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Most US whey protein ‘total protein’ claims are consistent with content, study finds

When it comes to the accuracy of total protein amount claims on a label to what was actually found in the product, US-produced supplements fared better than Brazilian ones, a...

Researchers evaluate what drives young athletes to take supplements

Most Canadian young athletes were able to back the reason why they take common ergogenic aids. But for vitamins and minerals, plant extracts, and many other supplements they take, it’s...

Prebiotic in early life may benefit brain health into adulthood: Research

Researchers from the University of Oxford have demonstrated for the first time the brain modulating role of prebiotics in early life 'window of opportunity'. 

Higher Omega-3 Index linked to better processing speeds in teenagers

Teenagers with higher blood levels of omega-3s may have better information processing speeds, compared with those with lower levels, says a new study.

Crowdsourcing: Fostering openness and innovation

Outsourcing in the nutraceutical industry has traditionally involved partnering with contract research organisations (CROs) to prove new concepts or differentiate unique product formulas - but more recently the industry has seen...

Inulin-enriched coffee product may keep hunger at bay: Study

Drinking a coffee enriched with inulin may reduce feelings of hunger and boost satiety, says a new study from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Chitosan may help weight management: Human data

Supplements of chitosan derived from fungus may help reduce body weight and BMI in overweight subjects, says a new study from Belgium and India.

Curcumin supplement may improve endothelial function & boost heart health for older people

Consuming curcumin supplements may improve endothelial-dependent dilation (EDD) of blood vessels in middle-aged and older, says a new study.

Study supports safety & omega-3 boosting efficacy of Ahiflower oil

Ahiflower oil may accrue omega-3 EPA up to four times higher than flaxseed oil, says the first human clinical trial performed with the ingredient that also supports the safety and...

Iron supplementation may affect normal micronutrient uptake: Study

Excess iron (Fe) in the diet may affect absorption of other metals such as manganese, leading to concerns that over supplementation of iron could be affecting absorption of other essential...

Resveratrol + exercise may lead to increased mitochondrial capacity

Test participants that consumed resveratrol supplementation after low-intensity exercise training experienced higher mitochondrial capacity in their forearm, says a new study.

Guest article

Navigating health conundrums: Nutrients, probiotics and nutrient-microbiome interactions

The general public is just beginning to learn about the true potential of probiotics and the concept that microbes can provide health as well as drive complications previously assigned to...

Olive oil polyphenols may boost cognition: Nutrigenomic data

Supplementing the diet with olive oil polyphenols may beneficially affect gene expression linked to brain function, says a new nutrigenomic study from Italy.

Oat extract may improve cognitive function and memory: Study

A wild green-oat extract has demonstrated cognitive function improvement in middle-aged adults, who exhibited increased speed of performance and episodic memory in a clinical study. 

Researchers look at lasting effects of early-life exercise on gut microbes, brain health & metabolism

The immature gut may be more sensitive to environmental influences and provide a 'window of opportunity' for better health, say researchers behind a study in rats. 

Curcumin may aid fat loss in rats

Curcumin may help mitigate metabolic and oxidative alterations caused by hormone deprivation in events such as menopause, suggests a new study with rats. 

Soy isoflavones may aid with sleep, says study

Can isoflavones found in soybeans help insomniacs get some sleep? Researchers in Japan, who studied more than a thousand participants from various walks of life, think so.

Omega-3 not omega-6 linked with lower depressive symptoms: 2000-strong Japanese study

Even in countries with higher fish intakes, omega-3 may lower depressive symptoms, according to Japanese research in over 2000 people.

Omega-3 levels in older adults linked to better blood lipids levels: Study

A higher omega-3 index – a quantification of the fatty acid status of a person – is linked to lower triglyceride levels in older adults, says a new study from Australia.

There's plenty of room for botanical discovery, especially in finding new ingredients from familiar sources, experts say

What’s the future for botanical ingredient discovery? Experts differ on whether there are wholly new, useful species yet to be discovered, but agree that there are still more ingredients to...

Black raspberries a contender for best antioxidant fruit, says study

Black raspberries grown in Central Europe show greater health benefits than its closely related cousins the red raspberry and blackberry, research suggests. 

Dark chocolate may boost time trial performance for cyclists

Flavanol-rich dark chocolate may boost endurance and exercise performance in moderately-trained male cyclists, says a new study.

Study praises fortified dairy products’ effect on osteoporosis

New research has recommended the use of dairy products as a first-line strategy in the prevention of osteoporosis-related fractures, highlighting its benefits as a rich source of calcium and vitamin...

Peek inside probiota 2016: Amsterdam, February 2-4

Restoring the damaged baby microbiome: ‘This is the biggest development in infant nutrition in years’

The biochemist instrumental in making DHA omega-3 near-mandatory in infant formula 15 years ago says discoveries about the ‘baby microbiome’ are set to revolutionise our view of infant and embryonic feeding.

Already healthy people take supplements while those most in need of them don't, researchers conclude

A paper that will be presented at an upcoming social science meeting suggests that dietary quality determines dietary supplement usage, not the other way around, and that the people who...

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