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New panel appointed to review dietary guidelines

A review of the current US dietary guidelines to help improve the nation’s health through proper nutrition is now underway with the appointment of a new panel, which includes experts...


The hour of stevia is nigh

The course of true love never did run smooth. The same could be said of stevia’s road to regulatory approval as a food ingredient. One final concerted effort is needed...

The coffee and energy drink caffeine divide

Coffee and tea-based products are free from the caffeine labelling requirements of energy drinks. But is this in consumers’ best interests? Neil Merrett reports.

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FDA should lift stevia import alert, says ABC

The American Botanical Council has called on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to rescind its "outdated import alert" on stevia.

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GMP inspection reports available online, says FDA

  An update to this article has been published here .The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the first round of GMP inspection reports on its website, according to...

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GMPs and the management obstacle

The successful implementation of new GMP regulations needs to start with the education of upper management on the requirements and implications of the rules, industry heard yesterday.

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'Stevia is a drug', says FDA citizen’s petition

A two-man law firm from Washington DC has petitioned the US Food and Drink Administration (FDA) to prevent the addition of steviol glycosides to food.

Resveratrol draws drug marketing heat

The Food and Drug Administration has warned a Georgia-based supplements manufacturer to stop making drug claims about one of its resveratrol products.

Doctors advise more vitamin D for infants

The American Academy of Pediatrics has doubled its advice on vitamin D intake by children and infants to 400 IU per day, on the basis of clinical evidence for the...

Comments to weight loss petition continue as deadline looms

The supplements industry continues to fight for its territory just weeks before the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to respond to a petition that would reclassify weight...

Special edition: Gut Health

Regulation: Rules and health claims for gut health

In the second part of a series on gut health, NutraIngredients examines the way products in this category are regulated – and what types of health claims they can make.

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Waking up to smell the caffeine

Before reading this you’re probably going to need a coffee, in fact why not have a few? After all who’s to say when enough is enough in our hunt for...

FDA slammed for lax claims policing

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has come in for criticism from a government watchdog for failing to adequately crack down on false and misleading food labeling.

Stay on top of supplement labeling changes, says NPA

Dietary supplement manufacturers in the US should inform the nation’s regulator of the cost burden they are likely to incur if proposed labeling regulations are passed, an industry association...

FDA uncertain over infant melamine limits

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it is unable to set a safe level of melamine contamination in infant formulas after issuing a wider ruling on the chemical’s...

Can the food industry effectively self-regulate?

The issue of whether businesses are solely driven by profits and will not respond to voluntary guidance to improve the health effects of their products is a matter of hot...

Martek responds to rejected omega-3 health claim

  Martek Biosciences Corporation is disappointed but not devastated by the European Food Safety Authority’s rejection of its article 14 DHA/ARA infant nutrition health claim.

More transparency needed for AERs, says industry

The dietary supplements industry is calling for a freer flow of information linked to the adverse event reporting system, in order to be better prepared to address failures.

Baobab goes for GRAS ahead of 2010 World Cup

A trade association has prepared a GRAS notification dossier for its baobab fruit pulp powder in the hope that products could become available in time for the 2010 soccer World...

Guest article

EFSA’s harsh health claim regime

The European Food Safety Authority recently turned in its first health claim verdicts, rejecting eight of nine. European food regulations expert Lorène Courrège explains why EFSA’s tough health claim approach...

Vitamin D added to calcium osteoporosis health claim

The US calcium osteoporosis health claim will include vitamin D and be simplified in a number of other ways from January 1, 2010, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Industry after Smiling Bob: Your views

At the end of last month, the founder of US supplements firm Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals received the most severe punishment yet to be handed out for fraud in the industry:...

FDA makes health claim notification estimates

The US Food and Drug Administration estimates that it will receive only one nutrient content claim notification and two health claim notifications per year, according to a notice to...

AERs: supplements 604 – drugs 450,000

There have been 604 adverse event reports (AERs) – including five deaths – in six months, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which implemented the system last year.

FTC clamps down on bogus cancer cures

Five US dietary supplement companies are facing lawsuits for marketing cancer cures, while another six firms have settled out of court following a crack down by the nation’s Federal...

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