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Potassium salts may preserve bone health by lowering excretion of markers

Supplementation of alkaline potassium salts may help preserve bone health by lowering the excretion of calcium and acid as well as the bone resorption marker NTX (N-terminal telopeptides), according to...

Pharmavite study using NHANES data shows obese adults have lowest micronutrient intakes

It has long been suspected that the kind of diets that make Americans fat paradoxically fail to supply enough of the right nutrients. A newly published study now supplies data...

‘Excipient foods' show promise in enhancing nutrient bioavailability

Improving the design of functional and finished products by better understanding the role of excipient foods could help increase the bioavailability of functional nutrients, according to new research.

Science and IP builds around health benefits of citrus limonin glucoside

A citrus extract called limonin glucoside may decrease select markers of inflammation by as much as 40%, according to results of a double-blind placebo-controlled study in overweight/obese people.

Early human microbiome studies may aid modern nutrition science

A better understanding of the ancient human microbiome could contribute to a better understanding of health and nutrition today, say researchers.

Blueberry powder shows big blood pressure benefits: Study

Daily consumption of blueberries may help slash blood pressure and improve the arterial health, researchers from Florida State University.

Leucine ‘significant’ tool against age-related muscle-mass decline: Review

Leucine supplementation could “significantly” increase muscle protein synthesis in elderly individuals, and therefore be useful in addressing age-related muscle wasting, according to meta-analysis.

Fish and borage/echium oil may improve metabolic syndrome biomarkers: Human data

Supplementing the diet of people with early-stage type-2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome with fish oil or a combination of borage and echium oil may improve cholesterol levels and other biomarkers,...

Gut bacteria that digest beer and bread aid development of new prebiotics

Bacteria that have evolved to help us digest the yeast that give beer and bread their bubbles could also help to fight off yeast infections and autoimmune diseases such as...

Clinical trial supports cardiovascular benefits of annatto tocotrienols

Supplements of vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may enhance the cardiovascular benefits of the American Heart Association Step-1 diet, suggests a new clinical study.

DSM and Dutch university ‘join the dots’ in phenotype-nutrient mapping project

Nutrition giant DSM has partnered with the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) for a large-scale research project on the impact of phenotypes on micronutrient status. 

An avocado a day could help keep cholesterol at bay

Eating one avocado a day may help lower bad cholesterol, in turn reducing risk for heart disease, according to researchers.

Garlic supplements effective for blood pressure management: Meta-analysis

Dietary supplements with garlic (Allium sativum) may beneficially affect blood pressure, especially for hypertensives, says a meta-analysis of 17 randomized controlled trials.

Researchers tout ‘fundamental’ new mechanism for resveratrol’s health benefits

Resveratrol, the powerful polyphenol found in red wine and certain fruits may work by activating an ‘evolutionarily ancient’ stress response in human cells, say researchers from The Scripps Research Institute.

Cocoa flavanols may fend off age-related cognitive dysfunction, says Mars-backed study

A Mars-backed study has provided further evidence that high cocoa flavanol consumption may help improve cognitive function, possibly through changes to insulin sensitivity.

"We hope to develop a pill for fexaramine within 24 to 36 months to try in humans."

Satiety pill shows metabolic syndrome potential: Mice study

The mainstream press has latched onto a mouse study that shows a bile-controlling, gut restricted pharma intervention can mimic food intake and therefore potentially be an obesity beater. But could...

Spanish black radish shows detox benefits, support liver health: Human data

Supplements containing Spanish black radish may enhance the activity of enzymes in the liver associated with the detoxification of pain relievers, says a new study from KGK Synergize and Standard...

Glycolipid-rich algal oil efficiently delivers omega-3s to tissues, study shows

Qualitas Health continues to build the scientific backing for its algal omega 3 oil ingredient with the recent release of a study on omega-3s uptake that shows the company’s Almega...

Low vitamin D status may mean longer respiratory support for intensive care patients

Vitamin D status may impact the duration of respiratory support required by intensive care unit (ICU) patients, according to a cohort study.

NutraIngredients-USA predicts top industry influences in 2015

As the New Year begins, NutraIngredients-USA predicts the top challenges and opportunities for the US dietary supplements industry in the year ahead.

Tomato juice may slash waist size & inflammatory markers for young women

A daily glass of tomato juice for eight weeks has a direct effect on waist circumference, cholesterol, and markers of inflammation in generally healthy young women, says a new study...

Multivitamin may have pregnancy benefits over folic acid and iron alone: RCT

A daily multivitamin may be better for pregnancy outcomes than supplementation with iron and folic acid alone, according to new research on mothers in rural Bangladesh.

Outsourcing, bone & joint health, LATAM, functional foods: lessons from 2014's special editions part 2

From polyphenols and prebiotics to a focus on Latin America, healthy aging and functional foods, NutraIngredients-USA’s special editions have set traffic records because of their in-depth coverage and exclusive content. ...

Whey supplements help preserve muscle during weight loss: Study

Adding whey to a short-term weight loss regime may prevent muscle loss, but the effects were not observed for soy protein, says a new study.

Associations’ 2014 takeaways on politics, consumer outreach and personalized medicine

The leaders of the five trade organizations most closely associated with the dietary supplement industry offered their input to NutraIngredients-USA on what the big lessons industry should learn from the...