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CSPI threatens Enviga on eve of FDA hearing

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has served notice on Coca-Cola and Nestlé, the companies behind functional beverage Enviga, and said it will sue them if they continue...

Pharmachem's Phase 2 holds new FDA health claim

Pharmachem has announced that the Food and Drug Administration has been notified of structure function claims for weight control and starch reduction for the company's Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer ingredient.

Sabinsa confronts DNP over patents

Sabinsa Corporation has said it is taking legal action against DNP International for allegedly infringing patents protecting the use of its BioPerine and Forslean extracts.

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Folic acid: Sisters aren't doing it for themselves

When the idea of fortifying staple foods with vital nutrients is raised, the battlecry goes up from industry groups and advocates of consumer choice: "Why should we bear the costs?"...

UK solution to junk food ads more effective, says US lobby group

Regulation introduced by the British government to protect children from junk food advertising is far more effective than the voluntary US approach, an American consumer lobby group has said.

FDA launches tools to explain nutrition labels

The Food and Drug Administration has introduced two consumer tools designed to help people understand nutrition facts panels so that they are able to better control their food choices.

USDA receives whole grain comments for new WIC guidelines

The government's new WIC nutritional guidelines should allow for a broader range of whole grain foods than currently proposed, according to the AACC International Whole Grains Task Force.

New Hispanic nutrition guidelines promote healthy eating

A Californian nutrition council has published guidelines for Hispanic consumers in an effort to encourage good nutrition amongst the nation's most unhealthy population.

NSF sports cert program gives suppliers peace of mind

NSF International has certified a second manufacturing facility as part of its Good Manufacturing Practices for sport registration - a program designed to minimize the risk that sports nutrition products...

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Why climate change cannot be ignored

Ignoring climate change will cost countries billions and lead to food scarcity.

Industry needs standardized testing methods

The biggest problem facing contract testing in the dietary supplement and herbal industries is that there have not been enough standardized methods for different formulations and products, according to a...

Berkeley Nutraceuticals settles in $4.7m suit

An Ohio judge granted a $4.7mn settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals for falsely advertising the sexual dysfunction effects of its dietary supplements.

UNPA slams Cocaine drink

In a new twist, the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has added its voice to the controversy over the Cocaine energy drink being sold on some retail shelves in the...

Pressure group denounces super fruit juices

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has denounced super fruit juices, stoking debate over credible science behind products and the claims they make.

FDA opens dialogue over functional foods regulations

The FDA has signalled that it could adapt existing regulation to take account of the growing number of conventional foods marketed as 'functional foods category', starting with a public meeting...

Industry must embrace politics, associations urge

The dietary supplement industry needs to band together, self-regulate and contribute to political action committees in order to secure consumer respect and legislative support, agreed speakers at Friday's State of...

Trade associations launch ingredients information exchange protocol

The four leading US dietary supplement trade associations have announced the launch of a new voluntary industry-wide protocol to facilitate the exchange of information between ingredient suppliers and finished product...

Adverse events reporting may not quell critics

Whether or not adverse events reporting will increase consumer confidence will depend on how the industry follows requirements, an official from SafetyCall International told Supply Side West attendees in a...

Indian Food Bill with supplements category becomes law

The Indian Food Safety and Standards Bill 2005 has been signed into law, promising a significant impact on the Indian dietary supplement industry, and opening up a potential market of...

USDA proposes fines for improperly labeled Child Nutrition goods

A US Department of Agriculture audit of the nation's Child Nutrition Labeling Program has found that products provided under the program have not been manufactured, labeled and inspected in accordance...

Health Canada approves all Martek DHA

Martek Biosciences announced its complete line of DHA omega-3 has been approved by Health Canada as ingredients for most food types.

Canola oil gets FDA heart health claim

Canola oil is gaining credence as an ingredient for food products aimed at supporting heart health, as the FDA has approved a qualified health claim on its potential to reduce...

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Is a trans fat ban a healthy solution?

Sometimes I just love eating fatty, greasy, unquestionably hazardous foods. But I don't like trans fats, that come as a by-product in some processed foods, and have been linked to...

FDA needs industry support on nanotechnology

A former FDA deputy commissioner for policy reiterated the need for industry to show its support for an increased budget for the federal agency, following a report last week denouncing...

Omega-3 trade group to advocate EPA/DHA

In an effort to let consumers know not all omega-3s bring equal benefits, 12 ingredients makers - including Cargill, Ocean Nutrition Canada and Martek Biosciences - have joined forces to...

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