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Technology and transparency in supply-chain management

Technology and transparency in supply-chain management is the new norm and it allows for efficiencies and cost savings that will have a positive impact on your margins.

By Indena

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Botanical Transparency: How DNA technology can complement traditional identity tests

Sophisticated DNA sequencing-based tests are powerful technologies but they are just one piece of the puzzle: what really counts is gaining knowledge in plant genetic diversity.

By Gemini Pharmaceuticals

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Three signs you need a new contract manufacturer

How does a dietary supplement brand owner know it’s time to make a change in their production partnership? Sometimes the signs are fairly clear. For example, finding the company in the middle of a product recall due to a serious manufacturing error is an appropriate time end the relationship—but then, it’s too late. 

By Frutarom Health

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How Frutarom is applying science to the Mediterranean diet to promote healthy cardiovascular aging

Frutarom is seeking to understand how Mediterranean diet improve cardiovascular health when ageing and developed botanical extracts for this condition

By International Probiotics Association

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Paper #2: Inflammatory Conditions

Individual microbiomes may influence tendencies to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

By Kappa Bioscience AS

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Vitamin K2 MK-7: A stability challenge, a market study

Demand for vitamin K2 has increased rapidly over the past decade as awareness of its role in bone and cardiovascular health has spread. However, studies run by Kappa Bioscience show many K2 products contain lower-than-claimed levels of the vitamin, a finding that threatens to undermine the market and its products’ ability to provide health benefits and slow the natural effects of aging.

By Frutarom Health

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Neuravena: Applying scientific rigor to green oats to create a cognitive health ingredient

By combining traditional knowledge with modern scientific rigor, Frutarom has created a cognitive health ingredient that is supported by data on its effect.

By UAS Labs

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UAS Labs: A longstanding, pure-play manufacturer of premium probiotics

UAS Labs has a long pedigree in probiotics. Here, we look at that history and the investments UAS Labs has made to stay at the forefront of the industry.

By Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Content Provided by Gemini Pharmaceuticals

How to identify ethical, high-quality manufacturers of dietary supplements

The story of Gemini starts on Long Island, New York, three decades ago. Back then, Gemini was focused on manufacturing over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. As market trends changed and the family-run business passed from one generation to the next, Gemini started doing more and more dietary supplement work. Today, dietary supplement manufacturing is the core focus of Gemini, but its presence in the pharmaceutical industry has left a lasting mark on the company and its approach to quality.

By International Probiotics Association

Content Provided by International Probiotics Association

Evaluation of the State of Science Outside of Conventional Probiotic Usage Paper #1: Probiotics and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic disorders including hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity and diabetes reflect a complex tangle of interfaces with the microbiota representing only one part of the multiple factors at play.

By Nutrasource

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Compliance, Claims & Clinical Trials: The Keys to Product Success

This article explores the food, dietary supplement and drug pathways to market, including how to leverage clinical research and regulatory strategy for market success.

By BASF Nutrition & Health

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Personalized nutrition: The path from niche service to mass appeal

Personalized nutrition is an idea on the cusp of the mainstream. Yet, there is still work to do if personalized nutrition is to go mainstream and dispel doubts that it may be more hype than hard science.

By Soft Gel

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Perluxan: Addressing an unmet need for safe joint discomfort treatments

Joint discomfort is a major problem. There is a need for therapies that manage minor pain without side effects. Perluxan could meet this therapeutic need.

By Kyowa Hakko

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Pantesin® pantethine: Comprehensively aiding cardiovascular health for 40 years

Heart disease is a rare case of a big problem with a clear solution: Lower LDL. In Pantesin, manufacturers have an ingredient with a 40-year history of doing just that.

By InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

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How IRI scan data show UC-II can drive joint health supplement growth

Joint relief has traditionally been a profitability powerhouse, but recently the sector has slumped. Now, data suggest its salvation may lie in an ingredient: UC-II.

By Kyowa Hakko

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Cognizin Citicoline: A brain health ingredient supported by clinical trial data

If the cognition market is to come to represent a proportion of the overall supplement market that is more indicative of the importance of brain health, ingredient suppliers must provide manufacturers with indisputable data demonstrating the efficacy of their products.

By AIDP, Inc

By BioCell Technology, LLC

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Evidence implicates nutrition as important for connective tissue health

Multiple studies indicate that a collagen-based dietary supplement regime can be an essential ingredient for promoting connective tissue health in skin and joints