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Seminar to focus on health claims in Asia, Europe

Health claims regulation in major global markets, particularly Europe and Asia, will be the focus of a half-day seminar to be held next month.

News focus: Weight loss claims

The wider implications of GSK's weight loss petition

The recent GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) attack on weight loss supplements could be setting off the first domino that will push back the boundaries of the dietary supplement market, according to industry...

Lead contamination not an issue, says Herbalife

Californian-based supplements manufacturer and distributor Herbalife has hit back at allegations six of its products are unsafe and in breach of Californian contaminants law due to lead levels.

Canadian industry continues supplements bill protests

The Canadian natural foods industry has embarked on a major lobbying campaign, calling for an overhaul to legislation that could place pharmaceutical controls on dietary supplements.

Herbalife lead levels draw attention

Supplements manufacturer Herbalife has been accused of exceeding lead limits established under California's controversial Proposition 65 regulations.

The drug threat to weight loss supplements

Robinson Pharma marketing vice president, Kenn Israel, discusses the recent GlaxoSmithKline petition for weight loss claims be treated as disease claims, and the potential impact of this on the dietary...

Canadian health products bill draws criticism

Legislative amendments being fast-tracked through the Canadian parliament that place pharmaceutical controls on the dietary supplements industry are raising alarm among industry.

News focus: Weight loss claims

GSK petition claims weight loss supplements have no science

A petition by drug firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) requesting that weight loss claims be treated as disease claims maintains that there is no credible science to back up weight loss ingredients...

News focus: Weight loss claims

Drug petition could strip supplements of weight loss claims

A petition filed with the US FDA calling for the agency to treat weight loss claims as disease claims could wipe the weight loss category from the dietary supplement map.

Brown rice wins FDA health claim

Brown rice has been added to the FDA-approved list of whole grains that may make health claims including reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Industry objects to Proposition 65 on beneficial nutrients

Food and supplement industry groups have strongly protested against draft regulatory language on Proposition 65 warnings for nutrients that are beneficial to human health but that are also thought to...

NSF amends supplement standards ahead of FDA deadlines

Leading US third party certifier NSF has updated its national standards on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplement production, ahead of soon to be enforced revisions to quality standards...

Opportunities for heart health on FDA soluble fibre amendment

Fresh opportunities for food makers to tap into soaring heart health market are opening up as FDA extends use of soluble fibre health claim to include certain whole oat products...

CRN backs RDA approach to nutrient level setting

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) provide the best model for guiding proposed rule-making in regard to Daily Values, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

Probiotic regulations in the Asia Pacific

The final installment of a regional series exploring probiotics regulations looks at the Asia Pacific.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

Negotiating Europe's probiotic claim laws

The third article in this series on probiotics looks at the regulatory situation in the world's biggest and most developed probiotic market - Europe.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

How Canada regulates probiotics

A second article in a series on probiotic regulations and health claims in different markets around the world examines the situation in the Canadian market.

Special edition: Probiotic regulations and claims

IPA event examines probiotic health claims in the US

A recent conference on probiotics provided an overview of the global regulatory status of the bacteria, as well as the health claims that can be associated with these on different...

Mexican food supplement rules up for discussion

Anipron, the Mexican dietary supplements trade group will host European Union regulators, Mexican government decision makers and key industry figures to discuss supplements regulations and their impact on consumers in...

FDA should help firms investigate adverse events, says CRN

A US dietary supplement industry group has called on the nation's regulator to allow for the freer disclosure of information related to adverse events reporting.

Work underway for 2010 dietary guidelines

A new advisory committee will be formed to decide on updates for the government dietary guidelines in line with advances in scientific and medical knowledge.

Ephedra recall backed by industry

Last week's recall of nine dietary supplement products containing ephedra has again put the spotlight on the banned ingredient, and the importance of keeping it off the market.

Special edition: Applying health claims

Legal advice to avoid FDA/FTC claim clamp- down

The final article in a series on health claims examines the top priorities set out by an FDA and FTC compliance lawyer on how companies can ensure they are...

Special edition: Applying health claims

When FTC gets tough on misleading marketing

NutraIngredients-USA examines the enforcement strategy of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in its efforts to ensure that the marketing claims made by food and dietary supplement manufacturers are accurate...

Higher budget needed so FDA 'can do its job'

A dramatic increase in the FDA budget is needed to maintain a strong global position and encourage consumer confidence in the industry, said the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

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