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Labelling bill pushed in New York state

A bill calling for dietary supplements to be explicitly labeled as not having been tested by the US Food & Drug Administration has been introduced at both levels of the...

Arthroleve formulation patent filed

University Lab Technologies has filed a patent for its product Arthroleve, in the first of several said for products in its pipeline.

Women legislators back supplements for schools

The nutrition supplement industry has received formal support from the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) in the form of a resolution recommending local governments to provide dietary supplements to...

FDA expands use of 'lean' label for convenience foods

A number of convenience meal products will now be able to carry a 'lean' nutritional claim, after the US Food and Drug Administration expanded the use of the term.

Health freedom group urges less FDA regulation

The American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) has recommended the United States Food & Drug Administration create better definitions or adapt existing regulations on functional foods, and not create new...

Implementing adverse events reporting begins, UNPA

With the recent signing into law of the adverse events reporting bill by President Bush, many dietary supplement manufacturers will need to begin implementing or changing their reporting practices within...

FDA to simplify calcium-osteoporosis health claim, add Vitamin D

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to simplify health claims for osteoporosis risk reduction for foods and dietary supplements and to extend the scope from calcium...

FTC sends stark new year message on weight loss claims

The Federal Trade Commission announced settlements totalling $25mn with four well-known weight-loss pill marketers, sending out another warning to companies making unsubstantiated claims to consumers.

AOAC testing method for chondroitin sulfate inches closer to completion

A single laboratory validation of a method for quantifying chondroitin sulfate in dietary supplement ingredients has been completed in California, bringing it one step closer to becoming an AOAC official...

President Bush signs adverse events bill into law

President Bush has signed the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act, thereby setting in stone legislation which will require manufacturers to notify the Food and Drug Administration of...

NSF will enhance testing for contamination

NSF International is gearing up to provide a microbial test system to detect any contamination in dietary supplements for clients.

Sabinsa's BioPerine patent confirmed

The US Patent and Trademark Office has completed a formal review of Sabinsa Corporation'spatent for black pepper extract, BioPerine, and has found the intellectual property to be valid.

Guest article

Dual marketing of nutraceutical products in the United States and Canada

As American nutraceutical manufacturers are increasingly seeking opportunities for selling their products outside the United States, Canada might seem to be an appealing and relatively easy market for expansion. However,...

Canadian suit adds $20mn CDN to vitamin price-fixing class action

A sum of $20mn CDN is set to be disbursed to universities and other organizations involved in vitamins and food education in Canada, as part of a class action lawsuit...

Regulatory triumphs and disappointments for 2006

Dietary supplement trade associations appear to agree on what the regulatory successes and failures have been for the industry in 2006.

Nestlé rejects FDA doubts on infant formula

Infant formula made by food and nutrition giant Nestlé will not be recalled in the US, the group has said, despite warnings from the country's food regulator.

New FDA rule allows "per day" supplement labeling option

FDA has published a final rule giving dietary supplement manufacturers the option to issue nutrition label information on a 'per day' basis, as a voluntary option in addition to the...

AHPA informs herbal protection body on goldenseal

American Herbal Products Association has presented comments to the US Fish and Wildlife Service on revisions to its list of endangered wild plant species to be protected from specimen trading...

Adverse events bill awaits Bush's signature

The House of Representatives has passed the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act on adverse events reporting, and the bill is now on its way to President George...

Albion gets new testing patent

Michigan-based Albion Advanced Nutrition, who specializes in fortification, has been granted another US patent relating to its mineral amino acid chelate technology.

Still no GMPs, CRN

As the year inches to a close, dietary supplement industry associations are left wondering when good manufacturing practices will be finalized - the last indication was that they would come...

FDA's new commissioner could strenghten policy for industry

A new FDA commissioner has been confirmed before the US Senate, after serving as acting commissioner since the September 2005 resignation of the previous holder of the position.

Adverse Events bill clears Senate by unanimous consent

The United States Senate has passed S 3546, the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Act, which would require manufacturers to notify the Food and Drug Administration of all serious...

FDA hears views on what to do about functional foods

The US Food & Drug Administration's public hearing on functional foods saw food industry groups present testimonies on how this evolving category of goods should be regulated.

CSPI threatens Enviga on eve of FDA hearing

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has served notice on Coca-Cola and Nestlé, the companies behind functional beverage Enviga, and said it will sue them if they continue...