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Vitamin C & E supplements may protect against age-related brain declines: Study

Supplements of vitamin C and E may reduce the risk of cognitive decline, according to data from the Canadian Study of Health and Aging.

Cherry juice blood boost may help halt cognitive decline: Study

Drinking sour cherry juice appears to boost blood flow to the brain and may reduce blood pressure, according to a study.

Researchers examine influence of caffeine supplementation on female athletes

Is caffeine supplementation by female athletes still effective while they’re on the pill? Researchers in New Zealand found that female athletes who regularly take oral contraceptives still experienced increase in...

New studies show importance of vitamin K for vascular function

A lack of an active vitamin K- dependent protein may increase the risk of arterial calcification and stiffness, say two new studies that support the potential heart health benefits of...

Office of Dietary Supplements outlines five-year strategic plan

Creating and disseminating analytic tools for biomarkers, seeking to better understand the microbiome, and enhancing consumer to the Dietary Supplement Label Database are just some of the new directions outlined...

Peek inside PROBIOTA 2017: Berlin, 1-3 February

In search of biomarkers: Can metabolomics drive prebiotic & probiotic research

Can large-scale studies using metabolomic data points help researchers better understand our microbiome and how what we eat influences our health?

'Impressive': Omega-3s during pregnancy may protect kids from asthma

Fish oil supplements during the third trimester of pregnancy may reduce the risk of the children developing asthma or wheezing, says a new study published in the prestigious New England Journal...

Modest increase in zinc intake may reduce 'wear and tear' on DNA

A modest 4 milligrams of zinc extra every day in the diet may reduce DNA strand breaks and improve levels of proteins involved in DNA repair, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

Meta-analysis: Vitamin D may improve type 2 diabetes lipid profile

Researchers from Iran’s Shahrekord University analyzed the results of 17 studies that compared an intervention group supplemented with vitamin D with a placebo-taking control group, and found that vitamin D...

Vital role of Vitamin D in improving gut flora and preventing metabolic syndrome revealed in new research

Scientists have discovered that vitamin D deficiency is necessary for metabolic syndrome caused by a high-fat diet to progress in mice.

‘A compelling story’: Meta-analysis supports omega-3s for heart disease risk reduction

EPA and DHA omega-3s from food and supplements may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), according to results of a new meta-analysis.

Study supports safety, tolerability of palm tocotrienol in people with MetS

Consuming a palm tocotrienol complex is safe and well tolerated in people with metabolic syndrome, say results of a randomized, double-blind, cross-over and placebo-controlled clinical trial.


Bone & Joint Health, Anti-Aging, Sports Nutrition, Pre- & Probiotics: Lessons from 2016’s special edition

What are the health concerns of consumers today, and how can dietary supplements help? This year, our special editions included in-depth coverage on bone and joint health, anti-aging, sports nutrition,...


‘Enhanced probiotics’ pave the way in tackling malnutrition

‘Smart’ gut bacteria that can improve the fermentation process? Super-efficient microorganisms that can turn empty calories into complete nutritional food?

Ashwagandha root and leaf extract quells knee pain in study

A study done on Natreon’s Sensoril ashwagandha extract’s effects on knee pain opens up a new category for the botanical:  joint health.

'20 to 30 elite sportspeople/teams' involved in ketone research

Oxford researchers behind a novel performance-enhancing ketone drink get around an email a day from sports teams hoping to buy the product – and another 20-30 unnamed professional teams have...

Electron microscope used to highlight cranberry activity

The release of microscopic images gives graphic evidence of how research on the characterization of cranberry has borne fruit in helping to elucidate a mechanism of action in inhibiting the...

Kratom in sports: Is this a growing issue?

A new paper in Drug Testing & Analysis calls for increased vigilance from anti-doping testing labs after four samples from athletes in strength sports tested positive in 2015.

Review supports metabolic benefits of EGCG from green tea

Supplements containing epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) from green tea may increase energy expenditure and impact metabolic rates, and help with weight management, says a new meta-analysis.

Multi-strain probiotic could aid gut health – even if you’re healthy

A daily dose of multispecies probiotic could help improve intestinal health even in healthy people, according to new observational data.

New study says targeted email reminders may increase consumer nutrient intake compliance

A study out of the University of British Columbia, Kelowna, suggests that targeted email reminders were effective in increasing the recipients’ calcium intake.

Probiotics have a ‘positive effect’ on stress and anxiety: Meta-analysis

Probiotics consumption may have advantageous effects on mental health by lessening the psychological symptoms of perceived stress, depression and anxiety, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis.

Getting to know the supply chain: Lessons from 2016’s special editions

A year after the NY AG probe on botanical supplements, big calls for transparency came from both consumers and the industry. This year, we dedicated some of our in-depth coverage...

Minerals, botanicals, & Ayurveda: Lessons from 2016’s special editions

Supplements are sourced from many parts of our planet. This year, we dedicated some of our in-depth coverage to ingredients from the land: Minerals, botanicals, and the ancient South Asian...

Study supports French oak wood extract’s liver benefits

Supplementation with an extract from French oak wood may support liver function by boosting the elimination of toxins, says a new pilot study from Italy.

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