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By Nutrasource

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Compliance, Claims & Clinical Trials: The Keys to Product Success

This article explores the food, dietary supplement and drug pathways to market, including how to leverage clinical research and regulatory strategy for market success.

By BASF Nutrition & Health

Content Provided by BASF Nutrition & Health

Personalized nutrition: The path from niche service to mass appeal

Personalized nutrition is an idea on the cusp of the mainstream. Yet, there is still work to do if personalized nutrition is to go mainstream and dispel doubts that it may be more hype than hard science.

By Soft Gel

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Perluxan: Addressing an unmet need for safe joint discomfort treatments

Joint discomfort is a major problem. There is a need for therapies that manage minor pain without side effects. Perluxan could meet this therapeutic need.

By Kyowa Hakko

Content Provided by Kyowa Hakko

Pantesin® pantethine: Comprehensively aiding cardiovascular health for 40 years

Heart disease is a rare case of a big problem with a clear solution: Lower LDL. In Pantesin, manufacturers have an ingredient with a 40-year history of doing just that.

By InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Content Provided by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

How IRI scan data show UC-II can drive joint health supplement growth

Joint relief has traditionally been a profitability powerhouse, but recently the sector has slumped. Now, data suggest its salvation may lie in an ingredient: UC-II.

By Kyowa Hakko

Content Provided by Kyowa Hakko

Cognizin Citicoline: A brain health ingredient supported by clinical trial data

If the cognition market is to come to represent a proportion of the overall supplement market that is more indicative of the importance of brain health, ingredient suppliers must provide manufacturers with indisputable data demonstrating the efficacy of their products.

By AIDP, Inc

By BioCell Technology, LLC

Content Provided by BioCell Technology, LLC

Evidence implicates nutrition as important for connective tissue health

Multiple studies indicate that a collagen-based dietary supplement regime can be an essential ingredient for promoting connective tissue health in skin and joints

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