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Omega-3 may reduce cholesterol regulator, but do they affect LDL levels?

Omega-3 supplements may significantly reduce levels of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9), a protein linked to LDL cholesterol production, says a new study.

'Vitamin E tocotrienols are potential candidates for maintenance of heart health,' says study

Supplements containing vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress biomarkers associated with cardiovascular and aging disease, according to results of a clinical trial.

Probiotic fermented milk may improve airway allergies: Danone study

Probiotic fermented milk may improve airway allergies through immune system shift, says Argentinian research funded by Danone.

Fermented metabolites can be prebiotic biomarkers: Review

Combining knowledge of metabolites with metagenomics could isolate biomarkers that can improve understanding of the prebiotic microbiome, researchers say.

LGG may ‘transiently’ boost anti-inflammatory functions in the gut microbiota: Human data

The probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG ATCC 53103 may not change the host’s gut microbiota but may stimulate anti-inflammatory activities of microbes already resident, says a new study.

Beta-glucan may ease exercise-induced immune suppression in less active people: Wellmune study

Daily supplements of the baker’s yeast beta glucan ingredient Wellmune may improve mucosal immunity post-exercise amongst general, non-exercising adults, says a new study from the University of North Texas.

High-fat diets may change gut microflora and signals to the brain: Rat data

A high-fat diet may affect the bacterial populations in the gut and detrimentally affect satiety signaling to the brain, says a new study using lab rats.

Carnitine supplementation could boost muscle stamina: Animal data

Supplementation with carnitine increases activity of metabolic pathways that helped mice to run longer and further that those not supplemented, say researchers. 

Science and market build for Kemin’s spearmint extract for cognitive health

Daily supplements of Kemin’s Neumentix spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) extract may improve the quality and accuracy of working memory in older adults, say data from a gold-standard randomized controlled trial....

Olive oil polyphenols improve cardiovascular markers for young healthy men

Polyphenols from olive oil may reduce LDL cholesterol levels and the build-up of LDL in the arterial walls (LDL atherogenicity) in healthy young men, says a new study from Europe.

Work on cranberry helped research manager bridge university/industry divide

Linking the goals of companies in the dietary supplement sector with the objectives of university researchers is more art than science. Working with companies like Canadian cranberry supplier Fruit d’...

Too much orange juice may raise skin cancer risk – but citrus virtues should not be forgotten

A US study has associated orange juice with the risk of melanoma, but the Florida Department of Citrus is urging caution over ‘careless coverage’ of the findings.

‘Underappreciated’ Lactococcus strain shows anti-inflammatory potential

Consuming a Lactococcus lactis-fermented milk product may help reduce intestinal inflammation and oxidative stress in lab mice with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), says a new study.

‘An exciting finding’: Are the brain health benefits of B vitamins dependent on omega-3 levels?

B vitamins may protect against age-related brain wasting, but only in people with high omega-3 levels, says a new study from the University of Oxford that extends our understanding of...

Chia seeds fail to boost athletic performance but athletes ‘should still include them in their diet’

Runners adding chia seeds to their diet in the belief that it will boost athletic performance may be disappointed to hear that the ‘superfood’ may not enhance their performance, says...

Flaxseed beats probiotics for improved insulin sensitivity & altered microbiota

A study comparing fibrous flaxseed with probiotics has questioned the latter’s ability to alter gut microbiota and improve obesity-related metabolic diseases. 

RCT data questions benefits of vitamin B12 supplements for older people

Vitamin B12 supplements offer ‘no benefit’ for nervous system and brain function in older people with moderate vitamin B12 deficiency, according to new RCT data.

‘Encouraging’: Tart cherries may protect marathon runners from upper respiratory tract symptoms

Juice made from Montmorency cherries may reduce the development of upper respiratory tract symptoms (URTS) after running a marathon, suggests data from a pilot study.

Protein and veg before carbs helps keep blood sugar in check, say researchers

The order in which we eat food could play a vital role in how our bodies manage post-meal blood sugar and insulin levels, a small study has reported.

IND guidance complicates research into immune health, forum participants told

Studying immune responses in the target population where an immune supporting supplement is meant to marketed is a key pillar in building a structure that will stand up to FDA...

Omega-3s show ‘positive effects’ for athletic endurance and muscle function

Supplements of omega-3s may improve neuromuscular function and aspects of fatigue for athletes, says a new study from the University of Toronto.

Ecological characteristics of human gut still only dimly understood, researcher says

Ecological models of the human microbiome, underpinned by statistical techniques, have made significant strides over the past 15 years. But much remains to be discovered, including how to make a...

Olive leaf extract backed for ‘positive effect’ on inflammation and heart health markers

Supplementation with olive leaf extract could improve vascular functions and reduce inflammatory cytokines linked to heart disease, according to new human trial data.

Fatty and sugary foods linked to lower cognitive functions: Mouse data

A diet rich in fat and sugar could cause changes in the make up of our gut bacteria, which in turn lead to losses of cognitive functions, suggest researchers.

Glico’s cyclic dextrin may outperform conventional carbs for swimming endurance: Human data

Formulating sports drinks with a highly branched cyclic dextrin may increase endurance and benefit performance in swimmers, says a study from Japan.

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