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Meta-analysis: Vitamin C supplements may boost endothelial function

Oral doses of vitamin C greater than 500 milligrams per day may boost the health of the endothelium - the thin layer of cells lining the blood vessels – and...

“We want to understand the molecular relationships between nutrients and their effects on healthy individuals and patients at different stages of their lives.”

Bespoken for: Nestlé eyes ‘I-tamins’

Swiss-based Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is teaming with a US analytics specialist to develop personalised vitamin solutions via ultra-sensitive lab techniques.

Mead Johnson awards $1m to further study of piglet brain development

Mead Johnson Nutrition has awarded the University of Illinois' Department of Animal Sciences a grant of nearly $1m to further its understanding of how nutrition affects brain development in piglets....

Study finds calcium fructoborate lessens knee pain

Calcium fructoborate may reduce knee pain as measured on two well-accepted scales, according to a recent study.

Follow-up formula shows immune-support potential: RCT

Results of a randomized clinical trial with three- and four-olds indicate that follow-up formula containing a combination of DHA, prebiotics, and yeast beta-glucan may support the immune systems of the...

Physiological responses to caffeine may increase with age: Study

The potentially negative effects of caffeine consumption on the heart significantly increase as young people reach adolescence, research has suggested. 

Special edition: Bone & Joint Health

Magnesium and bone health: Science and economics stack up for this red hot mineral

With the science and regulatory bodies agreeing on the bone health boosting potential of magnesium, and the potential healthcare savings related to magnesium for reducing osteoporosis-related events worth about $500...

ATP supplement boosts blood flow following exercise, may aid recovery

Supplements formulated with the branded ingredient Peak ATP may boost blood flow after exercise and help with nutrient delivery to muscles and recovery, according to new data from lab rats...

Fruity carotenoid beta-cryptoxanthin may prevent abdominal obesity

Beta-cryptoxanthin, a novel dietary carotenoid derived from Japanese satsuma mandarin, may prevent abdominal obesity and improve symptoms of metabolic syndromes, according to a review of human and mice research. ...

Herb quality consortium launches ‘Botanical Adulterants Monitor’ focusing on prevention of herbal product adulteration

A new e-newsletter from a consortium of nonprofit herbal advocacy and research organizations will provide information related to the prevention and detection of herbal adulteration, quality assurance challenges facing the...

Black tea shows cholesterol-busting potential: Meta-analysis

Regular consumption of black tea may reduce LDL cholesterol levels, but has no effect on HDL cholesterol, according to a new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Special Edition: Bone & Joint Health

Dearth of convincing data retards application of omega-3s in joint health

A lack of convincing human data has stalled the wider application of omega-3s in the area of joint health, experts say.

Exercise and high protein diet may increase gut microbiota diversity: Research

Exercise and ‘extreme' high protein diet could have beneficial impact on gut microbiota diversity, according to research published in the British Medical Journal. 

Better together: Polyphenol may have greater bioavailability in combo with others

The amount of polyphenols absorbed and used by the body may be greater when taken with other polyphenols, according to a research review of the antioxidants.

Review links prebiotics with reduction in acute infection risk in children

Prebiotics may help reduce the risk of serious infections in children under two years but more research is required, according to meta-analysis.

‘Timely findings’: Canola oil offers blood sugar management potential for diabetics

Alpha-linolenic acid-rich canola oil, in combination with a low glycemic index diet, may help improve blood sugar control and other measures of heart health, says a new study from Canada.

Prebiotic fibers may improve metabolic factors in obese individuals: Study

Daily supplements of inulin-type fructans prebiotics may boost levels of beneficial Bifidobacteria species in the gut of obese people, and reduce metabolic risk factors, says a new study from the...

FTC settlement with DSM division sets precedent for future memory claims

DSM’s consumer products division i-Health has settled a claim with the Federal Trade Commission on the company’s use of an adult memory-enhancement claim for its algal DHA product. ...

Masquelier’s OPC supplements may boost vascular health via gene expression changes: Study

Daily supplements of oligomeric procyanidins from grape seeds may change gene expression associated with cardiovascular disease pathways, according to a new study by an international group of genomics scientists.

Abbott Nutrition study: Maternal lutein supplementation passes to child

Supplementing lactating women with lutein is an effective way of raising the lutein status of the breast-feeding infant, says a new study from Abbott Nutrition with potential implications for eye...

Herb shows gastro benefits: Study

Supplementation with Vital Solutions’ proprietary Benegut perilla frutescens leaf extract offers substantial relief from gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort, say researchers.

ISAPP consensus: Gut, yes. Immunity, no (for now)

Time to recognise ‘core benefits of certain probiotics’: ISAPP

The evidence has grown so strong for the best-documented probiotic strains that a generic digestive health claim should exist, according to a consensus statement from leading international researchers published this...

Herbal industry increasingly backed by data, Rainbow Light's new science director says

The transformation of Rainbow Light mirrors that of the herbal industry as a whole, the company's new director of integrative science says.  Christopher Hobbs, a fairly newly-minted PhD, has worked...

Calgon in your joint health supplements? Experts identify recently discovered adulterant of chondroitin sulfate

The dietary supplements industry has been advised to implement effective ingredient testing methods for chondroitin after a team of industry and analytical experts identified a recently discovered adulterant as sodium...

DRIs for bioactives? Start with lutein, set the template, and work out the kinks, says academic

Efforts to establish a framework for dietary reference intakes for bioactives should start with lutein, says a leading researcher, with ‘different kinds of data saying the same thing’.

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