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Microbiome modulation shows brain benefits: Mouse data

Altering the gut microbiome has been shown to reduce erosion of nerve cell protection in the brains of mice in an Irish study.

Study finds more evidence of olive leaf extract’s benefits for blood pressure

There is an abundance of literature on the effects of olive leaf extract on cardiovascular risks and blood pressure, but some researchers sought to better understand the impact of olive...

Beta-alanine supplements may allow middle aged people to exercise for longer

Twenty-eight days of supplementation with 2.4 grams per day of beta-alanine was associated with longer workouts for middle aged men and women, and improvements in cognitive function, says new data...

Creatine + nitrate safe for athletes, study finds

Consumers go to creatine to increase strength performance, and go to nitrate to improve endurance performance. So what happens when you take both?

Omega-3s may lower homocysteine levels, but B vitamins enhance the effects

Data from randomized-controlled trial supports a modest homocysteine-lowering effect for omega-3 fatty acids, says a new meta-analysis from Deakin University in Australia.

Resveratrol may improve blood flow in the brain: Study

Supplements of the polyphenol were found to increase blood flow in the brains of people with type 2 diabetes, a population known to be at increased risk of cognitive decline...

‘misrepresentations of products can occur’

Aquaculture Stewardship Council sees potential in DNA seaweed testing

DNA testing and verification of seaweed can be useful in an increasingly busy sector where quality varies and manufacturer demands are rising amid stricter regulations, an aquaculture group has said.

“One of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind”: Curcumin/turmeric’s staggering growth in supplements and beyond

After establishing itself as the number one herb, turmeric/curcumin is increasingly moving into functional beverages.

Probiotic BLIS M18 may improve chances of avoiding new dental caries

Tablets containing BLIS M18 may reduce caries-related risk factors by 30% in children at high-risk for dental caries, says a new study.

Omega-3 doesn't help male muscle builders: Study

Fish oil supplementation makes no difference to muscle growth in healthy, young men who weight train with whey protein, a study has concluded.

Higher protein intakes promote fat mass loss

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada found that, among overweight subjects, higher dietary protein intake during an energy deficit combined with intense exercise promotes greater lean mass gain and fat...

Will it last? Scientists observe storage condition influence on nutraceutical phytochemicals

Using high resolution mass spectrometry, scientists in Spain tested the stability of bioactive compounds in nutraceutical products based on natural extracts: green tea, soy, royal jelly, and grapes.

OmniActive releases new data to substantiate capsaicinoids and salacia extract ingredients

The findings from these two clinical studies will be presented at Experimental Biology in San Diego, CA, this upcoming weekend. 

New study explores creatine’s benefits during complex training bout

Scientists in Taiwan found that short-term creatine supplementation has positive effects in increasing post-activation potentiation during a heavy resistance exercise and plyometric combo.

Healthy tears: Vitamin C may protect against cataracts

Increasing vitamin C intake may have a protective effect against the progression of cataracts, a British study has revealed.

Special edition: Ayurveda

Continuing science will boost Ayurveda, even given tension over best research models to use, experts say

Accelerating interest in the personalization of medicine and the accumulation of a body of research will help drive increasing acceptance of Ayurveda in the West, experts say, albeit with a continuing...

Typical vegan diet lacks key nutrients; supplements can help: Study

Vegans are often nutrient-deficient due to unbalanced protein sources and a low intake of berries, fruits and nuts, a Finnish study has found.

Supplement-drug interactions: Greater use does not equate to great risk, says expert

Adverse events reported for supplement-drug interactions are relatively low, says an industry expert, despite claims that “potential” risks for such interactions are on the rise. 

Increasing use of medications raise risk of drug-supplement interactions: JAMA papers

The increased use of multiple medications and dietary supplements among older people is potentially raising the risk for drug-supplement interactions, says a new study.

Dried fruit proves plum choice for preventing bone loss, study finds

A daily serving of dried plums may be sufficient enough to ward off bone loss in older women, a study has found.

Omega-3 neglected in malnutrition product formulations: Researchers

Omega-3 content is a neglected issue when formulating products to combat severe acute malnutrition in children, say international researchers.

Curcumin supplement reduces muscle damage post-exercise: Human data

‘Optimized’ curcumin may reduce markers of inflammation and muscle damage following excessive exercise, says a new study.

Probiotic effective in treating gum inflammation: Study

Probiotics can benefit inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, a meta-analysis suggests.

Climate change could be affecting krill biomass, but experts say more data needed to make connection

Despite a recent TV documentary that raised questions, krill researchers say there is no immediate concern about the abundance of the creatures in the Southern Ocean. But they said that...

50%+ weight loss botanicals laced with pharma: French research

Over half of so-called 100% natural botanical slimming supplements are adulterated with unlabelled pharmaceuticals, according to French tests of 164 products.