adolescents living in cities often have low levels of vitamin D, according to a US medical journal.

Major study backs carotenoids' protective effects on heart

Further evidence to support the inclusion of carotenoids in food formulations comes from the US with a new study showing that high blood levels of carotenoids, a family of disease-beating...

Genistein supplement in prostate cancer trial

Researchers are to investigate whether a genistein-rich food, derived from soybeans and shiitake mushrooms, could help slow or even halt the progression of early prostate cancer.

Diachrome could cut costs of diabetes therapy, says Nutrition21

Taking daily supplements of chromium picolinate and biotin could help type 2 diabetes patients reduce the costs associated with managing their disease, suggests an economic analysis of the benefits to...

Calcium plays minor role in building girls' bone strength, suggests study

Exercise is more influential than calcium intake in determining bone strength in young women, say US researchers, who found that daily calcium intake had no significant impact on bone gain...

Weeds being overlooked as natural medicines

Herbal companies looking for new products may not need to go far to find new medicinal plants, according to a review, which finds that weeds have produced more drugs and...

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