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GMPs will weed out unscrupulous companies, say insiders

The introduction of the new Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) may affect the profits of unprepared supplement makers, but industry insiders say the costs are justified by the need to make...

FDA delays again on lycopene/cancer decision

The FDA has requested a second extension on giving a decision on American Longevity's health claim petition on the link between lycopene and a reduced risk of developing certain types...

Bean message wins FDA approval

The FDA has issued a new dietary guidance message on the health benefits of beans, meaning that labels on bean cans and packets may carry the words 'diets including beans...

Sabinsa obtains proof of product purity

Sabinsa Corporation has been making sure its manufacturing processes are up to scratch in anticipation of new FDA requirements by submitting its products for testing by public health and safety...

V-Net to test rival beverages for ginseng

V-Net Beverage has condemned the drinks industry's lack of transparency about its use of ginseng and is launching a 'Truth in Ginseng' campaign which it hopes will force manufacturers to...

Body Wise to pay $3.5 million over AG-Immune claims

The FTC has reached settlement with Body Wise International and an 'expert endorser' over unsubstantiated claims that its AG-Immune dietary supplement can prevent, treat or cure serious diseases, including HIV/AIDS,...

IOM calls for supplement standards in line with conventional therapies

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (IOM) has called on Congress to amend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and hold complementary and alternative therapies to...

Traditional use of herbs should be considered in claims, says AHPA

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has asked the FDA to take into account relevant information on the traditional use of herbs when substantiating claims for products that contain them.

Nutrition should govern marketing to kids, says CSPI

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has issued a new set of new guidelines to the US food industry and media, proposing that basic nutritional thresholds should...

FDA delays decision on another health claim

The FDA has said it will not issue its decision on the pending lycopene/cancer health claim until next year, according to petitioner American Longevity.

FDA issues ginseng warning

The FDA last week demanded the seizure of imported ginseng in New Jersey and issued a national warning.

Zuellig certified organic

Zuellig Botanicals, part of BI Nutraceuticals, announced on Friday that its manufacturing facility in California has received organic certification.

Supplement companies to comply with final bioterrorism rule

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has this week issued the final part of the Bioterrorism Act that notes the importance of recordkeeping for the food industry.

Safflorin supported by two structure function claims in US

Dutch nutritional oils company Lipid Nutrition says customers working in the US can now use two immune-boosting structure/function claims for its Safflorin product after notifying the Food and Drug Administration...

FDA extends review period for chromium picolinate claim

Nutraceutical firm Nutrition 21 announced last week that the FDA has extended the review period for the company's health claim.

FDA extends NDI comment period

Players in the dietary supplement industry have an extra 60 days in which to send their comments to the FDA regarding the premarket notification program for new dietary ingredients (NDIs).

NNFA will focus on bills on lobbying day

The National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) will hold its eighth Natural Foods Day lobbying event in April to inform members of Congress about supplement bills in the offing.

Soft Gel awarded patent for skin product

Soft Gel has been awarded a US patent (6,806,259) for its Injuv soft gelatin capsule, a skincare supplement aimed at improving skin texture and appearance.

FTC charges more 'weight-loss' companies

The Federal Trade Commission has charged more supplement companies with deceptive advertising for weight-loss products that are said to have included the banned substance ephedra.

Pharming to seek GRAS for lactoferrin

Dutch pharmaceutical group Pharming this week announced that it will be seeking GRAS status for its recombinant human lactoferrin (rhLF).

FDA pledges to root out ephedra supplements

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday it was intensifying its efforts to ensure that any manufacturers still selling dietary supplements containing the banned substance ephedra would be stopped.

FDA needs more time to investigate soy health claim

The Solae Company announced yesterday that the FDA has requested an extension in reviewing a potential health claim for soy-protein based foods and cancer.

Canada gears up to further reduce trans fat

Health Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada have set up a task force to examine the best ways of reducing trans fats.

NOW Foods makes ginseng changes after FDA letter

NOW Foods yesterday issued a statement assuring the supplement industry and its consumers that it has responded to the FDA's warning letters about its American ginseng product, reports Philippa Nuttall.

NDIs discussed at FDA led public meeting

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday held a public meeting, as announced last month, giving industry and consumers the chance to discuss the government body's premarket notification program for...

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