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Supplier found in disease claim wilderness

A Minnesota-based supplier of organic ingredients has been prohibited from marketing products using unapproved health claims regarding the treatment of diseases, says the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When foods become drugs

As the year draws to a close, looks at occasions where the US FDA has intervened to clear up the food, drink and supplement industries of products that overstep...

StarCaps diuretic recall expanded

The US recall of StarCaps weight loss supplements has been expanded after it was determined by the manufacturer that further batches of end products and raw materials were contaminated...

Plants, herbs should be exempt from new import declarations, says AHPA

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has submitted comments to USDA requesting that amendments to an import act do not apply to herbs and herbal products.

FDA issues new guidance on AER labeling

FDA has issued another draft guidance document on the labeling of dietary supplements to facilitate adverse event reporting, despite earlier calls from industry that the guidance should be withdrawn.

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Plant sterols win Australian approval

Cognis has won hard-to-come-by approval from the Australian Thepareutic Goods Administration (TGA) to use its anti-cholesterol, plant sterol ester ingredient, Vegepure, in food supplements.


Coping with health claim hurt

One of the most fiercely debated and amended pieces of European Union food law history is playing out before our eyes, and its effects are beginning to be felt.

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MSU enrols for distance food law courses

Michigan State University has said it is accepting applications for its three-month distance-learning courses on international food law.

General Mills rapped over probiotic claims

General Mills has been told to amend advertising for its functional yogurt product, Yoplait Yo-Plus, for making misleading claims.

CHFA champions legislation for natural health products

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) last week met with Canadian MPs in its continued efforts to ensure “fair and effective” food and drug legislation that does not penalize the...

FTC sets out rules for testimonials in marketing

Food and supplement manufacturers have two months to comment on new guides issued by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on product endorsements and testimonials.

US infant formula safe from melamine, says FDA

The domestic supply of infant formula in the United States is safe for consumption, the FDA has said following an investigation into contamination with the industrial chemical melamine.


Why farm support puts food on plates

“Four legs good, two legs bad.” When the pigs take over the land in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they have no hesitation; any creature with four legs is beyond reproach...

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Fat loss capsules found to contain drugs

Capsules sold for fat loss have been recalled from the US market after an FDA analysis discovered they contained an undeclared weight loss drug.

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New food safety initiative in Asia welcomed

The US Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has welcomed moves to improve food safety in Asia Pacific with the launch of the APEC Partnership Training Institute Network.

Omega-3 and the need for an RDI

Omega-3 is arguably one of the ingredients most essential to people’s overall health, but consumption still falls massively short. In this roundtable discussion, Lorraine Heller speaks to experts in the...

Section 912 harms probiotics, fish oil, vitamins: Comments filed

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) revision of its Amendments Act (FDAAA) could discourage clinical research and wipe out whole categories of functional foods and dietary supplements, say industry...


Conjuring with calories: Regulation and labeling changes

There was something magical about the recent news that the caloric value of both gum arabic and erythritol have been officially lowered, but whether it turns out to be a...

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Danisco spies opportunities in xylitol health claim

Danisco has welcomed the approval of a ‘very strong’ health claim that xylitol chewing gum reduces the risk of caries in children, saying it now puts its customers in a...

Petitions: The new tool to attack supplements

The petition filed earlier this year by GSK in an effort to wipe out the dietary supplement category for weight loss is unlikely to pass. But it highlights a major...

FTC flies red flag at false diabetes claims

Two dietary supplement companies have been pulled up by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false claims about diabetes treatment and prevention.

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FDA sets up offices in China to ensure food safety

The FDA is to check food being exported from China to the US before it is dispatched with the opening of new offices in Beijing.

FDA warns of extortion scam by agency impersonators

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out a warning that people falsely identifying themselves as agency officials are part of a money extortion scam.

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NattoPharma wins twice with K2

It’s been a good week for Norwegian supplier, NattoPharma, which has had its application for the safe addition of vitamin K2 (menaquonine) to various foods and food supplements accepted...

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China asks US to ease dairy import controls

A Chinese official has called on the US to lift its restrictions on dairy products imported from China, hinting it could damage bilateral trade, it was reported.

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