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Gut microbiota regulates antioxidant metabolism, study finds

Gut microbiota regulates glutathione and amino acid metabolism, research in mice has suggested.

Tocotrienols may improve cardiometabolic health, for rats at least

Delta- and gamma-tocotrienols may be more effective than alpha-tocotrienol and alpha-tocopherol in attenuating metabolic syndrome, suggests a recent study in diet-induced obese rats.

Probiotics may prevent recurrent vaginal infections: Study

Probiotic strains are effective against recurrent vaginal infections when used alongside prescribed medication, according to a study using Bifodan’s patented EcoVag probiotic. 

Two decades of data and 100,000 participants support role of lutein-zeaxanthin in lowering AMD risk

Increased levels of lutein and zeaxanthin are associated with a whopping 40% reduced risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD), according to researchers from Harvard and Brown.

Probiotic combination shifts intestinal microbiota toward a healthier (and younger) profile: Study

Supplements containing Lactobacillus gasseri KS-13, Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1, and Bifidobacterium longum MM2 may shift the microbiota of elderly adults to those of healthier and younger people, says a new study....

Higher dietary magnesium linked to lower metabolic syndrome risk, says new meta-analysis

Increased intakes of magnesium from the diet may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome by 22%, says a new meta-analysis.

Obese paradox? People needing more vitamin E are getting less

Obese people are absorbing less vitamin E when they actually require more to help counteract the effects of metabolic stress, say researchers.

Evidence of omega-3s as depression treatment flawed, says review

There is insufficient evidence to support the use of omega-3 supplements as a treatment for depression, a new Cochrane review has said.

Rhodiola rosea extract may improve anxiety, stress and mood: Human data

Daily intake of a Rhodiola rosea L. extract may improve various measures of mood in people with mild anxiety, says a new study from England.

EU project seeks algae omega-3s

Extracting omega-3 from novel algae sources is the mission of a European Union-funded project with multiple partners including the famed nutrition research arm at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

FOOD VISION USA, the highlights: From DNA diets and mass customization via 3D printing, to 'old school' deal tactics

 If you didn't make it to Chicago last week for the inaugural Food Vision USA event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional...

Porridge's prebiotic potential previewed by Nordic researchers

Eating a bowl of porridge oats a day could alter gut microbial functions, according to Scandinavian researchers who have tipped the ingredient as a possible prebiotic.

Personalized medicine startup offers breast milk testing kits; hopes data can be used for large scale nutritional study

Personalized nutrition is taking a step forward with the release of a home test kit for mothers to test breast milk. The data can be used to tailor supplementation, and...

News in brief

ODS calls for comments on Dietary Supplement Label Database

The dietary supplement industry, along with academic researchers, government agencies, and other interested parties, including consumers, are being asked for comments on ways to improve the Dietary Supplement Label Database...

Vitamin E improves bone density for women but not men: Study

Greater dietary intakes and blood levels of vitamin E are associated with greater bone mineral density (BMD) in women but not men, Chinese research in over 3000 adults has found.

Prebiotics could be used to battle neuropsychiatric disorders: Oxford study

Prebiotics may play a modulatory role in neuro-immuno processes and could reverse anxiety induced by inflammation, research in mice has suggested for the first time.

Cranberry carbohydrates show urinary tract benefits: Study

Oligosaccharides from cranberries may inhibit the formation of E. coli biofilms and help support healthy urinary tract health, suggests a new study.

Tualang honey reduces risk of heart disease in smokers: Study

Malaysian researchers have found that Tualang honey supplementation reduced the oxidative stress status of smokers, suggesting its potential in reducing the risk of smoking-related cardio-vascular disease.

Whey plus HMB boosts recovery more than whey alone: Study

Adding the amino acid derivative beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) and the disaccharide sweetener isomaltulose to whey protein powder improves recovery from demanding exercise, researchers have found.

From the FENS Congress in Berlin

Euro congress tackles ‘syndrome X'

Vitamin E and prebiotics are important in the 21st century battle against ‘syndrome X’ – the umbrella term given to a collection of chronic maladies including obesity, inflammation, diabetes and non-alcoholic...

Inflammation: Key lessons for what you can and cannot say (and when and how to say it)

Experts from the Natural Products Association, Metagenics, Penn State University, and Greenberg Traurig LLP will discuss the opportunities and challenges of marketing products positioned for inflammation in the FREE-TO-ATTEND NutraIngredients-USA...

Healthy Mediterranean style diet could block brain ageing

People who eat a diet rich in fish, fruits and vegetables but low in meat may end up with bigger brains and slow down the cognitive ageing process, say researchers.

Krill oil may support immune health for athletes: Human data

Supplements of krill oil may strengthen immune function of healthy exercising adults, says a new study supported by Aker BioMarine using its Superba Krill Oil product.

Multivitamins, cognitive health, and DNA analysis: CRN's Day of Science 2015 as it happened

The Council for Responsible Nutrition's Day of Science took place on October 21 in Palm Springs, CA, with hot topics covering everything from learnings from PHS II, nutrition and cognitive...

AHPA: NEJM ER visits study actually demonstrates the relative safety of supplements

The recent NEJM study on emergency room (ER) visits associated with dietary supplements demonstrates the relative safety of this product class, when placed into the context of the U.S. population...

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